To start with, do you like your leads served hot or cold? In addition to this, when it comes to generating warm leads, many organizations make the mistake of treating every individual or business that contacts them as a potential buyer.

The next thing that happens is this: They invest significant time and resources in those potential customers trying to convert them into a sale. As a result, using this approach, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the vast majority of leads fail to go anywhere.

Clearly, you are aware that your business won’t survive in the long term solely relying on existing customers. To grow your revenue, you need more clients.

Thus, making a sale isn’t always the easiest task. Especially finding leads, nurturing, negotiating, signing contacts. The entire sales process is long and exhausting too. All you need is one wrong move to lose a huge lead.

6 most common mistakes

But somewhere on the way of achieving this goal, you are doing something wrong. What is the thing that negatively impacts your business? You will find out soon.

Indeed, running a business is hard enough without making the same business mistakes as everyone else.

Of course, there isn’t a fool-proof strategy to reach small and medium businesses success. However, there are several dangerous mistakes many SMEs owners make when it comes to generating warm leads.

Mistake No. 1 – You don’t know your audience

Are you regularly researching your targeted audience? Do you know their interests and demographics? Have you identified their pains, pleasures, and curiosities?

As a matter of fact, sometimes it can be difficult to be 100% sure who your audience is. This shouldn’t mean that you can afford to start prospecting without having at least a couple of rough personas in mind.

If not, be aware that it is impossible to craft a message and offer if you don’t know who your target buyer is. One-size-fits-all doesn’t work anymore for SMEs.

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If you are not familiar with your desired group of buyer’s needs, you won’t grab or hold their attention. Furthermore, you can’t expect to convince them to take any next step towards buying. The result? Wasted marketing and sales efforts!

Mistake No. 2 – Chasing the wrong leads

Every salesperson will tell you that not all leads are created equal. On the one hand, some prospects might be interested in purchasing your solution immediately. On the other hand, others are just trolling for information on your products or services. Without a doubt, some of them are simply not a good fit for what you have to offer.

Do you take your time to assess the quality of leads and select the most promising ones?

Mistake No. 3 – Your approach is too general

Do you often send mainstream messages to potential clients? Or, do you use the same template for each potential customer and wonder why they don’t reply to you? Did you forget about email personalization?

Namely, people are looking to solve specific problems. As a result, if you are sending a general message to your leads, they usually won’t reply. Moreover, they will often think that it is spam. Why? Because you are just some random sender that is not tackling their exact problem. Time is to precious to be wasted on junk mail.

Mistake No. 4 – You want something for nothing

You expect prospects to give you their email address or phone number, but you don’t give them anything in return.

For this reason, when it comes to consumers, the basic psychology rule applies: If you want potential customers to give you their info, you need to give them something valuable in return. If you don’t – expect nothing.

SMEs often forget to create something of value to give their prospects for free. It can be anything such as free guide, webinar or white paper as long as the lead magnets contain valuable information that is demonstrating your subject expertise.

Mistake No. 5 – You don’t follow up quickly enough

Namely, many of your leads are not sticking with you. Wondering why?

When a lead is generated, businesses, especially SMEs, should follow up immediately. A recent study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology confirms that the odds of leads becoming sales were 21 times greater if they were contacted within 5 minutes.

As a result, with so many alternatives in the market, waiting too long to get back to them will cost you sales.

Mistake No. 6 – You forgot to think from the customer’s perspective

When you have a company target to be reached, it can be very easy to get so wrapped up in the task of generating warm leads and to forget to follow up with your potential customer’s needs.

Likewise, neglecting the client’s needs can irreversibly destroy their trust in your brand. As a result, they are much more likely to shut down all communication with you.

Finally, did you recognize yourself in some of these mistakes? Each of them can sabotage your business. Moreover, they can turn it into a failure rather than the expected success.

Of course, business is all about trying and failing until you find what works best for your SME. Thus, mistakes are just a part of this whole journey.


To sum up, many SME owners have made some of these crucial mistakes mentioned above. Unfortunately, many more will repeat them in the future. If you want to build a pipeline of warm leads and attract high-value clients, try hard to avoid these errors at all costs.

Importantly, there are many ways to improve your sales game. Without a doubt, the best way to make sure you are not doing these crucial mistakes is to outsource this task to Lead Generation experts.

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