Last year, we started something special with the first Prospecting and Outreach Summit. 

It was like planting a tree, not knowing exactly how it would grow, but with the hope that it would provide shade for many in the future. 

We all came together—eager to learn, ready to connect, and full of ambition.

And wow, did that tree flourish. 

We watched as ideas turned into plans, and plans turned into action. 

We saw firsthand that when you put in the work, when you reach out and really connect, the opportunities aren’t just in your dreams—they’re right there in front of you.

It’s 2023.

The Prospecting and Outreach Summit is back, and it’s all about what we’ve learned and where we’re going. 

Last year’s summit taught us that anyone can strike when the iron is hot, that the “lucky” are often those who have hustled the hardest.

This year’s BizzBee summit is the result of every lesson we learned last time, every success story that was shared, every piece of advice that was taken to heart. 

We’re excited to roll out the welcome mat for this year’s group of amazing speakers. 

These are the go-getters.

The achievers.

The ones who’ve really made things happen. 

They’re coming with their own stories, packed with insights and practical tips they’ve picked up along the way. 

Get ready to meet them and get the lowdown on how they do what they do. 

We can’t wait to share their stories with you, and we’re sure they’ll get you thinking and doing things in new ways that’ll make this year’s summit even better.


Liz Lemarchand 

Liz Lemarchand stands as a paragon of leadership and innovation in the field of B2B tech marketing. With over 25 years of dedication to the field, Liz serves as the COO of MediaDev and proudly co-founded Devinsider, boldly leading both ventures to new heights. 

Liz’s journey is marked by a passion for empowering independent software vendors, translating into multimillion-dollar sales pipelines and lucrative deals.

Her expertise extends beyond the boardroom; Liz enriches minds at the Master’s level, teaching leadership and marketing courses at France’s leading universities. 

As an accomplished writer, Liz’s contributions range hundreds of articles in top industry publications, and she’s an passionate creator of resources for software marketers, including an extensive online library and a thought-provoking podcast series where she talks with fellow experts on dominant marketing trends.

Her expertise culminates in the creation of an all-encompassing online Masterclass and the publication of her book, “Tune In & Dial Out: How to Win at B2B Cold Calling.” 

These platforms echo her commitment to fostering success in others, underscoring her philosophy that technology may be a tool, but the human element is the true driver of impactful marketing.

In the age of massive digital transformation and a global pivot to remote work, Liz recognizes the major shifts in her industry, predicting an ongoing connection between technological advancement and the irreplaceable value of personal touch in marketing strategies. 

Through all the changes, Liz’s central lesson remains—generosity breeds success. 

By investing in the growth of others, she has witnessed her efforts come full circle, manifesting in her own professional achievements.

Liz’s advice to sales professionals is rooted in authenticity and service; she urges them to transcend self-interest, focus on the needs of their clients, and embrace the power of human connection. 

According to Liz, true success in sales and marketing is not a solitary triumph but a collective victory that resonates throughout the whole organization.

Cedric Royer

Cedric Royer stands as a witness to what collaborative success in sales looks like. 

As the founder of Jump Foundation, based in Spain, Cedric brings a wealth of experience, having started his sales journey in 1998 with impactful roles in scaleups like NVIDIA and Indeed, as well as tech giants including Getronics, Veritas, and Symantec.

Under his sales leadership, Cedric has seen revenues in his territories skyrocket, yet, Cedric is quick to attribute this success to the collective efforts of well-oiled company departments that champion the sales process, rather than his individual brilliance.

With a philosophy that shifts away from relying solely on superstar sales hires, Cedric focuses on crafting organizational structures that transform average, yet ambitious salespeople into top performers. 

His unique, customized playbook is designed to foster a sales team that ranks in the top 1% of their field by emphasizing focus, solid foundational structures, and impeccable execution.

Cedric’s expertise is especially beneficial to B2B companies looking to scale their sales force. 

His approach promises to reduce the stress of revenue generation, provide clear visibility into future earnings, and deep insight into the sales team’s capabilities. Moreover, his strategies aim to establish a lead generation machine and seal deals instantly.

Charles Cormier

With a passion for life and a proof of an excessive level of accomplishments, this serial entrepreneur began his business journey at the tender age of 19. 

This dynamo of energy has built an impressive $5 billion network through hard-earned experience, translating to over 45,000 hours at the top of business operations. His direct contributions to monthly recurring revenue surpass 20,000 dollars, a testament to his skill and consistency. 

Balancing the roles of a devoted husband and a globe-trotting business mogul, he manages three ventures with finesse and ambition.

Leadership is second nature to him, having interviewed over 1,100 CEOs. 

