Do the research to grab the right business opportunities
tired of making bad business decisions that cost you time and money?
craving to make all the right business choices?
simply listen to what the market has to say!
Are you trying to expand to new markets?
You have an amazing solution and you want to make the right decisions to recreate or even increase its success in new markets.
Do you wanna beat all your competitors?
You are satisfied with the solution you offer and feel safe inside your current market, but need to take the right direction to make it to the top.
Are you ready to roll out a new solution?
You think you know your market like the palm of your hand, and you are excited to offer them a new solution to the problems you think they are having.
Is your company moving into uncharted waters?
 You are taking a leap of faith and moving your business in a completely new direction and you are faced with numerous and various decisions.
stop throwing your money away!
You want to expand your business, but instead of making it big, you end up wasting money, or barely breaking even?
You feel comfortable in your current position, but unfortunately, that means that you are not moving forward. Making the wrong decision surely is scary, especially when you invest your money, your people, your mind, and your time.

We've all been there. Trying to figure every little piece out ourselves. You have surely put a price on your solution, but have you put a price tag on your time? 

We know how terrible decisions taste like, it feels dreadful even to think about them, they truly hurt one's ego. But should we avoid making decisions at all costs, just so we don't make a bad one? Are there maybe some lessons waiting to be learned?
Do you want to be confident in every business decision that you will make from now on?
It took us immense time and effort to discover the decision validating formula.

And we are pleased that we can implement this to accelerate the decision making in every company. 
We have implemented this formula on numerous companies and the results speak for themselves.

Having to go through the rough patch ourselves, we are super excited to relieve your pain. We've made it our mission to help others make the best business decisions possible, and grow their 
business exponentially.
introducing BizzBee's market research
Industry Overview + Target Market + Competition Analysis = Perfect Business Decisions
I have always believed in market research. But knowing that you need something and actually doing it are two completely different things. It's even worse when you are bursting with confidence. After doing hundreds of market research projects for our clients, I was sure (and still am) that I knew the perfect methodology, and have what it takes to build a new product.
So I discussed the new product idea with some friends and family - they thought it was awesome, hired the people that I thought I needed and in a couple of months, we were ready to launch. I was positive that this was our golden goose. But...
It was super tough to even make people sign up for the free trial. For the next couple of months, we were trying to make this happen, but they say a wise man knows when to surrender. So, with a heavy heart, I raised the white flag.
But as a lifelong entrepreneur, I couldn't let that one wrong decision (that did cost me a bunch of time and money) stop me in going to my next venture. After all, one of my biggest aims and motives in life is to make my company grow.
But fortunately. what I tend to do is learn from my mistakes. Therefore, just when we were ready to launch our new service, I decided that the best way is to take action. So with my idea on my mind, I went to my team and hired them (just as one of our clients would) to do a market research. I don't want to brag about the quality of the research (that's why the testimonials are for), but having the document in front of me, and not just my hypotheses helped me in making the best decisions possible, and to avoid the most terrible mistakes. I don't need to tell you that we launched our new service with tremendous success. Our numerous clients can testify to that.
DANco Dimkov,
MSc, Executive MBA, CMgr
Founder and CEO - BizzBee Solutions
Growth Consultant, Mentor & Trainer
What our clients said about our

“We had a great experience working with BizzBee. Our request was a market analysis necessary for our upcoming funding round. BizzBee quickly understood specifics of our request and delivered everything on time while regularly keeping us informed about the progress. What really got us was that when we received the final document, we got asked what additional information could bring more value to us and they took an extra mile to deliver that information even though it was beyond the original deal. Wonderful service, we are very likely to use their services again.”

360Writer - Automation Tool for Writers and Journalists

"We have been working with BizzBee Solutions for over two years, and they have consistently delivered excellent work. We value BizzBee for genuinely committing to understanding our requirements, adapting when necessary, and sticking to deadlines. As a fast-growing SaaS company, we appreciate that they can scale up quickly for fast turnarounds on research requests and highly recommend them!"

Gelato – Intelligent print platform for Global Companies

"Very productive and pleasant to work with. We requested an in-depth analysis regarding facts and figures of a certain medical condition. BizzBee already came up a very good proposal and understanding what we need. They delivered exactly what we were looking for within the deadline for each milestone. If we have a similar task to be done, we will hire BizzBee again and can highly recommend them.”

