Lead Generation to Help Find a Job

  • lead generation to help finding a job project

Lead Generation to Help Find a Job

The job-seeking process can be as hard as looking for a needle in a bundle of hay. It was like that for our client from Australia too. That is why he needed someone to do lead generation to help him find a job. For that reason, he needed one of our bees as an assistant to help him.

Our bee looked for potential job openings with several criteria that our client stated. The official research consisted of companies in Melbourne or Victoria, who had up to 200 employees, falling in these industries: alcohol, tobacco, FMCG, books, newspapers, and motor vehicle distribution. 

In essence, we did a Lead Generation to help him find a job project.

The process and result

Our bee’ work report consisted of 50 companies that match the required criteria and finding the decision-makers within these companies, so our client can approach them with his CV.


Client name

Individual Entrepreneur




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