His daily routine includes 16+ podcast recordings, all this while maintaining his commitment to family, health, and personal growth, evidenced by his regular marathons, coaching sessions, and meditation practice.

For those intrigued by his journey, eager to learn about AI, startups, mindset, or simply seeking to connect with a wild spirit in the constant pursuit of innovation and personal excellence, he welcomes you to join him on this adventure. 

His life is an open book, one that he shares with the world, offering a unique opportunity to dive into the mind of someone who truly represents the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Buba Atanasovska Veljanoski

Buba Atanasovska Veljanoski is the driving marketing force at BizzBee Solutions. Her journey began with a deep love for the written word, and it was this passion that led her to remarkable achievements. 

Her leadership as a content and marketing manager at BizzBee Solutions is not just about leading a team—it’s about inspiring a culture of continuous growth and exploring the art of digital communication to its fullest potential.

Buba is not just a content marketer; she’s a storyteller, a strategist, and a visionary in a digital age where the written word is more powerful than ever. Her professional journey is a proof to the belief that with the right content and outreach strategy, businesses can indeed reach the stars.

Buba’s insights are gold for those seeking to navigate the shifts in content consumption and audience expectations. With LinkedIn as her arena, she has mastered the art of leveraging this platform’s potential for exceptional outreach results. 

She predicts that while trends will come and go, quality service and expertise delivered through well-crafted content will continue to drive the future of sales and marketing.

To her peers and newcomers alike, Buba offers advice that resonates with the depth of her experience: immerse yourself in learning and embrace every opportunity for professional development. 

Graeme Gilovitz

Graeme Gilovitz’s professional journey is secured in the dynamic play of people, processes, and technology. 

With an eye for innovation and a passion for ‘disruptive thinking’, Graeme brings a wealth of experience to the table, particularly in the fields of Marketing & Advertising, Recruitment & Sales.

At the core of Graeme’s success is a deep-seated passion for sales development, a field he champions not just as a career but as a critical component of a company’s go-to-market strategy. 

He views sales development through a transformative lens, recognizing its evolution from an undervalued function to a cornerstone of business growth and sustainability.

With a keen understanding that the foundation of any scalable business lies in robust processes and the right technological tools, Graeme emphasizes the importance of strategic prospecting, advocating for precise planning and integration to ensure seamless operations. 

He advises investing in quality talent, advocating that the right team is worth the premium, and stresses the overlooked value of the SDR role, encouraging companies to nurture and properly manage this essential asset.

Graeme is not just another executive; he is the manifestation of enthusiasm, starting his days with the sunrise and the ocean waves, channeling that same energy into his professional efforts. 

For those looking to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, Graeme’s insights into the ‘Fundamentals of Success’ are not just instructive but inspirational, as he leverages his diverse background to enable others to realize their full potential in an ever-changing landscape.

Ashant Chalasani

As the Co-Founder of PowerOn™, Ashant Chalasani brings a decade’s worth of expertise in the ERP domain to the forefront of technological innovation. 

With a career rooted in the digitalization of the Photovoltaic Industry, Ashant is a thought leader in integrating AI within business applications, pushing towards the 2050 climate goals with a clear vision and steady commitment.

This reflects his unwavering dedication to harnessing the power of digital technologies to foster the decarbonization of industries, contributing to a sustainable future.

His decision to embark on this path comes from a profound desire to make a tangible impact on climate change. 

Over the past five years, Ashant has observed a significant shift towards digital solutions in his field, a trend he expects to not only continue but accelerate, as digital technologies become increasingly central to global decarbonization efforts.

The key takeaway he shares is that our collective responsibility towards the planet is not confined by our career choices or positions. 

Ashant encourages new professionals in the industry to seize every opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future, underscoring that every effort counts in our shared quest for environmental preservation.

Juergen Stichenwirth

Known for his exceptional ability to connect with various clients, Jürgen’s career is fueled by the joy of client interaction and the successful navigation of diverse business landscapes.

His founding vision for VendoSolutions was to reduce the burden of sales for businesses, facilitating their entry into new markets with ease and efficiency.

The most valuable lesson Jürgen addresses is the significance of preparation; being thoroughly prepared for a client meeting places a salesperson ahead of the majority. 

The advent of the pandemic has revolutionized traditional sales methodologies, compelling industries to adopt new approaches to client engagement. Jürgen’s forecast for the future is clear: sales will always pivot around the client, but the methods to optimize this relationship are bound to transform.

His advice to newcomers and seasoned professionals alike is to take to heart the principles he will share in his presentation, as they are the distillation of his extensive experience.

