Business Plan for Dormitory Cleaning Services

  • Business Plan for Cleaning services

Business Plan for Dormitory Cleaning Services

A client from the UK had a school assignment about creating a business plan for dormitory cleaning services and needed our help. To provide better results, we divided the business plan into three sections:

External Analysis: 

In the first section of the business plan for dormitory cleaning services, we started with a PEST analysis model as the best way of examining the environment. That included the political analysis of governmental policies of the cleaning industry in the UK. As well as the economic, social and technological factors that affect the cleaning industry. Besides the PEST analysis, we also did industry analysis, including its market size, future growth predictions, and competitor analysis.

Internal Analysis: 

Here we did a SWOT analysis and identified the company’s strengths, weaknesses and future opportunities. We also constructed their advertising strategy, segmented the cleaning market and determined their pricing strategy.

Financial model: 

In the last part, we created a detailed 3-year financial model, including a sales forecast and direct and indirect cost analysis. As well as a forecast income statement. 

Last but not least, we summed up all the information and assembled a long term strategy for our client’s startup.


Client name

Individual Entrepreneur


United Kingdom