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Danco Dimkov MSc, ExMBA

Founder & CEO at BizzBee Solutions

“Starting a business is not easy. Believe me, I’ve done it several times. I’ve also helped countless entrepreneurs to pursue their dream. Once you’ve worked with 250+ clients, you start to find patterns. These patterns help you understand the business development stages that an entrepreneur goes through. As a business consultant, it is critical to understand at what stage the client currently is and what help does he need in order to move to the next stage.” Read more…

ideal account profile

How To Do B2B Lead Generation For Your SME (Part 1: Ideal Account Profile)

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How To Conduct A Market Research For Your SME (Part 1: Country Analysis)

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understanding the industry

How To Source Products For Your SME (Part 1: Understanding the Industry)

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business plan for your small business

How To Write A Business Plan For Your Small Business (Part 1)

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