What is the one thing that has the power to unite audience, engagement, value, trust, brand, and industry? 

A well-crafted piece of copy.

As content creators and copywriters, we face many How To’s on a daily level. 

How to write the perfect hook?

How to create content that drives traffic?

How to increase brand awareness?

How to engage our target audience?

How to come up with the most captivating CTA?

And this is just the beginning. 

In the many years I’ve spent trying to mesmerize readers with my words, I realized I am not all-powerful. 

Sometimes I’m just stuck and the right words don’t come to me no matter what I do. 

Luckily, we are born in a digital era and we can turn for help everywhere. 

In the last few years, that help came in the form of AI, as a way to supercharge content, code, schedule meetings, generate event reminders, manage an overflowing inbox, and respond to messages such as emails, reviews, or social media comments.

And if someone says they are not using it, they are lying. 

The only way to be unfamiliar with the AI avalanche is if you’ve been living under a rock for the past year. 

Yes, I’m talking about Chat GPT, obviously. 

It’s been a couple of months since this natural language processing tool driven by AI technology has generated quite the buzz. 

And it’s so good, it’s scary.

Even our pets know about it. 

And for a good reason, for sure. 

As a content and marketing manager, I get asked a lot about whether I use AI assistance tools for my writing. 

And my answer is always the same – I’d be crazy not to!

But it’s not what you think. 

Continuing this blog, I will discuss how using AI for your copywriting can help you create more unique and compelling content while being much more time efficient. I will also share some insights and advice about taking your copywriting game to a whole new level. 

What Does Using AI For Your Copywriting Mean? 

Copywriting requires skill. It’s not something that can be picked up in a single sitting. Learning the craft of creating persuasive copy takes time. And if you don’t take that time and invest in your knowledge, you’ll fail at this miserably. 

The issue is that most people lack the time essential to develop adequate copywriting skills for their purposes. But what if, for the price of a cup of coffee, you could have a team of skilled copywriter professionals at your disposal, available around-the-clock?

You can now, though! The newest development in digital marketing, artificial intelligence, is enhancing copywriting abilities for marketers all around the world.

I’ll explore what AI can accomplish for you in this blog post by giving examples of how to integrate this technology into your marketing workflow.

Before going any further, let me explain the true meaning behind using AI for your copywriting. AI-powered tools can automatically generate copy based on a given set of information. The tools generate various types of copy, which you can use for social media posts or long-form blogs. 

I’ve already mentioned ChatGPT, but AI goes beyond just this fella. There are other AI  tools that have also taken the world by storm and revolutionized how businesses operate.

There’s also Jasper, Hypotenuse, Writesonic, SEO Content Machine, Writecream, Copysmith, and much more. 

With AI taking momentum, copywriters around the world began fearing for their jobs. 

Are we becoming endangered species?

Will artificial chatbots take over our jobs?

Are we really that replaceable?

Well, not so fast ChatGPT. 

Let’s all calm down and take a breath. We don’t need to be looking for another job just yet.

It may take a few more years before AI tools are capable enough to completely replace copywriters, if ever.

Nonetheless, they excel at quickly developing clever marketing slants.

In essence, the days of spending endless hours gazing at a blank page while attempting to produce creative material are long gone.

Simply give the AI engine some simple instructions at this point, and wait a few seconds for brilliant content ideas to start flowing.

I’m saying ideas – not whole pieces of work. As the name suggests, the generated ideas are generic, and you must build upon them to add value to the copy. 

What’s the Fuss? How Does AI Work? 

An AI content generator is computer-generated writing which is achieved with natural language processing tools. Before using an AI assistance tool, you must decide what type of copy you want and the exact content you need. From then on, you can set the parameters according to your needs. 

The philosophy behind it?

It works by learning from human input and then mimicking it.

Surprise, surprise. 

If you’re a marketer who finds it challenging to keep up with all the content demands placed on you, you’re not alone.

When updating your blog, social media accounts, creating LinkedIn or email campaigns, and juggling with many other platforms, you must continually think of new marketing strategies while making sure that your content is always interesting and original.

But luckily for us marketers around the world, we can now generate ideas about blog posts in a fraction of time.

Make a lot of captivating social media postings.

Create subject lines for emails that get a lot of opens.

Create catchy meta titles and descriptions to increase click-through rates.

Get a full list of the best keywords for your next article and so on. 

AI tools have a way of generating new ideas that are maybe not that creative but definitely plagiarism free. They employ advanced NLP and ML algorithms to mimic human copywriting and produce original content for all digital platforms. 

AI has become a big part of the marketing world, and many businesses use it to their advantage. You can read more about the impact of AI in the digital marketing world in this report

The report highlights the role of AI in digital marketing and in creating intelligent content. With the help of AI tools, copywriters can create SEO-optimized website content, and content that is driven by data. 

Even outside of content writing, marketers also highly praise AI tools for their ability to draw up customer personas and recommend targeted content in real-time. 

Why Use AI For Your Copywriting? 

What’s the end goal of every single piece of content produced?

The answer cannot be simpler.

To drive action!

A well-crafted copy inspires readers to take action and move through the conversion funnel.

Also, a good piece of copy is quite effective for building the identity of your brand and with the relevant keywords included it can rank your content high in the search engines.

And that’s every writer’s dream. 

To have their content appear on the first page of every Google search.  

SEO is no joke and it should be taken very seriously by anyone who writes for a living.

