Whether you’re running a business that is selling products, software, consultancy, online services, one thing is for sure – You need to sell your product. That is the only thing that’s going to keep your business sustainable from start to finish.

And entrepreneurs face with lots of problems and challenges in their lead generation and sales process.

To start with, there are a lot of businesses out there that want to differentiate themselves from the competition. Not just to be distinctive in their business concept but to be unique into their lead generation approach too.

When startups launch a product for example, immediately there’s a big surge of interest in the product, only to be diminished in a few months later. That’s because they didn’t nurture that interest enough, and didn’t know how to capitalize on it.

A big percent of entrepreneurs don’t even know how to start the lead generation process. They don’t know how to engage the people that are interested in their product. Also, another problem that entrepreneurs have today is that once they capture a lead and interest, they don’t know how to convert it.

Here’s the thing. Getting qualified potential buyers and actually making them buy your product are two different things.

There are also small businesses that manage to sell their products, but they need or want to sell more. They want to grow their business. So they’re already earning money, but they want to build up on that and increase their revenue. In other words, they want more customers.


 1. Lead generation helps you to figure out who will want your product

Who on earth would want to buy your product? Let’s say for example that you produce umbrellas. And we will also say that is too broad. It’s a huge niche because everyone needs an umbrella. Here, like in every other broad niche, you need to find a more specific target to gain new leads that you didn’t spot initially.

So you have to determine if there is a market for your business where you can thrive and grow within a specific niche. That’s why you have to do a market research first. Market research is the critical step to finding out who your target customer is and what he’s interested in. Rushing out with a product launch without doing market research first will result in shutting down your business.

2. Lead Generation helps you in developing interest for your product

Once thing is for sure. You can’t swing with a magic stick and make people interested in your product! In fact, creating interest in a product is more art, than magic. The thing is, not everyone will be interested in your product or in your digital service. But guess what? People are regularly interested in themselves.

Think about BMW as a brand for example. Their slogan says “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. They don’t tell people to buy their car. They just tell them what they’re going to drive or more precisely, what kind of experience they’re going to have while driving the vehicle.

Now, to know what makes your target market tick, again, you need to do a thorough market research and use the data to create an excellent marketing strategy that will help you in creating interest for your product or service. Your leads or potential customers will only do business with you if you nurture them well enough to make your product appealing to them.

3. Lead Generation helps you to make the sale

It’s obvious, isn’t it? Once you know that your target customers are interested in your product and you know you have their attention, now it is time to capitalize on that attention and make the sale.

Sales is the king and the queen in business. Without making a sale, your lead generation process is just a total waste of time and resources. The success of your startup and the prosperity of your current venture depends exclusively on sales.

To execute a sale successfully, first, you need to do what we talked about above, which is researching the market, generate leads and maintaining the customers’ interest in your product.

Only one type of entrepreneurs are successful, that is entrepreneurs that understood their customers thoroughly and know how to approach the market so they can nurture the lead flawlessly until a sale is successfully executed. The question is, are you onboarding the successful entrepreneurs train or not?


As a startup, you need to think long-term and acquire customers that will prove profitable over a lifetime. You need to position your business in the most profitable space on the market and create a huge demand for your product. Alone you’ll spend a huge amount of time on research, lead generation, digital marketing, testing and content creation to reach the right leads.

You got to ask yourself if you’re experienced enough to do it in your startup phase. If your answer is “No” then you should consider BizzBee experts to do it for you. Leave the work to professionals while you focus on your product. We can find you highly targeted company leads with contact information of the decision maker within the company. You only need to tell as what is your ideal client and we will find them for you. You can then focus on engaging with them.