Research on Substance Abuse Addictions

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Research on Substance Abuse Addictions

The client wanted to perform market research on substance abuse addictions. As well as summarize the startups and corporations in the US. The investigation crossed two different industries, the parenting (learning about parenting) and substance-abuse addictions industry.

We completed the market research on substance abuse addictions for both industries.

Firstly, we did a competition analysis and compiled a list of companies and startups who compete in this market space.
Secondly, we organized the type of information that our client requested into several categories.  And lastly, we separated the companies into the top 10 companies by category, enabling our client a clear summary.

Testimonial: “BizzBee were great to work with, with great communication throughout, quick, prompt work, and in the end, they delivered a quality deliverable. They get the highest marks for how they run the business, they were flexible and helped me with what I needed, and their work was thorough and of high quality.”


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