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In this #5 episode of The B2B Outbound Marketing & Sales Automation Series, our guest was the CEO of, Gerard Compte.

Gerard is not our guest for the first time.
You can recognize him from episode #3, of the automation series.
This time, he’s talking about another automation tool –

Did you know that the perfect message to attract people and not sound “robotic” contains only five words?

Gerard reveals the secrets of how to deal when more people, at the same time, agree on a meeting.
He also gives us a free demo about all the great functionalities of

Take a look at their two pricing plans:

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Dancho Dimkov - The CEO of BizzBee Solutions

Dancho Dimkov
CEO of BizzBee Solutions

Gerard Compte
CEO of

Interview Transcript

[00:00:07.070] – Dancho – Hello, everybody, again. Welcome to another episode of The B2B Outbound Marketing and Sales Automation. We have Gerard again, but this time not as FinndThatLead. Now he wants to show us a very different solution that fits a very different need. So, Gerard, welcome again.

[00:00:26.570] – Gerard – Thank you very much, Dancho. And it’s a pleasure, man, and thank you very much for everyone who’s listening.

[00:00:31.560] – Dancho – Yeah. We’re very pleased to have you again on another video series, because after we had the conversation on FindThatLead and then you said, well, you know what? I actually have another LinkedIn automation that I think that it will help the high-ticket service providers in order to use LinkedIn, partially automate the sales process. So I’m curious, how did you actually move from, you didn’t move. You started in parallel, actually. So but what was the motivational drive from FindThatLead towards the

[00:01:03.920] – Gerard – Dancho thank you. It’s an amazing question. A lot of customers come to us like, yes Gerard, I can verify emails, but what I don’t have anything to verify and of people kind of like were turning away. And that’s why we developed a tool that basically was generating a database or LinkedIn. And then you need to verify the emails or generate them with us. And it was a solution created basically to use FindThatLead, one. Plus, it was a tool that we were using it ourselves. And we started by Scripps and then we saw that it was a possible cross-sell product with FindThatLead and well, here it is man.

[00:01:44.060] – Dancho – Nice. So actually, it is a pre tool before FindThatLead and that’s how it’s calling the sales work, it’s a down-sell, because people go to FindThatLead and they’re excited and like, ah, but I cannot use FindThatLead, I don’t have a list. And then you’re saying, well there is another product that you can actually use that could actually sort the things before FindThatLead, so you can then carry on.

[00:02:05.600] – Gerard – Love it. I like that, yeah. It’s a down-sell. And this is how we are building up a few other tools that I will come to present to you, in a while. That is basically goes around FindThatLead and is one of them.

[00:02:19.910] – Dancho – So Gerard, as I was saying with, is a very nice down-sell in the FindThatLead, the And I was just joking that, well, if you put an up-sell, what would be the next? It’s like we have the, we have the emailing. The next one is like, we’ll find you client, you just sit back and relax and enjoy, we take care of everything.

[00:02:38.720] – Gerard – I think that would be your job, man. And no one else better than you can do that.

[00:02:44.120] – Dancho – Yeah, exactly. Well, leave something for us to do because if you automate everything, then you will leave us without work.

[00:02:51.590] – Gerard – Dancho, and it’s funny that you say that. Even that companies know the tools, FindThatLead, we still, people, they don’t want to do it, even if is automation and it’s simple. And I think the agencies like you guys is why they end up going because some companies, they don’t want to do it. You may know the best tools, but you don’t feel like doing it. Everyone knows how to cook a dish, but you go to a restaurant to have it done.

[00:03:20.720] – Dancho – Yeah, well, that’s why we usually have two tiers of managed service. One is done for you were like, okay, you know what you want, you just need someone to take care of it. While the other one, the up-sell is like relationship building. You cannot automate the relationship. You can initiate the conversation without automation, after that you need someone to talk to, people to engage with them and not just be a robot. “Hi, would you like to come on a call or something?” But it’s more emphasize with them and have some empathy.

[00:03:53.900] – Gerard – Yeah, that’s correct, man.

[00:03:55.380] – Dancho – Well, Gerard, I want to ask you about the origins. We already heard that part. So we’re all eager to see what magic the can do.

