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With over a decade’s worth of professional experience, at BizzBee Solutions, our valued clients represent and come from different backgrounds all around the globe.


Focused on building long-term partnerships with our clients, the success of our portfolio is a true testament to our commitment and passion.


While you’re busy in chasing your business dreams we offer you a helping hand with the intention of helping you achieving them.


Our expertise is in the core of our team. When we define the scope of the project, we make sure that we pick the right people to work on your business.


It’s difficult to manage every single task, right? This is true with almost every entrepreneur. That is why we aim to work together with you on your vision.


This is our goal right? Outsourcing business services should bring you growth. We are committed on achieving a higher ROI than ever before.


Business Plan

A diverse range of companies from the agricultural to interior design industries used our business plan development services successfully. Our portfolio shows our ability to deliver results regardless of the type of client we are working with. Click on the portfolio link above to read about the vast range of customers and industries we have assisted by helping them to take their businesses to the next level.

Market Research

As you can see from our portfolio, we have extensive experience in market researching and we have worked with many high profile companies. Our work includes everything from conducting quantitative research for a US- based company to carrying out an extensive skills gap analysis for the agribusiness sector. Our varied market research portfolio shows how, even with little information to work with, we deliver high-quality results to our clients every time.

B2B Lead Generation

As detailed on our services page, we offer a lead generation service exclusively for B2B clients. So far, we have successfully aided companies in the fitness, banking and IT sectors etc. We helped take their businesses to the next level by providing them with the strategic plan they needed to move their businesses forward. For more details of our work and how we have tailored our lead generation services to deliver the right results for individual companies, please click on the image above.

Product Sourcing

Another area of specialization proven in our portfolio is product sourcing. You’ll see how we worked with a range of clients to help them source essential products to their business success. As with our other services, we take our commitment to product sourcing seriously. You’ll notice from our portfolio the lengths we go to satisfy our clients. From screening manufacturers to the sample ordering of products to check the quality of goods. We take every measure necessary to help our clients source the best product for their business.

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