BizzBee Solutions in the Media

Throughout the years, BizzBee Solutions, its employees and founders had been in the news. Whether it is a written interview, a live interview or a guest podcast – we are trying to spread the word about how BizzBee can help consultants, agencies and software companies reach out to cold prospects, build a relationship and close clients.

We want to use this section to say thanks to all the media that helped to spread the BizzBee word, and want to share their work.


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Rockstart, AgriFood Program

20 Dec 2023
Dancho Dimkov was one of the startup mentors at the Rockstart Emerging Tech and AgriFood event hosted at Google, Copenhagen, Denmark. He worked closely with Paul Chaney and Robert Douglass in growing their innovative company, Complex Earth.

Digital Nomad Summit™

18 Dec 2023
Dancho Dimkov was one of the speakers at the world’s largest Digital Nomad Summit™, sleflessly sharing his knowledge and expertise with the audience.
His topic of discussion was: “How To Combine Freelancing, Consulting And Agency To A Powerhouse That Leads You Straight To Financial Freedom.”

Leadgen, Agencies, Consulting & Podcasting, CEO Wisdom Podcast

29 Nov 2023
Dancho shares insights into his journey as a digital serial entrepreneur, starting with the lead generation agency that evolved into a consultancy.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023

17 Nov 2023
BizzBee Solutions participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2023 on November 16th, an in-person event in StartUp Club, Skopje.
Dancho, Natasha and Buba shared their vast knowledge and expertise on “LinkedIn – the platform for your next client, job or investor”.

The Prospecting & Outreach Summit 2023

16 Nov 2023
The second Prospecting and Outreach Summit, organized and hosted by BizzBee Solutions.
Prospecting & Outreach Summit was a full-day virtual spectacle on November 15th, 2023.
The summit brought together renowned experts in Sales & Business Development, Prospecting & Outreach, and Growth enthusiasts.

Starter story, with Pat Walls

24 Aug 2024
In this follow-up for BizzBee Solutions, Dancho highlights the company’s impressive two-year journey. From a small loan in 2015, BizzBee has grown to serve 500+ clients globally, generating $26k monthly on average.
Dancho’s transition from CEO to co-founder only, paved the way for Natasha Razmoska, a former COO, to take the helm.

The Fabulous Fempreneurship

10 Jul 2023
Growth doesn’t happen by chance, it requires careful planning.
And when you’re a brand new startup, designing your B2B growth strategy may not be a top priority.
In the latest episode of The Fabulous Fempreneurship, with Elaine Slatter, Dancho talks about the four pillars of structured growth.

Leadership Summit and Book Launch

2 May 2023
“8 Qualities of Great Leadership – Critical Elements For Current and Future Success”, is an astounding collaboration of 8 remarkable leaders, filled with some first-class business wisdom.

Enrich your experience by working online on US projects

12 Apr 2023
Dancho spoke at the free workshop, “Enrich your experience by working online on US projects”, alongside Monika Rizovska and Alex Spasov.


27 Mar 2023
INVENTO is a business accelerator for start-ups and SMEs, collaborates on business initiatives, and improves regional access to risk capital.
INVENTO Summit, with the motto ‘The Power of Giving Back’, will gather experts in deep tech, business development and investments from Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022

18 Nov 2022
On November 18, 2022, a discussion was held on the topic: “From entrepreneur to consultant – skills, practices and experiences of consultants from Macedonia.”

The Prospecting & Outreach Summit 2022

15 Nov 2022
The first Prospecting and Outreach Summit, organized and hosted by BizzBee Solutions.
This summit is the brainchild of BizzBee Solutions, welcoming world-famous experts in the field of Sales & Business Development, Prospecting & Outreach, and Growth enthusiasts.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

14 Nov 2022
Dancho and Darko met over a beer, to educate the audience about the benefits of hosting a podcast, explaining the steps, the tech needed to host a podcast, and the business benefits of running a successful podcast.

AllWeb 2022

03 Nov 2022
Dancho took part as a speaker at the AllWeb’s 2022 conference held in Tirana, Albania.
AllWeb is a premium business event delivered in the form of annual conferences in North Macedonia and Albania.

4 key lessons for young people from successful entrepreneurs, organized by Kvantum Prima

13 Sept 2022
Dancho was part of short interviews with successful entrepreneurs from Kavadarci, as part of the project “Start your own business,” supported by the Muniplicity of Kavadarci.

WHAT’S THE POINT? Exploring the joy of purpose, with Andrew Miller

27 Jul 2022
As part of Andrew’s series of interviews with inspiring mission-driven entrepreneurs, he gets to speak to Dancho Dimkov, the author of Sweet Leads and founder of BizzBee Solutions.

