When email marketing started back in the 90s, everyone loved it from the start. In fact, it is a thing from Internet’s early age and one of the best things about the network was logging in to your AOL account and see “You’ve got mail!” with a smile on your face. In fact, at its peak in the 90s, email was such a thing that Hollywood decided to make a movie about the subject matter starring Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan.

And after almost three decades of newsletters, spamming and subscriptions, we can undeniably say that email marketing is still relevant today and it is a key tactic that marketers are using, no matter the size of business. Here are 4 reasons why that is the case:

1. Email Marketing is perfect for mobile consumers

You don’t need any particularly advanced technology to create email marketing that’s available to consumers on the go. In fact, most of the email marketing newsletters today are automatically truncated to be mobile responsive on smartphones and tablets. This is directly correlated with the fact that more than 60 percent of smartphone users are checking their email inbox on their devices.

Another major advantage of using email marketing to attract mobile consumers is that an email has more space available to write and add content than standard text messaging. This is a space that you can use not only for a regular newsletter, but a space to present your company and your products or services visually.

2. It retains the attention

Since the beginning of the Internet, it kept the customer’s eyeballs on the screen. And marketers always place their tactics where consumer’s eyeballs are. Back in the days of early Internet dawn, users were reading every single email they’ve got. Have 20 unread emails? Good, means you spent half a day in front of the PC.

Even today, it is extremely effective in keeping companies connected with customers. As a matter of fact, the internet consumers themselves are looking for the subscription form when they first enter your website. For instance, let’s say that you have an e-commerce store or you have a lot of products with seasonal discounts. Well, your customers themselves want to know about discount first.

Also, it is not just about pitching products to your subscribers. It’s an excellent opportunity to provide them value by delivering the content on a regular basis. Adding content to your email marketing campaign is the best way to increase conversion and revenue, as well as staying connected with your customers.

3. Email marketing is versatile

The versatile nature of email marketing is another reason why companies love using it. Emails can span from short to long newsletters. Email messages can be highly personalized, not just with the name of the message receiver but much more too. But in order to personalize an email message, you need to do research about the person that is going to receive the message.

Today it is easier to do market research on your target customers than in the 90s. Why is that? Because of data. Predominantly, the power of online data. By researching the market thoroughly and as well by doing lead generation you’ll learn a lot more about the target customer that you could’ve thought of. This will be of huge significance when personalizing your email marketing.

Knowing what your customers’ interests are in will give you guidance on what product you should pitch to them in your email marketing messages and will increase your email opening rates.

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4. It increases ROI

No, this is not an exaggeration. Higher ROI than any other marketing comes directly as a result of the versatility of the email as a marketing tool.

Let’s take a typical social media post as an example where we have a link attached along with a photo and a clickbait text on it. It’s all great and it’s part of every marketing strategy. But here we can find some drawbacks comparing to email marketing.

First of all, it’s not common to hit the exact target audience in social media marketing. When publishing a social media post, you throw the fishnet without blindly. You might as well catch empty cans instead of tuna.

Second, you can’t personalize social media posts. You can’t include customer names and you can’t personalize your own voice when you communicate with your customers.

Third, consumers often ignore social media posts. Every day we see advertisements on the right side of our Facebook feed and on tweets that look blatantly the same. However, we ignore the advertisements.


Email marketing sounds more personal compared to social media marketing. Not only the message, but the content that you offer with email marketing is a subject of personalization too. It is modified for the needs of your target market. And also, email inboxes are not filled with distractions like social networks. This means that the consumer can focus on the message that’s been delivered to him.

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In conclusion, email marketing is an essential channel to produce a successful marketing campaign. Social media and other publications will work along with email marketing as a team. Nevertheless, no marketing technique will ever succeed without methodical market research and understanding of your target customer’s needs.

Email marketing encourages connection with your target market, nurtures it and ultimately converts the target market into clients.

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