VendoSolutions, under Jürgen’s leadership, is now an international ally to companies navigating the tech landscape. Specializing in various domains such as Data Science, IoT, Cybersecurity, and more, VendoSolutions has mastered the art of selling, particularly in the nuanced DACH market. 

For businesses eyeing expansion in the DACH region or beyond, Jürgen extends an invitation to collaborate. 

Natasha Razmoska

Natasha Razmoska is a dynamic force leading BizzBee Solutions as its CEO. 

Her rise is a confirmation to her belief in continuous growth and stepping out of comfort zones to realize potential. 

As an expert in business growth, Natasha credits her early experience in BizzBee Solutions as the cornerstone of her development and success. She was a perfect match from the beginning, a missing part of the company’s mission, rising to become an essential element of its operations as COO, before taking the lead as CEO.

She’s refined her expertise in lead generation and outreach, shaping strategies that have positioned BizzBee as a key player in B2B marketing and sales. With a hands-on approach to business growth and client relations, Natasha highlights the importance of genuine connections over transactions.

Natasha believes that determination is the secret to achieving success in life, business, and in executing successful outreach campaigns. Her expertise extends to maximizing the potential of LinkedIn and email outreach, as well as content creation, all pivotal in crafting successful campaigns that deliver real business results. 

She advises companies to prioritize their customers, foster substantial connections, and consistently cultivate those relationships.

Natasha is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others, inviting anyone curious about scaling their business to reach out and engage with her directly on LinkedIn.

Kirko Papajanis

Kirko Papajanis stands at the forefront of Boxpilot Marketing as President & Chief Revenue Officer, a position he has held for over two decades. With his impressive 24-years in the field, Kirko has become a respected figure in the dynamic landscape of B2B account-based marketing.    

In his current role, Kirko manages all business operations with a focus on operational management, marketing and sales strategy, IT deployment and management, human resources, and business startups. 

His leadership style is marked by his specialties in kaizen (continuous improvement), project management, and a keen understanding of the importance of workforce management in achieving business success.

His expertise is grounded in his profound appreciation for the multifaceted nature of marketing—a discipline that blends creativity with a deep understanding of human behavior.

He has witnessed the democratization of technology and the rise of a new breed of web-native decision-makers, challenging companies to be both more intelligent and more empathetic in their strategies.

In his view, the next five years will call for revenue generators to evolve into high-performance operators who must not only capture but also maintain the attention and loyalty of their market by continuously adapting to their needs. 

Kirko’s advice to both new marketers and industry veterans alike is to be judicious with their time—the one truly irreplaceable commodity. 

He advocates for a balanced focus that prioritizes meaningful personal engagements alongside professional activities.

Valentin Wallyn

Valentin Wallyn stands at the head of Findymail as its visionary CEO, guiding the company through the evolving landscapes of sales and prospecting for the past two years. 

His career path was carved out by his inner curiosity in solving the complex problems in sales, a journey that began with his effort to distribute his first SaaS product.

One of the many pearls of wisdom Valentin has accumulated is the importance of technology literacy in sales. His advice to newcomers and seasoned professionals alike is to embrace technology, to use cutting-edge tools, automation, and AI, which are often undervalued yet crucial in sales.

Valentin’s entrepreneurial philosophy is shaped by his experience and insight. He knows the value of ideas—weighing their potential carefully before bringing them to life with detailed planning and diligent execution. 

His daily routine, marked by a blend of physical fitness and deep work, underscores the discipline and focus that have been the bedrock of his success.

His advice to his younger self, and implicitly to aspiring entrepreneurs, is to stay focused and confident, eliminating the myth that goals are out of reach and affirming his belief in achieving a balanced life without excessive sacrifices.

As a final thought, Valentin believes in the power of cold outreach—a growth strategy that has significantly contributed to Findymail’s success. 

With a strategic and scaled approach, he has turned this method into a reliable and cost-effective engine of growth for his business.

Gerard Compte

Gerard Compte is the CEO and founder of FindThatLead, with more than ten years in the outreach and prospecting industry. He’s an expert in using data and technology to improve sales strategies. 

The transformative shift in the industry over the last five years has been dominated by AI integration, data privacy, and the normalization of remote work. Gerard foresees these trends escalating, with AI and ethical data use becoming the industry’s pillars in the next half-decade, alongside evolving work practices and a push for sustainable and secure digital environments. 

With a rich background that includes transforming ideas into multimillion-euro ventures, Gerard’s leadership at FindThatLead is a testament to his analytical acumen and his skill in scaling businesses. 

He encourages professionals to cultivate a spirit of innovation, maintain balance, and nurture an enduring passion for their craft.


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