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Are you wasting your marketing budget and sales efforts on the wrong target?
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You should never skip the first step 👣

Is your focus on developing the perfect outreach strategy? Are you spending most of your marketing budget on it? And are you satisfied with the results? You can certainly do a lot better. The solution is plain as day. You should simply get back to the first step and define your ICP. Sit back and watch how the quality of your MQLs improves.

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How to take the first step in the right direction. We divulge the secrets of creating an ideal client profile for any B2B company. This book is a comprehensive and advanced guide suitable for both beginners and pros.
What's included in this comprehensive 30+ page guide:
  • Should you start from the market? Or should you start from your existing business? To see the best results with the least amount of effort, know your strengths. (p. 6)
  • Once you know your solution’s strengths, you can focus on the type of companies that could benefit the most from it. Learn how to find the right market opportunities. (p. 13)
  • Based on your strengths and the market opportunities, you can create a preliminary list of industries that have the potential to be your ICP. You are now ready to define your ideal client profile.  (p. 16)
  • Knowing the ICP, the next logical step is defining the ideal positions. You should take a look at the organizational charts within those companies and determine which positions are most relevant to you.  (p. 21)
  • Beyond the ICP identification, you should go the extra mile and understand what kind of pain or problems they have, both industry-specific and position-specific. (p. 26)
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Danco Dimkov, MSc, Executive MBA, CMgr, CMC
Founder and CEO - BizzBee Solutions
I am inspired by growth. Growth in people, companies, relations, and businesses. By enabling and sharing my energy, knowledge, & curiosity to everything I put myself into, I have been given the opportunity to do just that throughout my career – making things grow. Helping organization to grow with people and skills, entrepreneurs to build attractive places to work and help employees to develop and improve their strengths. I always strive to see what’s around the next corner and believe it’s a sport to think and do things differently rather than a challenge.
As a Senior Business Consultant and a Serial Entrepreneur, it’s not just my job to guide startups and businesses on the path to prosperity. It is my duty as the proud owner of BizzBee Solutions – a full-stack solution provider from concept to market. We combine multiple services into one robust solution, smoothening out the road to success.
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