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SME's Shortcut to Quick Growth

If you want to put your company on a sizzling fast-track to growth, this is the e-book for you. Learn how to easily implement a successful outbound strategy with our bees’ expertise.

SME's Shortcut to Quick Growth

The B2B Ideal Client Profile Blueprint

Our bees decided to let you in on all their secrets to help you make all the right business decisions. Our CEO worked hard on developing a B2B ideal client profile blueprint so you can aim your marketing and sales efforts in the right direction.

The B2B Ideal Client Profile

Building Your B2B Prospects List

Are you tired of getting stale and cluttered prospect lists? Do you want to take your prospecting to the next level? Becoming a prospecting pro is a piece of cake with this e-book.

Building Your B2B Prospects List

The B2B Outbound Copywriting Playbook

Are you starting to procrastinate as soon as your copywriting skills need to be put to use? There’s no need to stall. Dive into this e-book and learn how to turn cold prospects into warm leads by using the right words at the right time.

The B2B Outbound Copywriting Playbook

The Art of B2B Email Outreach

Have you tried cold email outreach? Whether you are trying to start or improve your email outreach, we put all the information you will need in one place.

Reengineering LinkedIn Lead Generation

We are sure you have heard of LinkedIn. But have you used it in all its glory? This ebook will show you how to close more deals using LinkedIn without spending money on ads.

Reengineering LinkedIn Lead Generation

The Outreach Roadmap to Nurturing B2B Prospects

Perhaps you do know how to set up a B2B outreach campaign, but what about nurturing? What should you do once the automation stops and the responses start flowing in?

Not an ebook fan? Have a look at our other digital resources.

Top 13 Excel Functions for Lead Management

Working in Excel can make you feel lost in the space of cells, rows, and columns. But to our bees, this is the place where most of the work happens. That’s why we constructed this document. So using Excel can feel at home.

7 Free Extensions to Boost Your Lead Generation

Building databases can be a daunting task. You can easily get lost with all those spreadsheets and columns. And if you do this manually, the process can seem like a lifetime. That’s why we at BizzBee put the effort to find and compile the best Chrome extensions.

Lead Generation E-mail Course

Outbound lead generation can be intimidating. You can’t expect to become an expert all of a sudden with just a few prospects here and there. Fortunately, we have just the right thing for you. Enrol in our 5-day crash course and fill up your sales funnel.