The Tingle Zone, with Andrew Miller

05 Jul 2022
In this episode of “The Tingle Zone with Andrew Miller” – “A Company That Works Without You”, Dancho shares his early beginnings in the business world, until today, as a serial entrepreneur, founder of BizzBee Solutions, and author of “Sweet Leads”.

Dancho set up his first business at the age of 21. Like many of us, his early success came from hard graft and using every available hour. However, as other factors became more important – life and all, he realised that he had to create a company that could perform without him being there.

Green Ideas 2022, organized by ARNO

01 Jun 2022
Dancho Dimkov took part in the announcement of national winners of the Green Ideas 2022 competition, organized by ARNO.

Business Café Macedonia

27 May 2022
The 38th edition of Business Café Macedonia brings the experiences of three top professionals in their fields, who will share their business and life lessons with the attendees. They’ll try to answer some of the most crucial questions, related to scaling the business, developing new business ideas, communication skills, career development, and planning a secure future.

University of Rome “Tor Vergata”

12 Apr 2022
On April 12, 2022, Dancho was a visiting professor at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata.”
His role was ‘Guest Lecturer for Strategic Entrepreneurial Behaviour.’

Tomorrow’s Leader, with John Laurito

04 Mar 2022
John Laurito talks with Dancho Dimkov, the CEO and Founder of BizzBee Solutions. BizzBee Solutions are the bees to partner with for building B2B lead generation and sales processes. They will provide you with the ultimate team – devoted ICP researcher, determined database builder, creative copywriter, and dedicated outreach experts.

Onest Conversations, with Olga Nesterova

27 Jan 2022
Onest Conversations is a podcast exploring growth mindset and entrepreneurship.
The host, Olga, welcomed Dancho Dimkov, an internationally recognized author and an expert in B2B marketing, in her podcast show.

RECONOMY Snippet, organized by RECONOMY

22 Jan 2022
Dancho Dimkov is the Founder & CEO of BizzBee Solutions. He is part of the network of freelance mentors, who guide future freelancers in North Macedonia. Through his expertise, new freelancers are learning many crucial skills and effectively increasing their income.

Impact Foundation & Reconomy

28 Dec 2021
Dancho is part of Impact’s network of freelance mentors that will guide future freelancers in the Republic of North Macedonia. Through his expertise, freelancers will learn many crucial skills, effectively increasing their income and the freelance community.

The Leadership Stack Podcast, with Sean Si

29 Nov 2021
In episode #303 of “The Leadership Stack Podcast”, Dancho talks about standardizing business processes.

A chat with successful freelancers, organized by Impact Foundation & RECONOMY

27 Nov 2021
The conversation prompted several topics among interested current and future freelancers in North Macedonia, who want to be informed and learn more about the process of becoming a freelancer.

The Leadership Stack Podcast, with Sean Si

25 Nov 2021
In episode #301 of “The Leadership Stack Podcast”, Dancho talks about the importance of relationships and mentors in the business.

Café & Networking Podcast, with Tom Reaoch

24 Nov 2021
Hosted by Tom Reaoch, indirect marketing, content creator, and multicultural communication specialist known as the “King of Networking”.
Dancho Dimkov is the author of “Sweet Leads” – an Amazon bestseller, and Tom’s guest in this episode of Café & Networking Podcast.

The Leadership Stack Podcast, with Sean Si

22 Nov 2021
In episode #299 of “The Leadership Stack Podcast”, Dancho talks about choosing the right project manager.

The Leadership Stack Podcast, with Sean Si

18 Nov 2021
In episode #297 of “The Leadership Stack Podcast”, Dancho talks about the right time for quitting roles in the business.

Global Entrepreneurship Week, orginised by Impact Foundation & Startup Macedonia

12 Nov 2021
In this online discussion, our CEO, Dancho, and a couple of other experts discuss how is freelancing building the entrepreneurship ecosystem?

CEED Global

8 Nov 2021
Recently, Dancho sat down with CEED Global to discuss his journey as an entrepreneur, and his path to founding BizzBee Solutions.
He talks about his challenges and successes, the lessons learned, publishing a book, Covid-19, and his relationship with CEED.

Invest In Yourself: The Digital Entrepreneur Podcast, with Phil Better

03 Nov 2021
In this episode of “Invest In Yourself: The Digital Entrepreneur Podcast”, Dancho Dimkov shares how he helps his high-ticket clients scale their businesses. He shares some tips on generating leads for your podcast, what’s coming up next for BizzBee, and his recently launched book – “Sweet Leads”.

