Growth Program For A Pre-Ordering Platform

  • growth program for a pre-ordering platform

Growth Program For A Pre-Ordering Platform

We used our Growth program to help a pre-ordering platform, called Koopi.Cafe from the UK.

Did you know that the average British person spends up to £4000, more than 10% of their salary eating out? What if you schedule your breakfast while commuting? Koopi.Cafe is a pre-ordering marketplace for restaurants/cafes with up to 50% discounts during off-peak.

Pre-ordering helps restaurants manage order demand during peak periods and increases sales during low demand periods by providing time-sensitive discounts to customers.

The client needed help with a cold outreach campaign and asked for our assistance. So, based on our conversation and preliminary research, we’ve gotten some insight into the target market. By using the Sales Navigator LinkedIn filters – we got an indication of the total market size.

LinkedIn showed only 35 restaurants in London. Expanding that search to the UK showed a much better number to 2.590 restaurants. Those restaurants employ 102.252 employees. We did the Ideal Client Profile research, and further narrowed down this search, by defining seniority, ideal positions, function, etc.

Another approach was to look at Yellow Pages, Yelp, Google Maps. These could provide a bigger list of restaurants but those will probably be lacking LinkedIn presence.

Finally, the third approach would be to look at Company House, under SIC “56101 – Licensed restaurants”, it could list all restaurants that are registered in the UK. A large data that will need a lot of processing in order to become meaningful.

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