In the last couple of years, we have witnessed how artificial intelligence has taken on automating different tasks in business. 

Regardless if you are an e-commerce store owner, in-house copywriter, or product marketer, you should keep an open mind and acknowledge the fact that AI tools are here to stay. 

But don’t get overexcited about it. No tool can do your entire job. You must build the foundation behind your copy and just ask the AI tools for assistance. 

AI tools offer a lot of benefits to copywriters and marketers in general. They are convenient, save time, have the ability to optimize the copy, and can help copywriters overcome their dreaded writer’s block. 

Time Efficiency 

Even though AI pals cannot do our jobs they can sure save copywriters a lot of time by automatically generating and analyzing data. Being a content creator I know how much you hate data. I’d rather stare at a blank wall for 3 days straight than analyze numbers on a spreadsheet.  

But I cannot back up my copies without the right data in place.  That’s when AI comes to the rescue. It can instantly generate outlines, sections, short paragraphs, and even full articles. Magical. 

By using AI for copywriting, we can all save a lot of valuable time and focus more on macro-level tasks. Time is a precious asset, and with the help of AI tools, we will no longer have to waste it on repetitive and mundane tasks like extensive research. 

Having this done, now we get more time to focus on refining our copy, developing a content strategy, and thinking of new ways how we can build brand awareness. 


It’s a no-brainer that AI tools offer a lot of convenience to copywriters. By using AI for your copywriting, you are basically allowing them to interfere with your job and do some of the tasks for you. AI can handle tasks such as generating product descriptions and a larger piece of content. AI tools’ convenience will give you more time to focus on other demanding marketing tasks. 

In addition to that, using AI for your copywriting for longer periods will get you more sufficient context. The AI tools can generate content that closely aligns with your desired tone of voice and stylistic choices. 

We at BizzBee Solutions always like to put focus on empathy in our content and do things in a specific way. Whether I need to write personalized messages for clients, prospecting messages, optimize LinkedIn profiles, or a more fun social media post, I always make sure that the content falls into the company’s guidelines and that there is consistency for all the different types of copy. 

You can read more about BizzBee’s content and doing cold outreach the right way in this blog.  Content is key to building a successful blogging business. 


SEO is not some buzzword of the marketing lingo. 

SEO content improves visibility on search engines which drives traffic to our websites and encourages people to buy your services/solutions.

Needless to say, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

By investing in SEO content, you can add real value to your business’ bottom line. 

No matter how great your content is if it’s not relevant to your target audience, they’re not going to read it. 

Copywriters can use the leverage of AI tools to write copy that actually boosts search engine optimization. 

AI tools can analyze the effectiveness and relevance of our content across numerous platforms and channels to determine which pieces of content are performing well and which are not. This aids companies in streamlining their content strategies to concentrate on the platforms and content kinds that produce the best results.

Knock, Knock How to Overcome the Writer’s Block?

If you’ve been writing content daily then you must have suffered from the infamous “writer’s block”. Not pretty, I know. 

Sometimes, there is just no way around it. 

But AI now shines a different light which can help us to successfully get out of our creative rut. 

Whether we need help to brainstorm ideas or generate content, AI tools are here to get us back on track and help boost our creativity again. 

In my experience, this is particularly helpful when you need a unique copy for products with similar features. 

Artificial intelligence can now get our creative juices flowing by generating ideas for blog topics or even whole marketing campaigns. 

I cannot begin to tell you how many times a search bar on an AI tool has saved my life. 

My copywriter’s life, to be precise. 

How Can You Make AI Work For You?

At the end of the day, AI tools are designed to make our lives easier and help generate ideas in a matter of seconds. If we want to leverage their true power for content creation then we must: 

  • Provide adequate details. We can’t rely on AI to read our mind ( or can it?). For the AI to generate helpful ideas, we must provide sufficient context about your brand, topic, or product. That way, the AI will not deviate from your intention. 
  • Set the tone. After asking the question, we have to make sure that we give AI clear instructions on the writing style or our brand’s voice so that it generates output that is actually brand aligned.  
  • Edit the copy. For a more relatable piece of copy, we must revise and edit the AI suggestions. We can surely take the ideas with us but the creative work cannot be AI generated.  

AI For Copywriting- Are There Limitations? 

By using AI for your copywriting, you can produce great copy. But do you know what this copy will lack?


A machine cannot mimic empathy or emotions. 

And that’s what separates human writers from AI generated content. 

We cannot trust AI to get it right all the time. It’s not a question of trusting the machine, but rather understanding its limitations so you can be more effective in your work while still maintaining what makes content valuable: creativity and personality!

You may think that this is not a drawback and that emotions have no place in marketing or business. However, feelings are highly influential when it comes to consumer buying behavior. In fact, I would encourage every copywriter to invoke emotion through their content. 

Last but not least, something that correlates with having no emotions is that AI tools have no filter for “awkward” phrasing. Sometimes the generated ideas may make grammatical sense, but copywriters must always proofread the copy to identify any odd wording or incorrect phrases. 


And the big question is” Will AI replace human copywriters?”

I like to think of it as a great partnership. 

Regardless of your writing skills, you can rely on AI tools for a helping hand or for a research injection. By using AI for your copywriting, you can minimize the time and effort of creating a unique piece of content. 

Another important thing is to find an AI tool that works on your terms and doesn’t interrupt your workflow. You can use a free AI or pay a subscription to one. The ultimate goal is finding an AI to help you scale up your content creation and set you on the right track for achieving your business goals.