[00:04:04.340] – Gerard – Let’s go for it, man. Okay, that’s the website in You have it in English and Spanish, many other languages. Basically, the number one thing is it’s a Chrome extension that you can download. You go to “try for free”. And it’s a Chrome extension, that basically that would automate every action that you want to do in LinkedIn. Let’s say, once you have it, you come to the dashboard and it comes with various things. The simple thing and what my one goal things to test, if it works or not, is just saying here, “hi, name, can I call you tomorrow at 10:00?” And let me put it in English. “Can I call you tomorrow at 10:00?” Yes, that’s like the top best message ever. The thing is, once you define who’s your perfect customer, I just need to tell them I have the perfect solution for their problem and I just really need five minutes to tell them how amazing FindThatLead is. It will depend on your strategy, but test it, very short, very strict. You won’t have to tell them who you are. You won’t have to tell them what your product, really the most important is engage in a call, as soon as possible. Make sure you don’t sound like a robot. A robot will not tell you – “Can I talk to you tomorrow at 10:00?” Okay, and you tell me – “Gerard do you get too many messages?” Yes, but that’s a good problem to have, okay. That’s another thing that you will solve if you have too many people to call tomorrow at 10. But let’s say that I’m putting this as an example. And here you have a few, you can do limitations, you can do a few things. But that will be the number one thing, as we are speaking now, I put Macedonia people in sales, and basically what you want to do is come to the Chrome extension and just play

[00:05:53.140] – Dancho – Just click the play button.

[00:05:54.190] – Gerard – That’s it, man. This is going now. Number 1 is sending the invitation. Number 2, sending the message. Number 3 is gathering all the data that is on LinkedIn. And if anyone has visited this profile and they have it on first degree, you’re going to see the data if it’s public for them. Okay, which is, is a community where we all share phone numbers and emails of people who we already visit. Let’s go for and see what will look like. Okay, here we have a few things, but the most important is all my records is basically all the data I’ve been visiting. It’s not just, it’s about basic things, and the message interacting with. Once I’m exporting this document, we’re going to be seeing names and names, LinkedIn, where they’re from, a few other data.

[00:06:50.080] – Dancho – It’s a CSV.

[00:06:51.430] – Gerard – Yeah, it’s a CSV that you can upload it to any CRM directly where you have full name, first name, LinkedIn URLs, company’s industry. And then e-mail and phone number, okay. Sometimes you get the phone number, sometimes you get the email.

[00:07:09.010] – Dancho – Depending on what the person actually left on their LinkedIn profile.

[00:07:12.070] – Gerard – Yeah, exactly. Also, the thing in here is okay, now you have the primary email, you have the phone numbers. The best thing you can do is come to FindThatLead and find the corporate email. And if not, I don’t like to get emails to my private emails, but just test it. I mean, come on, guys. But you also can create an audience lookalikes on Facebook and Google and well, you can always do a phone call. But it’s good to just send this information and okay, actions. You have stats about things that you’re doing during the days. How many visits can you do?

[00:07:50.050] – Dancho – The reporting dashboard.

[00:07:53.380] – Gerard – They like plenty of automation, things that you can do with But the number one thing is sending invitations, sending messages. And the best thing is now we’re working in here. And the best thing is let me just show you on the screen. This is like people answer so well, it’s like, okay, just call me, just like we send different messages all the time and people answering it’s like it’s amazing. It’s kind of like they give the phone numbers when you say, “Can I call you tomorrow at 10:00?” So say, “Okay, not 10, 11:50. That’s my phone number.” Oh, okay, great.

[00:08:35.120] – Dancho – You immediately have a scheduled meeting already. I mean you push them to actually check out your LinkedIn profile so they can see who you are, what you do before responding.

[00:08:46.300] – Gerard – You would be surprised. You would be surprised. I mean, once you go like this is like some people around and it’s not like, no, Gerard, this will work for lower, it’s like it works for every type of sales, really. And I would say what’s the most important thing with is what message you send. It’s how good is your profile. is amazing. And it’s going to change any business life. But just make sure number one thing is make sure your profile has, this is one of my profiles and number one is make sure your banner says about everything. Remember to make sure it says who you are and what you do, with who, and put a lot of pictures and videos in the descriptions, okay? And the same for the University. Make sure your avatar looks amazing, make sure you have as many possible LinkedIn things running for you, generating data, generating leads. And I think that will make a difference when you have a sales campaign.

[00:09:50.350] – Dancho – I see. So actually with the LinkedIn profile, when you’re sending, “Can we talk tomorrow at 10:00”, you’re pushing them to come and check out your profile. And if they are impressed, they’re just saying, “Okay”, or “I cannot at 10, let’s do it at 11”.

[00:10:04.270] – Gerard – It’s crazy the amount of people who is going to start from here. And it depends how you do. This will be the best way of generating it. And seriously, yes, we do have, you can send emails, you can second degree. But the most important is automate as much as possible, send as many messages you can. LinkedIn allows you to send up to 500 with no problems. If you have 10 accounts, it’s 5000, per day. Well, make the numbers, guys, as cost 12$ or 59$. Either way is it pays for itself with one day that’s my recommendation.

