Competition Analysis For A Community Platform

  • competition analysis for a community platform

Competition Analysis For A Community Platform

Our research team did competition analysis for a community platform named, based in Israel. Their mission is to re-envision urban life by building thriving communities in the physical world. These would be in a variety of verticals: social, professional and economics.
Moreover, they are using AI, messaging, bots, and combined pre-defined community project templates. That is to make it easy for the community managers to transform their assets into scalable thriving communities.

Regarding the project, the client built a Google spreadsheet template of his competitors and needed help with populating with business data. The client had 27 competitors and each had 35 data fields. All in all, the main point was to present the competitor environment in front of investors.

To sum up, our job involved data analysis and business intelligence, in order to fill in all the data for all 27 criteria, and provide significant recommendations for the client.


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