Biogena - Health, Wellness and Fitness.
What our clients said about our
do you crave for the comfort of making the right business decisions so you can safely put your company on the path to growth?
Here are the top 3 benefits from our market research service:

Learn where your business is headed

One of the most important things while making good business decisions (whether you are planning to expand your business or simply to be better than your competitors) is to be certain where your business is headed in the long run. We are talking about expanding your industry knowledge so you can be up to date on every your industry's trends.
Dig deep into the target market

Are you 100% sure that you are targeting the right companies? Did you know that 33.3% of companies that did systematic business research on their target client group grew faster and were more profitable? Digging deep into your target market will help you understand the marketplace where you should complete, as well as the trends and stats which can influence your company and your customers.
Know your competitors

Do you know who your major competitors are? Do you know their strengths and weaknesses? Having in-depth knowledge about your competitors can help you immensely in making the right business decisions. This knowledge will help you avoid making major mistakes, and will make setting prices, developing features and responding to rival marketing campaigns a breeze.
get ready for bizzbee's
market research!!!
Make sure that your business is on the right path, discover and keep up with your target market, and adapt your strategy according to your competitors' offer.
Don't make mistakes based on assumptions when you can have the facts and make all the right choices.
are you wondering what's included in our market research?
Industry overview
Every company needs to know where it's headed in the long run. Our bee will provide you with all the necessary facts regarding the industry you are in or are planning to dive into (is it on the rise, or is it flopping). Then we will help you to keep up with all the emerging trends and events in your area.
Target Market Analysis
Having an awesome solution is great, but knowing who you can sell it to is wise and profitable. Our bee will create an Ideal Client Profile (ICP) so you will be sure who is the best to sell to. Knowing your ICP will not only increase your revenue but will also help your sales and marketing teams devise a better, more personalized sales and marketing strategy. Your product and service teams will benefit too since they can use the ICP to consider how to build and improve your solution to better meet the needs of your customers over time.
Competition Analysis  
Our bee will gather all the relevant data about your fiercest competitors. After all, knowing their strengths and weaknesses will surely give you the needed advantage so you can make it to the top. We will not only give you general info about your competitors but will go deep into their solutions, financials, marketing strategies etc. so you can plan your companies efforts accordingly.
Since we thrive on your success, we are happy to give you the things that follow completely FREE to make our Market Research solution as pleasing and as enjoyable as possible.
market segments map
Understand your 
potential clients.
Getting to know your potential clients is of vital importance to any business. We are not only talking about increasing revenues but improving sales and marketing strategies, as well as for product modification and improvement. The market segment map will help you to identify the industries that you should approach, will give you sources where you can find potential clients, and will estimate the size of your potential market.
list of latest trends
Never miss a new 
industry trend.
 Do you want to be at the top of your game? Then you certainly need to gain an intimate understanding of the environment within which you’re operating. Our bee will not only disclose the latest groundbreaking trends in your industry but will also discover the associations, groups, webinars, fairs, summits, trade-shows, and events that your company simply can't afford to miss. We will help you stay on top of your game.
Be better than your competitors.
To be the best you need to know how the rest is doing. To make this whole process easier to you we will organize your top competitors and the much-needed info in a spreadsheet. First of all, you will get general information about your competitors, like their founding date, investors, mergers and acquisitions, size etc. You will also get technical and financial information about their solution, market information (market share, industries and countries that they are serving), and lastly information about their marketing activities.
Executive Summary
Have the most important findings at your fingertips.
Whether you don't have the time to read through all the data, or are simply super excited to get to the cherry on the top, we have the solution. We will summarize all the findings and present them in an easy to read executive summary. Making your future decision making a piece of cake.
With our bulletproof market research methodology, you will have the perfect business decision-making foundation. Our proven approach will help the growth of your company, whether you are trying to penetrate new markets, develop new products or just want to reach or stay at the top of your game.
bee sure to BEEcome part of our satisfied clients
since our approach is personalized We can only take on so many clients at a time
Give A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
This helps people who are just on the edge of purchasing, to take the leap of faith since you put the risk back on you!
If you want to avoid making business mistakes.
If you want to prove that you are headed in the right direction.
If you want to put your company growth on a steady path.

Wait no more.
We developed our market research methodology for eager people like you.

Just make sure that you get to us on time. We are proud to be committed to providing massive value to our clients, which unfortunately means a limited number of spots.

You're just one click away from making all the right decision. 🐝🐝🐝
-Danco Dimkov
Just in case you are still not sure
what You'll Get
With the market research Offer!
  • Industry Overview - Our bees will dive into all the important industry developments so you can see where your business is headed in the long run.
  • Target Market Analysis - Our bees will define your Ideal Client Profile. They will also help you to better understand your potential clients and will teach you the best ways to approach them.
  • Competition Analysis - Our bees will divulge your competitors' strengths and weaknesses so you can easily get to the top of your field.
  • ​FREE Market Segments Map - Our bees will provide you with a deep understanding of your target market so you can not only increase your revenues but improve your sales, marketing and product strategies.
  • FREE List of Latest Trends - Our bees will handpick the latest trends in your industry and will discover the most important events that you should be part of.
  • FREE Competitors Spreadsheet - Our bees will neatly organize all the competitors and the relevant info concerning them in a spreadsheet.
  • FREE Executive Summary - Our bees will summarize the most important findings in straightforward and easy to understand report.
You are probably thinking that getting all of this seems priceless.
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