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Fellow Entrepreneurs – it is a long ride, but it is worth it!
Our Services

Danco Dimkov, Founder & CEO

“Starting a business is not easy. Believe me, I’ve done it several times. I’ve also helped countless entrepreneurs to pursue their dream. Once you’ve worked with 300+ clients, you start to find patterns.

Our Services help you understand the business development stages that an entrepreneur goes through. As a business consultant, it is critical to understand at what stage the client currently is and what help does he/she need in order to move to the next stage.”


Market Research

Make the right business decisions.

Business plan

Make a plan before starting your journey.

Product Sourcing

Find the right supplier for your product.

Get the remote skills you need.

Lead Generation

Targeted leads for your business.

Get the client with the right e-mail campaign.

Utilize LinkedIn to get clients.


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