Do you feel like your company is at a standstill?
Do you want to move your company from good to great?
Have you spent tremendous amounts of money, time and effort
trying to generate more clients and revenue?
You want to put your company on a steady growth path, but...
All the strategies that you try to implement cost you insane amounts of money or time. That you, unfortunately, don't have to spare.
Do you wish to 
wave your magic wand and...?
You will have numerous leads, that will turn into the perfect clients. The company revenue will start to continuously increase, and your sales team will come to work with a smile on their faces, eager to do the work.
You tried paid ads, but...
You gained quantity, but not quality. The cost per lead is more than it is worth. They are not warm enough. Your sales team is getting frustrated. You are dealing with short-term crises instead of focusing on long-term company growth.
stop wasting your time and money!
You want to take your company to the next level, but instead of making it big, you end up wasting money and time, or barely breaking even?
You have difficulties generating leads. Or maybe the leads are flowing, but... They are super expensive, not warm enough, and on top of that are not even close to your ideal customer.

We've all been there. Trying to figure every little piece out ourselves. You have surely put a price on your solution, but have you put a price tag on your time? 

Yeah, we know that paid ads seem like the easiest and best way to grow. We tried to get warm leads with paid ads. It truly is frustrating when you get zero quality leads, and you are paying more than 100€ per warm lead.
Do you want to implement a proven growth formula, where highly qualified leads will start flowing as a side-effect, in 90 days (or less)? 
It took us years and years working with numerous and various clients to discover the outbound growth formula.

And I am pleased that we can implement this formula to accelerate the growth process in every B2B company. We have implemented this formula on numerous companies and the results speak for themselves.

Having to go through the rough patch ourselves, we are super excited to ease your pain. We made it our mission to help other companies grow their business exponentially.
introducing the outbound growth formula
Ideal Client + Database + Email Outreach + LinkedIn Outreach = 📈💰📈💰📈💰
We all strive for growth, don't we? No matter if its personal growth or company growth, or career growth, we need it to keep going, and besides, often they are interconnected. When I founded BizzBee Solutions I started doing what I knew best with the people I thought I knew best. I was working with entrepreneurs, providing them mostly with market research, business plan, product sourcing and prospecting. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't keep up with all the problems that the entrepreneurs were facing. I started to feel frustrated, useless and exhausted. 
As BizzBee started to grow, it dawned on me that to help companies thrive, I actually need to work with companies. I started to focus my efforts on SMEs. We were doing numerous and various projects (mostly market research and prospecting ones), and were receiving amazing reviews. But on occasion, a couple of months after we've finished a project, some of the old clients will get in touch. Some would ask for more prospects, but some of them will hint that our efforts were in vain. I don't want to brag, but I'm absolutely sure about the quality of our services, so I knew that I had to search the problem someplace else.
A couple of days later, on a completely different note, I bought an automation software that was supposed to make my job easier and make me more productive. It was supposed to be the solution to my problems, but... As I was trying to use it, more and more problems were starting to pour in, some of them even more complected than the problem I was trying to solve in the first place. A train of thoughts started to form. Were some of my clients experiencing this same thing? Did my solution open a portal of new problems to them? Were some of the problems more complicated than the ones I was trying to solve for them?
I realized that I should offer my clients the ultimate solution. I should solve the growth problem for them, and sometime later the growth formula was born. This way we were offering all the things our different departments are good at. Yes, it requires the work of four different segments of our company, which means at least four people are needed to implement this ultimate solution. But this way I'm feeling fulfilled, knowing that I can truly help my clients grow, and I'm offering a complete solution to their problems.
DANco Dimkov,
MSc, Executive MBA, CMgr
Founder and CEO - BizzBee Solutions
Growth Consultant, Mentor & Trainer
What our clients say about working with us

“I always return to BizzBee as they build and nurture a close and caring relationship through which they identify and focus on those elements that will produce the best results. Working with them is fun as a good sense of humour is always present, however the work they do is deadly serious, targeting the results that best look after your business interests. They are not afraid to disagree with the strategy that you propose, but through the debate that comes out of these differences of opinion, the right strategy is always found. I heartedly recommend Bizzbeesolutions for your next marketing campaign..”

