Employees that make it at BizzBee Solutions really grasp their opportunity to present themselves and their skills in front of the young and dynamic startup team. We are committed to the professional development of our employees and we are proud of the ones that progressed within the company and challenge themselves to reach new goals along the way.

At BizzBee Solutions, we don’t just recruit intelligent people. Above all, we want to acquire people that want to work in a relaxed and collaborative environment, where they can learn and grow with each new project, where they can be creative, ambitious, and ultimately, to have a huge impact in the company and in our client’s businesses. The best proof for the success of our work environment is our successful employee and internship stories. As a result of their ambition, they got promoted in more demanding and dynamic positions here. Let’s hear from them in separate short interviews about what they have to say about working at BizzBee Solutions.

Jasna Panovska

Sales and Marketing

Why did you decide to apply for a job at BizzBee Solutions? What was your motivation to do it?

I was near the end of my studies at the Economic Faculty of Skopje and I was eager to start my career. At first, it was difficult for me as a fresh graduate with little experience to figure out what the next step should be. But then, BizzBee Solutions offered me an opportunity as a postgraduate and a chance to prosper and gain practical experience in business development.

What were your first impressions of the company?

From the website to the great working space I immediately got an impression of a professional company. The BizzBee Solutions team is composed of young business analysts that like to have fun while working, which makes up for a great working environment.

How long have you been part of BizzBee Solutions Team?

I’ve been a part of the BizzBee Team for  2 years now. I started in August of last year on an audio project and continued with an internship in data analysis that allowed me to gain practical knowledge in my field of education. From January 2017, I moved to the sales department of the company.

What is your current position at BizzBee? What are your responsibilities?

As of January 2018, I am on the Sales and Marketing position. My job is to introduce BizzBee Solutions and the services what we offer to new potential clients through outbound efforts, respond in inbound leads gained from our marketing efforts and communicate our clients’ need to the project manager.

Name the top 3 things you like most about working at BizzBee?

One of the best things about working at BizzBee is the opportunity to constantly learn new things and grow. Not one project is the same. The team is friendly and we frequently have team building activities. Also, my workspace is pretty neat. All this makes up for a great working experience.

Hristina Tancheva

Project Manager

Why did you decide to apply for a job at BizzBee Solutions? What was your motivation to do it?

I was going through the process of looking for a job, and immediately, the BizzBee internship call drew my interest. When I saw their website and their whole concept of work, I was motivated to apply. At BizzBee, somehow, I found something different, new and challenging.

Your first impressions for the company, what were they?

I was one of the first employees here and in the beginning, everything was new for me. The founders, Danco and Maja really took care of our and the development of the company.

And how long have you been a part of BizzBee Solutions Team?

I’m part of BizzBee for almost 3 years now, 2 years and 7 months to be precise. In March 2016 I started as an intern, after that, I was promoted as a Junior Business Analyst in June of the same year. Since October 2016 I work as a Project Manager in this company.

What is your current position at BizzBee Solutions? What are your responsibilities?

As I just mentioned, I work as a Project Manager and my responsibility is the team from our Office #1. I manage the projects we are working on in our office. I take care for the employees, the team spirit, our efficiency and growth.

Please name the top 3 things that you like the most about working at BizzBee Solutions?

Firstly, I love working here because we are always learning something new through the workdays. The entire team consists of great people and our communication is on point. I like the entire concept of BizzBee Solutions as a company and a brand. That is one thing that will take us far to the top of the business consulting world.

Nikolina Ristovska

Project Manager

Why did you decide to apply for a job here at BizzBee Solutions?

Because I wanted to work in a dynamic company where every day you have different tasks and opportunities to learn new things. I didn’t want to end up in another ordinary workplace. So that’s why I chose BizzBee as the place where I can start and develop my career.

When you first came into the office, what were your first impressions for the company?

Immediately, I liked the great team spirit and teamwork. The team members taught me everything about every aspect of the work, and they were opened for collaboration and every question that I had.

How long have you been a part of the BizzBee Team?

I’m proudly part of this team for almost 2,5 years now. I started back in May 2016 as an intern and in August the same year, I was promoted to Project Manager.

Please tell us about your current position as a Project Manager? What kind of responsibilities do you have?

Currently, as a Project Manager I am responsible for our Office #2, for planning and managing of the projects, and developing schedules. I also provide coaching and guidance to the team members about every aspect of the projects. I organize and motivate my team, as well as taking part in every HR recruitment process.

Name the top 3 things you like the most about working at BizzBee Solutions?

Every day at BizzBee is a new opportunity to learn new things. We have a great company culture and great communication between every team member. Lastly, it’s a dynamic and challenging work environment. As a young startup team, this is the work environment that will pay off in the long term for us.

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