Market Research On Organic Food Ecosystem In Australia

  • Market Research On Organic Food Ecosystem In Australia

Market Research On Organic Food Ecosystem In Australia

Our team of researchers performed market research on the organic food ecosystem in Australia. 

The Merrier is a company founded in Australia, and they needed an in-depth analysis of the aforementioned market. Therefore, this research aims to map and highlight sources that provide wholesale/distributor pricing information on Australia’s organic food. Following a structured research approach, 4-layer data and resource mapping were performed.

These are the 4-layers that this research focused its information gathering and mapping efforts:

  1. National food pricing sources,
  2. Wholesaler/distributor-based food pricing sources, 
  3. Food processors’ food pricing, and
  4. Farmer/grower-based food pricing sources.

For each of the layers above, the research gathered data (whenever available) that expands on a selected few data points. These data points were selected as they have the highest potential of containing useful data for this research.

These are the data points:

  1. Availability of price monitor/tracking platforms or tools,
  2. Import and export pricing of organic food,
  3. NGOs’, Governmental, and industry-related reports, articles, and publications on organic food pricing,
  4. Online social media groups where growers discuss organic food pricing, and,
  5. Availability of organic food pricing information on the wholesaler/growers’ websites.

Following this methodology and highlighting sources via the approaches mentioned above, we created a comprehensive document offering numerous fruit and vegetable pricing data.


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