The Courage to Lead, with Harlan Hammack

01 Sept 2021
In this episode of “The Courage to Lead, with Harlan Hammack – “Courage to inspire growth”, Dancho shares his secrets about growth, attaining balance, and being present in all life areas.
As a certified management consultant, and serial entrepreneur, he guides startups and businesses on the path to prosperity.

SCRUM Macedonia

24 Aug 2021
SCRUM Macedonia held a video interview/session with the CEO & Founder of BizzBee Solutions, Dancho Dimkov.
The main topic was, “How to run a marketing agency with SCRUM?”
*The interview is in Macedonian language.

Failory, with Nicolás Cerdeira

8 Aug 2021
In just two years, since its founding, BizzBee Solutions grew to 35 employees, and the number of clients reached 200, achieving a monthly revenue of $18k.
BizzBee is the ever-going full powertrain behind many successful business relationships, that had a growth potential, but needed a little push.

Beer and Business Podcast, with Jake Mullins & Darrin Flanagan

14 Jul 2021
In episode 118 of “Beer and Business Podcast”, with Jake Mullins & Darrin Flanagan – “How to Prospect Effectively with LinkedIn”, Dancho, as an expert in business prospecting, teaches us how to leverage LinkedIn as the most powerful tool to grow your business.

Business Podcasts Don’t Have to be Boring!

Talking with the Experts, with Rose Davidson

2 Jul 2021
As a certified management consultant and a serial entrepreneur, Dancho guides startups and businesses on the path to prosperity.
But as the proud owner and founder of BizzBee Solutions, it is his duty.

The XL Podcast, with Graham Brown

18 Jun 2021
XL: The 10 Minute Leader hosted by Graham Brown. As their first-ever guest from Macedonia, Dancho and Graham talked about: What does your business card say?; What is your superpower?; Would you deliver?; Working on LinkedIn and How to manage LinkedIn.

Starter story, with Pat Walls

16 June 2021
Being salesy and pushy, will get you, well, nowhere, says Dancho. The clients and partners can sense your despair from miles away.
But, there is a solution to every problem. When Dancho decided to change his approach, the numbers of responses and positive feedbacks went up to the roof.

TITAN Business Builders, with Stefaan De Vreese

15 Jun 2021
Dancho Dimkov is the founder and CEO of BizzBee Solutions, a full-stack digital marketing consultancy.

Certified management consultant, advantages and challenged

15 Jun 2021
The second panel discussion, “Certified Management Consultant – advantages and challenges,” was held on June 14.

Interviews with management consultants

11 Jun 2021
‘Interview with a management consultant’ is a video interview series, where Dancho, the President of the Management Consultant Association -MCA 2000, interviews some of the most successful consultants in North Macedonia.

Yeukai Business Show, with Trevor Stockwell

28 May 2021
Dancho was a guest on the “Yeukai Business Show”, hosted by Trevor Stockwell.
BizzBee’s story started around ten years ago, when Dancho worked on many freelance platforms.
At the same time, he worked a full-time job in an IT company.

Positive on a Success Test, with Sanja Arizanov

24 May 2021
In the first episode of the series, the guest is our CEO and founder, Dancho Dimkov. Dancho shares his beginnings, experiences, challenges he has faced and still faces as an entrepreneur.

Ethical Marketing Service – The Thomas Green Podcast

5 May 2021
“LinkedIn Sales Navigator” is the topic Dancho discusses with Thomas Green, on Ethical Marketing Service – The Thomas Green Podcast.

Slobodna TV/Слободна ТВ

29 Mar 2021
Dancho Dimkov, President of the Association of Management Consultants and MKA 2000, said that the Covid crisis has a great impact on the functioning of companies, and if in the past, consulting services were sought for the growth of companies, today it’s reduced to seeking salvation and a way of survival.

Design Thinking

26 Mar 2021
For Dancho, the inspiration to create new things comes from growth and development, especially of people.
The feeling that you have helped someone to climb at least one step above is irreplaceable and indescribable.

According to him, one should have will, desire and love for his/her job. When there is a desire, development comes spontaneously and naturally.

I АМ CEO Podcast, with Gresham Harkless Jr.

18 Mar 2021
Being the growth enthusiast he is, Dancho enjoys helping companies, businesses and people grow.
Always eager to know what’s around the next corner, and profoundly loving what he does, Dancho never feels tired and burned out.

Coaches & Mentors Unwrapped, with Michael Adonteng & Roslyn Adonteng

16 Mar 2021
Dancho Dimkov, shares the BizzBee Solutions story on the latest episode of “The Entrepreneur Speaks” podcast.

16 Mar 2021
Before starting BizzBee Solutions, Dancho had a couple of other businesses. So, that means he possesses the knowledge, the expertise and the experience.

