Market Research For A Handyman Service Company

  • Market Research For A Handyman Service Company

Market Research For A Handyman Service Company

We did a market research report for a handyman service company, called Hilfy. 

Hilfy is a handyman service company based in Ukraine. It is currently successfully serving Austria and Germany, with handymen services – plumbers, electricians and other general hose needs.

As they are growth-driven, they are at a crossroad, deciding on which countries to expand to next. For this purpose, market research is needed to explore several markets, compare attractiveness, and recommend the best course of action.

Specifically, the current countries of interest are Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

In the proposal, we outlined some of the key aspects needed for making that strategic decision, and it is based on one country. The main limitation of the research is, as it is secondary research – we can make the conclusion based on the available data. Whenever we are doing exploratory market research, we look at four main things:

  1. Market analysis. We start by understanding the market needs. Who are the consumers of handymen services? Are there differences within the market? How urgently do they need the service?
  2. Competition analysis. Knowing the market we can look at the competitors serving this market. It can be a list of direct competitors (offering the same service), or it can be substituted (alternatives to how the market can solve the same problem).
  3. Supplier analysis. We also need to know the base of service providers. Are there a lot of plumbers, electricians, or general handymen in the country? How are they organised? Perhaps they have an association? How do they currently look for projects? 
  4. Industry analysis. A more general approach toward the home service in the country. It is interesting to know the latest trends, the technology utilized, the culture of the country (whether it is do-it-yourself, or frequently call home service company), applicable laws or governmental support, and anything else that can help you better understand the industry, and make a better decision.

To sum up, the output of this market research is a well-structured report with a summary of each section and our recommendations to Hilfy based on the findings.


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