LinkedIn Lead Generation For A Luxury Home Building Company

LinkedIn Lead Generation For A Luxury Home Building Company

Our outreach team executed Linkedin Lead Generation for a luxury home building company from the USA.

Marc Julien Homes, LLC is a luxury home builder in South Florida with a unique ability to transform a client’s vision into magnificent self-expression of architecture and interior design. Besides, their real estate development division studies the local markets and acquires the land. Finally, it conceptualizes and builds the perfect luxury home for that area.
The client created his own real estate development from scratch that turned into a custom home building company.  Marc Julien has grown to complete 65 homes worth close to $200,000,00 in only 10 years since the beginning.
They approached us with the idea of growing their building service, luxury cabinets – kitchen & bath, outside luxury kitchen cabinets, and luxury garages.
We did a LinkedIn Lead Generation outreach with the final aim of increasing awareness about the brand and the owner itself.

The campaign was made based on the following requirements:

Locations: Palm Beach, Broward;
Positions we targeted: Architect, Designer, Licensed Realtor, Professional Realtor, Real Estate Agent, Realtor, Realtor Associate, Residential Realtor;
Company employee range: 1-50 employees;

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Client name

Marc Julien Homes


Florida, USA


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