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How to Use AI for Copywriting?

What is the one thing that has the power to unite audience, engagement, value, trust, brand, and industry?  A well-crafted piece of copy. As content creators and copywriters, we face many How To’s on a daily level.  How to write... Read More

Reengineering LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn. The biggest network of high-level professionals and businesses. Learn how to master LinkedIn Lead Generation today.... Read More

BizzBee Solutions Success Stories

Dancho DimkovDancho is a serial entrepreneur, founder & CEO of BizzBee Solutions, proud father of two boys, and a ‘kafana’ enthusiast. He’s also the author of Amazon’s bestseller, ‘Sweet Leads.’ Dancho believes in building relationships with people and is inspired by growth.... Read More

What Working At BizzBee Solutions Is All About?

As our business has grown, we invested heavily in building our company culture. The structure enables our employees to work together in 3 offices and to be able to work on a global scale as a team. That is not... Read More

7 Reasons Why You Should Work At BizzBee Solutions

Are you looking for a fulfilling job in a business organization that works globally? Are you a young and energetic person that is looking to work with an energetic and motivated team? Then we are looking for you too. At... Read More

What is a Business Analyst and what it takes to become one?

Are you keen on data analysis and evaluation? Do you enjoy creating solutions for perspective business problems and communications with different people from the business environment? Are you excited about upcoming technology solutions and innovation that improve business processes? If... Read More

6 Ways Virtual Assistants Improve Your Start-up

Every start-up team should be well prepared for the challenges ahead. They’ll face challenges from the beginning of their venture with or without virtual assistants. Starting a new business itself is full of struggles and stumbling blocks. There is no... Read More

Why Do Start-ups Fail? Here Are 3 Genuine Reasons

Start-ups often fail. The facts speak for themselves. The voice of start-ups land Silicon Valley says that 90 percent of new businesses don’t even reach the post-start-up phase. In other words, they fail. This nine out of ten failure rate... Read More