BizzBee Case Study

Case Studies
Take a close-up view of our honeycomb 🍯🍯🍯

Tradeshows analysis for a Norwegian SaaS company

If you want to put your company on a sizzling fast-track to growth, this case study is a must-read. Check out how our bees have helped a printing SaaS to get more than 90 potential opportunities.

Crowded hall at a trade-show.

Outreach strategy for Australian leadership consultant

Check out our bees’ multi-channel outbound campaign and how it successfully generated more than
40 scheduled meetings.

Figures in front of a whiteboard, pointing to Douglas McEncroe' logo.

Partnership building for a software development company

They say that difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. Even if you are walking those roads for three months and in three different states, what can be as appealing as 40 freshly scheduled meetings?

Cover for QBSW case study, smartphone on a hard surface.

Helping a watch reseller to expand in Europe

As the writer, Paul Auster says “The truth of the story lies in the details.” In this case, the key details is a well-crafted email campaign and finding the right prospects.

Cover for L&R Timepieces, two people are shaking hands.

Constructing a database for SaaS hiring company

A fully equipped database of 15 000 companies and more than 30 000 prospects. How does this sound to you?
Demanding, right? Take a look at this case study, and learn how our prospecting bees did it.

Cover for Scouted' case study.

LinkedIn outreach campaign for an app development agency

The perfect example of how to raise awareness in the USA for a mobile app development company. And make some warm leads along the way, of course.

Cover for Coidea's case study, a smartphone with a finger pointed towards the logo.

LinkedIn Lead Generation for a mobile communication app

There is no doubt, our bees are ecstatic to work with all our clients.  But when it comes to helping raise awareness for this type of app, they are buzzing with excitement, joy, and pride.

Two people are holding hands as an act of eased communication without verbal difficulties.

Taking the LinkedIn shortcut to sales

150 engaged prospects, and 20 of them interested to learn more about the offer. And all this in a month!!!
How awesome is that?

Businessman holding a presentation to his colleagues and explaining why it is essential to take that shortcut to sales.

Generating warm leads for a Belgian consulting company

A fine example of a successful LinkedIn lead generation campaign. 40% of the leads that our bees have initiated communication with showed interest in our client’s offer.

Two colleagues are discussing the new case study for Vision the Idea.

Helping a B2C writing app expand to the B2B market segment

You don’t need a crystal ball to tell you the future of your business. Our market research bees are enough.
Take a close-up look and see how we do it.

A businessperson is writing on a laptop, using the automation tool to ease her writing.

Market Research analysis for a meeting management SaaS

Secondary market research done for less than a month focused on the industries that have boards of directors
in the UK.

Company management holding a meeting, discussing the new market research report done by BizzBee Solutions.

Map positioning for an Israeli F-PaaS company

The very key to successfully positioning against your competitors is a well-constructed positioning matrix. Just like the one that our bees have constructed for our client. Check it out!

The Piggybank, as a symbol for Tarya, the most significant investment platform in Israel.

Crafting a USP for event management and marketing SaaS

When it comes to creating the ideal competition landscape research, our bees go above and beyond in conducting a thorough industry analysis per continent and per segment.

A calendar, as a symbol for event management SaaS.