Evil Crazy Genius, with Alisa Czar

9 Mar 2021
Dancho loves the B2B world. For him, it’s not just numbers, it’s art. Art of approaching a stranger, building a meaningful relationship, and pitching (if there’s a chance).

University American College Skopje – UACS, with Marjan I. Bojadjiev

8 Mar 2021
Dimkov has experience in business consultancy, with a main focus on business planning, market research, marketing/sales and product sourcing.

Billion Success, with Herby Fabius

22 Feb 2021
BizzBee Solutions worked with more than 400 clients from all over the world.
Seeing the results and positive changes in the clients, motivates Dancho and his employees to continue conquering even steeper peaks.

Something that Dancho is incredibly proud of is writing his first book.
He believes that being a “published author” will affect the opinions of clients, partners and competitors.

#комкаст – media and marketing podcast, with Darko Buldioski

17 Feb 2021
Dancho is an experienced business consultant. In recent years, alongside his team at BizzBee Solutions, he has focused on B2B communication, primarily through LinkedIn.

ValiantCEO, with Jerome Knyszewski

15 Feb 2021
It is quite easy to lose focus on what’s important when you’re running a company, especially a bootstrapped one, says Dancho Dimkov.
When our time, budget, and resources are limited, we are often prone to burnout.

But, Dancho found a way that helps him stay on track. Taking some time off with his family, being present and travelling. There’s nothing a family evening, or a quick trip can not solve.

Thrive Global, with Jerome Knyszewski

18 Jan 2021
If the company successfully helps its market, profitability is just a result of a job well done.
Words he works by, Dancho believes that profitability is a result, a consequence of exceptional service to your market.

Clients can sense your love for money from miles away. And that’s one of the reasons they run away from businesses that are after their money and not actually helping them.

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, with Josh Elledge

4 Jan 2021
Dancho Dimkov, shares the BizzBee Solutions story on the latest episode of “The Entrepreneur Speaks” podcast.
BizzBee Solutions is focused on building solid and meaningful relationships rather than sending passive-aggressive messages, with the main intent of selling.

The Wise Business Podcast, with Carmine Mastropierro

25 Dec 2020
Dancho Dimkov, shares the BizzBee Solutions story on the latest episode of “The Entrepreneur Speaks” podcast.
Copywriting is the key to everything BizzBee Solutions does. Doing outreach through email and LinkedIn has allowed Dancho to be the “go-to” guy for that precise matter.

The Seed – The Startup Journey, with Rick Liu

21 Dec 2020
BizzBee Solutions is not Dancho’s first company. He actually had several more. As a serial entrepreneur, he began finding a pattern for what works and what doesn’t. And when he officially started BizzBee, he knew his previous mistakes and learnt from them.

The Entrepreneur Speaks Podcast, with Kofi Asare Anyemedu

18 Dec 2020
Dancho Dimkov shares the BizzBee Solutions story on the latest episode of “The Entrepreneur Speaks” podcast. As a Senior Business Consultant and a Serial Entrepreneur, Dancho and his team assist startups and businesses with critical tasks.

Authority Magazine, with Jerome Knyszewski

2 Dec 2020
When Dancho started BizzBee Solutions, he faced hard times. The company had a kick-start with four interns, who needed to be trained and mentored. Dancho had to take care of everything and still find the time to talk to prospects and bring in new clients.

BizzBee was a company with full-time employees, who worked with gigs from freelance platforms.
And, for three years, things were going surprisingly great.

24 Nov 2020
When we talk about what sets BizzBee Solutions apart from the crowd, the answer is everything but a cliché.
Led by the hardworking and persistent nature of the bee, if they failed as a consulting agency, they would indeed find themselves among the most famous Macedonian honey producers.

The global pandemic? This is a topic that can be discussed until dawn. Covid-19 left consequences that we will remember for a long time and changed our point of views forever.

We Live to Build, with Sean Weisbrot

7 Nov 2020
BizzBee Solutions started as a general marketing consulting, offering market research and business planning services.
With more than 5 years of existence and 400+ clients, the focus shifted towards sales consulting for SMEs.

AskDproS Business Show, with Kesiena Aaron-Efe

16 Oct 2020
Dancho followed his dreams to the very end. He never once gave up, which made him the man, the father and the CEO he is today. Dancho talks about his professional development and career, but also shares the story about BizzBee’s roots.

IdeaMensch, with Carlyn Schulzke Runnels

16 Sept 2020
Dancho Dimkov is a growth enthusiast. He is inspired by growth. Growth in people, companies, relations, and businesses. By enabling and sharing his energy, knowledge, and curiosity in everything he puts himself into, he has had the opportunity to do just that throughout his career – make things grow.