Doug McEncroe - CEO at Douglas McEncroe Group

"We have been working with BizzBee Solutions for over two years, and they have consistently delivered excellent work. We value BizzBee for genuinely committing to understanding our requirements, adapting when necessary, and sticking to deadlines. As a fast-growing SaaS company, we appreciate that they can scale up quickly for fast turnarounds on research requests and highly recommend them!"

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Can you imagine the feeling of business growth - 
the cash is flowing in, the profits are increasing and 
all your hard work is finally paying off?
Here are the top 3 benefits from the outbound growth formula:

Head in the right direction

In order to start growing, you need to take the first step in the right direction. If you head in the wrong direction from the start there will be many twists and turns so you can come back to the right path. To avoid the confusion, and to head on the right path from the very beginning, our bee will do thorough research on your ideal client and answer all the relevant questions that will pop up. 
Stay in touch with your ideal clients

You know how the saying goes: "Out of sight, out of mind". You probably noticed that this is probably even truer when it comes to business relationships. When you are constantly on someone's radar then you are building relationship and trust. Consequently, you are just a step away from getting that relationship to the next level. Your next client might be a comment or a message away.
Fill up your sales pipeline

Have you ever thought thoroughly about what is the most important aspect when it comes to generating more revenue and growing your business? Let us save you the trouble if you haven't figured it out yet. Both theory and practice revealed that you can always count on your lead list. If you have the list, and also nurture the list, you can say goodbye to the bad and slow months.
get ready for bizzbee's
outbound growth formula!!!
With BizzBee's outbound growth formula make sure that your business is on a steady growth path. Reap the benefits of understanding your ideal clients and reaching to them with the words they want to hear.
Grow your business exponentially in just 90 days.
are you wondering what you will get with Bizzbee's growth formula?
To gain the best results possible, you need to head in the right direction. Our bees begin the growth journey by defining your ideal client. They will provide you with the answers to all the relevant questions. Let us list some of them, just to get you the idea of what we are talking about - What makes an ideal client for you? What kind of needs do they have? Which lifecycle stage they are at? What is their motivation for your service? And so many more...
Having determined who your ideal client is, the next logical step is to find them. Our bees will consider all the predetermined parameters, and will start building a database. We don't have to tell you how beneficial is to have a list of the companies that you can sell to. But our bees will take this one step further. They will find the people in the companies that it is wisest you talk to, and find their contact information so you can actually reach out to them.
Email outreach
Once you have the database with your ideal potential clients, the time comes to act on it. As soon as our bees figure out and deal with all the technicalities, they will put all their efforts on the outreach quality. We will then determine what is the best sequence type to get the best results. We will not only guess the best approach possible for your email outreach, but we will A/B test it. We like to let the numbers speak to get the tastiest responses.
Linkedin outreach
Implementing an email outreach is awesome, we all admire the ROI. But can you imagine the results if you fight on two fronts simultaneously? We will not only send a complementary LinkedIn campaign to your potential clients, but we will connect you with them. Afterwards, we will send them tailored follow-ups. We will A/B test them as well, our bees love delivering the tastiest results possible. LinkedIn definitely is the juicy new way of building business relationships based on trust.

After 90 days of A/B testing on all the formula components and their continuous improvement, you will get completely functioning outbound growth funnel that actually converts.

