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Product Sourcing – Find the right supplier for your product!

What We Offer

To have progressive growth, arguably, you need a great product. However, for a great product, you need a stable and reliable supplier. There’s no doubt that making a mistake at this point can be devastating for your business and reputation.

With BizzBee Product Sourcing, you give us information about the product you want to source. And we will provide you with information of the right manufacturer. In the process, we will establish communication with many manufacturers, compare them based on several criteria and facilitate the selection process. You will significantly reduce the complexity and communication overhead from the process as a result.

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BizzBee Product sourcing usually takes 6 steps:

Product Sourcing

STEP 1: Kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting is to get as much information as possible about the product you want to source. What technical specification do you need? Do you want branded/OEM or ODM product? How about your expected annual volume? These questions and more will be discussed at this meeting. In conclusion, this will give us a good understanding of what are you looking for.

STEP 2: Understand the industry

Our first step is to understand the industry. Above all, this step is informative and educational. The focus of this step is finding your product on Amazon, E-bay, looking technical specifications, searching Google and see which companies are major players, and reading customer’s reviews to know customer satisfaction. Additionally, we are looking for fairs, exhibitions and other public events relevant to your product.

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To conclude, the outcome here is understanding the market, see what the current competition is offering, what are the informal standards and what the customer wants from the product (customer reviews).

STEP 3: Look for credible manufacturers

After that research, from here on, we put our focus on finding manufacturers. Based on our kick-off meeting, we narrow down the search and start looking for manufacturers. We do this through Alibaba, TradeIndia, GlobalSources, Made-in-China and many other platforms where we have accounts. In most of the cases we find the leads with direct approach to the platforms, but also, on some platforms for this reason we create requests where manufacturers can apply.

Furthermore, the outcome of this step is to have an Excel sheet of potential manufacturers and their information (the web, contact info, the product we are interested in, etc.) and in addition, a list of data that we are missing.

STEP 4: Communicate with shortlisted companies and ask for additional info

Step 4 and 5 happen in parallel (at the same time). The first one is to get some more information from the manufacturers. Whether it is CE certificate, other industry specific certificates, OEM/ODM capabilities, and other logistics information and quotes.

Once we have all the manufacturer data that we need supported with a quote for the sourced product, we will send you the company to you review it.

STEP 5: Organizing the delivery of samples

From the shortlisted companies, you can choose from which you want a sample and we will organize their sample delivery accordingly. We organize the whole process, from providing your address to paying for the shipping costs.

STEP 6: Transfer the communication from the selected manufacturer

Once you received the samples and you find the right supplier, consequently, we will transfer to you the entire communication with that client. Accordingly, we will send introduction e-mail connecting you, so you could start making orders and carry on with the supplier.