Growth Solution for a Software Company

  • Growth solution for a software company

Growth Solution for a Software Company

This project was implementing our growth solution for a software company, called QBSW (Quality Business Software). With 20+ years on the market, they have delivered numerous innovative IT products and services for the most discerning customers. Their services include: Developing the latest web & mobile apps, personalised software solutions, and software outsourcing.

As our client, they needed our help in looking for potential partners in the software development community, in the USA. His goal was to have as many meetings as possible in 3 respective states in order to present his partnership opportunity.

In fact, we decided to combine LinkedIn & Email outreach so we can create a multichannel approach. As a result, we managed to push almost 40% of the prospects to book a meeting with our client to discuss the potential partnership.

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Bratislava, Slovakia


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