Since we thrive on your success, we are happy to give you the things that follow completely FREE to fast-track your company growth.
6000 prospects
More prospects = more opportunities.
At the end of our three months of collaboration, we will gift you all the prospects that we generated. We will organize them neatly in a spreadsheet. You will have a list of 6000 highly targeted contacts, that will be yours to conquer whenever you choose. 
copy that converts
Get your prospects buzzing.
We will not only develop the copy based on your target, but we will mould it to the appropriate channel. We know that email and LinkedIn outreach are not the same. That's why you need a different communication approach. Our bees know how to make your prospects take the wallets out on both channels. Afterwards, these messages will be yours to use however you please.
Get advice based on numbers.
Do you find facts and figures on the utmost importance? So do we. That's why we provide you with complete reporting from our email efforts. But we will not stop there. Those numbers rarely have any value by themselves. We will combine the numbers, and our knowledge and experience to give you recommendations on what works best.
linkedin profile boost
Look your best no matter where.
You put on your best suit when you want to leave the right impression. Right? The same should happen with your LinkedIn profile since it represents not only you but also your company. Our bees will make your profile stand out from the crowd. After all, they have spent hours and hours testing and figuring out the best way to set up a LinkedIn profile that actually brings customers in.
3000 linkedin connections
Grow your business network.
Our bees will be sending up to 2000 connection requests per month to your ideal clients (that they will previously map out). The connection requests will be tailored so that they wouldn't feel like marketing. Based on our numerous and various experience, we are expecting at least a 50% acceptance rate, which makes at least 1000 connections per month.
linkedin Pointers
Improve your networking process.
We want to keep things transparent so you can keep up with the progress we are making. Our bees will provide you with all the facts and figures. From how many connections have accepted your request, to how many of them have become sales-ready leads. But we will take this one step further. Based on the reports and our knowledge and experience we will give you recommendations on what works best.
1 hour weekly consultation
Get tailored growth advice from our CEO.
 Do you have some growth pain or problem? Or are you not sure how to implement some growth idea? You don't know which way is best to start. Speak one hour a week with the growth man himself - Danco Dimkov - MSc, 
Executive MBA, CMgr .
Founder and CEO at BizzBee Solutions . Growth Consultant, Mentor & Trainer. Watch how your growth problems
walk away.
list of warm leads
Closing is easy with sales-ready leads.
 Have you heard about beneficial side-effects? Well, we have dazzling ones from our outbound growth formula. Yeah, warm leads, just the way you like them. We will build and nurture the relationship with them and will transfer them to you when they are sales-ready. Our bees will bring them to the agreed end-point (meeting, sign-up form, demo, whichever you choose). Since you know your product best, it will be up to you to simply close the deal.
With our outbound growth formula, you will get completely developed marketing process and a bunch of sales-ready leads as a side-effect!
bee sure to BEEcome part of our satisfied clients
since our approach is personalized We can only take on so many clients at a time
Give A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
This helps people who are just on the edge of purchasing, to take the leap of faith since you put the risk back on you!
If you want to get the outbound marketing flowing.
If you want to experience the smooth feeling of company growth.
If you want to make your sales team ecstatic with the opportunity of closing more deals.

Wait no more.
We developed our outbound growth formula for eager people like you.

Just make sure that you get to us on time. We are proud to be committed to providing massive value to our clients, which unfortunately means a limited number of spots.

You're just one click away from exponential growth. 🐝🐝🐝
-Danco Dimkov
Just in case you are still not sure
what You'll Get
With the outbound growth formula!
  • Ideal Client Profile - Our bees will make sure that you are headed in the right direction. They will define who your ideal clients are, so you can be sure that all future efforts would not be in vain.
  • Database - Our bees will start building a neatly organized database based on all the parameters that make an ideal client for you.
  • Email Outreach - Our bees will start the email campaign, taking care of all the technicalities, while focusing on the outreach quality. They will determine the best way to proceed the email outreach based on A/B testing.
  • LinkedIn Outreach - Our bees will also send a complimentary LinkedIn campaign. They will do A/B testing to figure out the best way to use this networking tool not only to build relationships but to bring quality leads in.
  • ​FREE 6000 Prospects - Our bees will organize a spreadsheet for you with 6000 highly targeted prospects.
  • FREE Copy that Converts - Our bees will develop the copy based on your target and they will also modify it to the appropriate channel. Then they will test it, test it, test it, to get you the perfect end result.
  • ​FREE Email Pointers - Our bees will report to you all the email outreach numbers and will give you recommendations on what works best.
  • FREE LinkedIn Profile Boost - Our bees will make sure that your profile stands out from the crowd.
  • FREE 3000 LinkedIn Connections - Our bees will grow your network with ~3000 deeply targeted connections.
  • FREE LinkedIn Pointers - Our bees will give you complete reporting on their LinkedIn efforts and will point you in the right direction.
  • ​​FREE 1 Hour Weekly Consultation - Our CEO will be there for you to answer all the growth question you have and to point you in the right direction.
  • FREE List of Warm Leads - Our bees will put you in touch with a bunch of sales-ready leads. It's up to you to get ready for the cash-flow.
You are probably thinking that getting all of this seems priceless.
are you anxious for a quote?
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