To choose outsourcing represents a process in which businesses, SMEs & startups entrust their day-to-day operations to third parties or outer companies that are specialized in the services that companies need. This way of doing things brings a lot of benefits to companies. These benefits include the development of better products and transformation of the entire work process.

Contracting vital but, time-consuming tasks in which you don’t have expertise into specialized companies has made outsourcing or renting one of the defining parts that create successful businesses and successful entrepreneurs along the way.

Without further ado, here are the top reasons why companies decide to outsource their services:

1. Companies choose outsourcing to have less costs

One of the main reasons why businesses opt for outsourcing is fewer costs. By outsourcing your service to a specialized company, you can save up to 20% of the overall process expenses. You can save these only by outsourcing non-core processes such as administrative work.

This benefit has an elucidating impact on the company’s revenue and will result in notable cost savings.

[ctt template=”4″ link=”aJ6jr” via=”yes” ]By outsourcing your service to a specialized company, you can save up to 20% of the overall process expenses[/ctt]

2. Focusing on their core business

In order for your business to be successful, everyone who’s on board needs to focus on what they do best. What is also important is focusing on the things that bring revenue, new customers and improve the company’s image.

Outsourcing opens up a whole new window of opportunities to companies. Companies can choose to focus on their core business while leaving every other task for the professionals.

3. Companies choose outsourcing to have global knowledge base

By choosing to outsource, companies today have access to a global pool of knowledge base. Don’t have the in-house employee that can help you with your business related tasks? That’s OK, there are companies that do have them as employees and you can outsource the workload to them. You can even rent their employee to work for you until the job is done.

Basically, you can choose to outsource what you need. And you can easily find the service that you need too. From Business Planning, Market Research, Lead Generation, E-mail Marketing, Product Sourcing, Audio Transcription, Manual Testing, Virtual Personal Assistance, Web Development etc.

4. Delegating work tasks that are laborious to handle

Each and every one of the above tasks is time-consuming and laborious. Successful entrepreneurs know exactly how much time does it takes to create a business plan. They know what time it takes to do email marketing or not to mention to bother an employee to do an audio transcription.

Successful businesses keep their employees busy with what they do best, and rent every other service that they need, for the time frame that they need.

5. Reframing of business processes

Outsourcing or renting a service permits businesses to take notice of the business processes re-engineering and its benefits.

By outsourcing, companies are bringing innovation to their business process. Outsourcing enables simplification and removing of the unessential steps that lead a company to success. It standardizes business offices and it helps in realization of economies on a global scale from digital service’s point of view. Outsourcing helps in identifying companies that are can do particular services and processes better.

The needs for outsourcing are pretty much the same. Every company, from startups to SMEs to bigger businesses choose to outsource or renting the service that they need for all sorts of reasons depending on the vision and their growth and work needs.

Bottom line, companies are looking ways to improve their processes and work efficiency, and outsourcing is one very efficient way to improve your work process that will bear dividends along the way if executed properly.

Do you have some work-related tasks that need some outsourcing? If you have more complex projects, or you need some specific skills set to do the job for you, the BizzBee team is here to help you! With our Rent-A-Bee service, we can screen our employees and offer you a dedicated in-house employee who can work on your behalf and has the expertise you need. If we don’t have that skill, and you need it for at least 3 months – we will recruit it for you. In this case, you can even be involved in the selection process.