Market research for Indie Fashion Marketplace

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Market research for Indie Fashion Marketplace

An individual entrepreneur from Saudi Arabia had a business idea and needed us to conduct a Market Research for indie fashion online marketplace to get a better understanding of the market. The idea was to develop an online marketplace specialized in indie fashion.

After we performed an overview of the fashion industry, we directed our attention to one of the most profitable branches on the internet. E-commerce. Further, we researched the competition in this industry and separated it into two sections. Direct competition: online stores that sell indie clothes. And indirect competition: online stores that sell all kinds of clothes. In the end, we constructed a summary of the market research for the indie fashion marketplace.

Testimonial: It was a pleasure working with BizzBee Solutions, They are very professional, punctual and flexible. I hired them to conduct market research for a startup idea and he delivered with excellence. Thank you BizzBee for your services, I am looking forward to more collaborations with you in the future.


Client name

Individual Entrepreneur


Saudi Arabia


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