As our business has grown, we invested heavily in building our company culture. The structure enables our employees to work together in 3 offices and to be able to work on a global scale as a team. That is not something that we created overnight. By putting efforts in building our company culture, we organically realized what bonds our team together. It’s the combination of norms, values, beliefs, knowledge, and characteristics that make working at BizzBee Solutions a unique and positive experience for our staff.

Our company culture is of huge importance to us. It impacts staff happiness, engagement, work, productivity, and the entire HR process. Most importantly, our company culture reflects in every business decision that we make. It spreads towards our clients, vendors, suppliers, and partners with every interaction. That is what led us to achieve big results in our marketplace.

Being able to get every team member close is something that we’re proud of. Team-building happens organically and daily here at BizzBee Solutions. Whether that’s a quick meeting, getting a cup of coffee or just having a conversation person-to-person. Company culture comes from the people. Having that cohesiveness is something that we strove to achieve since we started the company in 2016.

Working at BizzBee Solutions

Here are the main characteristics that build our compelling company culture. You need to take into them consideration if you want to become a part of our growing team.

Sound values

Our company culture is just a manifestation of our shared team values and our mission as a company. We wouldn’t be able to create our company culture if the team wasn’t aligned with a certain value system.

The core values are actively demonstrated during teamwork and when working with clients. We treat each other as teammates, the way we treat our valued clients, in our services and their presentation to clients. It is the liquid that keeps the culture tap running. In essence, our value system is a combination of the alignment of our team’s personal beliefs with our client work practices.

For instance, transparency is one of the core values that we represent in our work. We are completely opened about our processes with our clients. We want our clients to be able to trust us, not to wonder if everything is OK or not. Also, we want our employees to have access to every project that we do and see what the other team member used to complete a task successfully.

Most importantly, BizzBee Solutions is all about innovation and bringing fresh minds into the company. That’s why everything can evolve as we continue the growth of our company.


Values are the guiding force, put passion is the driving force. Everyone should be on board with this.

We are making sure that every team member is passionate about the core values that we believe in as a company. This doesn’t mean that we should always agree on something. But it means that we should always discuss our viewpoints as a team that is passionate about the company vision and core values.


We define our values organically but that doesn’t mean that our company culture is a forced one.

We have an inclusive company culture. This means that we work in processes that involve everyone who’s on board to work together and to determine the values and ideas that will bind the team together.

Like we said earlier, our 3 offices in Skopje provide our employees with constant opportunities to come together and organically create their working environment. We chat regularly here, and not just about work.


Good communication is important for companies but, it is paramount to us.

We’re not just transmitting messages from one person to another. Our communication process goes both ways here. We listen to other team members, and those team members listen to us back. It’s all about being heard.

BizzBee Solutions is all about communication. Moreover, by sharing our experiences we are developing our own team personality. Also, everyone that is part of this team feels valued and it’s ready to give 100% in his/her work.

We prioritize good communication when we hire people when we provide them with all the necessary tools for work. Furthermore, we give communication opportunities and when we give our team members space to be themselves here. Our relationships here are more than just working.


At BizzBee Solutions, we don’t let any chance of worrying whether your coworker is working behind your back or whether he or she is hiding valuable information from you. We achieve that by simply not allowing that type of behavior here.

Operating with trust and transparency is what keeps our team together. The company became successful by instilling the feeling of trust and transparency in every team and with every single one of our valued clients. We hire people and we create experts because we want to trust them, not to go behind them with a fire extinguisher.

Our team would never be this passionate, productive and inclusive if it wasn’t for trust and transparency.

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Our expertise represents the core of what we do as a business consulting company and the professional development of our staff is something that is taken seriously here at BizzBee Solutions. We believe that by supporting and mentoring the development of our employees, we help them to become experts at what they do. As a result, they can later grow as individuals here and provide exceptional service to our clients.

If you have what it takes and if you have the potential, we’re here to help you to achieve it. Currently, you can apply to our 2 open job opportunities:

Business Analysts:

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