[00:10:45.760] – Dancho – If it saves you an hour from your time you’re already

[00:10:50.660] – Gerard – Yeah man, and any you can do 500 a day, it’s around 15000 a month and just that’s like 15000 visits and working 7 days. It’s just like oh my God guys. And the prices are cheap because we wanted to make sure everyone gets access to the tool and it’s cheap because it’s amazing and that’s how we wanted to have everyone on it.

[00:11:13.810] – Dancho – Yeah. No, no, it sounds perfect. But just by listening to you and and how it works. So you’re just setting up the invitation. I saw and option set up some follow up messages in case after they accept you, and I’m curious what you do when five people say, “Okay, let’s meet at 10”, because if you’re sending 500

[00:11:33.540] – Gerard – Yeah, usually what I would do, it just depends on the strategy and depends on what are we doing. I just say, “Sorry, I can call you at 11?” Or I just call whenever I have time, I say, “Hey man, I’m sorry about that.” Dancho, usually I just use this profile for sampling for demos. But for you, for any people, it’s just like call when they tell you, call whenever they show you the phone number. I’m not going to be calling a customer for 12$. It doesn’t make sense. But if your customer spends 1000$ or 2000$ per month man, get the phone right now and say, “Hey man, can I do for you?” That’s it. You make one grand in just one call. And this is super important. For me, phone calling it doesn’t work so well. Usually, we will redirect them into a funnel, checking out If you have a high-ticket, a phone call will make the full difference.

[00:12:43.140] – Dancho – Actually, you answered my second question because our audience are high-ticket service providers. So I usually ask, well, you know, consultants, marketing agencies, software development companies that are not 12$ but are actually in several thousand or even 10000+ and how they can actually use And I think you’ve actually answered the question is that yeah, you need to get to a call as soon as possible. And actually, is directly to the point where you’re like, “Hey, let’s connect, let’s jump on a call.” And it is kind of a bit different toward the stories that we are preaching, that relationship building is also a must.

[00:13:23.850] – Gerard – But it is a must. You’re building a relationship, you’re not doing a presentation. And I think it’s super important. Please don’t send me who you are, who you work for. No, no, no. It’s like, the number one thing is please make sure when you’re prospecting, you know who is your best target, okay? Spanish guy, from 30 to 50, on sales business. I know I need to speak to everyone. I know that once they hear my product, just give me 5 minutes and I’m sure that we will connect and we will be like we’ll empathy for each other and make a negotiation. Plus, you pay me money, you probably pay me 1000$, but you get the value of 10000$, man, and we both will win in a maximum scale.

[00:14:10.310] – Dancho – Exactly. No, no, I completely agree. The reason why I asked you that, in high-ticket service providers, you’re trying to get them on a call and we use LinkedIn just for that purpose. It’s not sending a long sales letter or attachments or PDF, or power point. The whole point is to establish the relationship and get them on a call. Where on the call, I mean, in high-ticket you can even do some assessment in the spot. How about this? How do you feel about that? In order to be able to provide the right solution.

[00:14:43.970] – Gerard – And for us, it’s been such a life-changing because FindThatLead sometimes, you need to be a little bit more technical with FindThatLead, okay? With email, with copy. But for LinkedIn, you really don’t need more than a monkey. Seriously, you just need to go and click and really you don’t need to be techie or even my mother has been using

[00:15:04.890] – Dancho – Yeah, there is no configuration because it is a Chrome extension, it works on Chrome.

[00:15:09.320] – Gerard – If you are able to generate a LinkedIn profile, you’re going to be able to “growth-hack” your LinkedIn profile. You are now officially a Growth hacker by just clicking one button. Seriously, that’s about it. We have, I have guys using who has zero knowledge of how to use it and they’re generating over 200 leads per month. Not 200 answers, 200 leads per month. Like, like that. And that’s crazy. And the amount they pay, should we put them higher? No man, this is the magic. You pay 12$ and you get as many leads. Oh well they use it every day. They get answering every day. You know these guys that they’re scrapping LinkedIn, which I think it’s a big time. And for everyone, just understand also make the data, use the data responsible. Don’t like spam later. The people hasn’t allow you to send messages and this what comes to us, were data processors. And it’s very important that you treat, number 1, all the data ethical, okay. We have the power of getting the data. That doesn’t mean you have the power to send messages or put them in the list. No, no. Just be ethical, number one. And don’t just use this data, if they haven’t told you, okay? If you are just about to send an email, if I would receive this email, would I like the message? Is it for me? And just use ethical, number one, and use love with everything that you do on emails. I think it makes a full difference with the results and what happens obviously with legal issues.

[00:16:41.960] – Dancho – Yeah, of course, the legal is also important. So Gerard I think I understand you, with the you are able to reach out to people on LinkedIn and through that you’re generating the calls. Can you tell me now how the integrates with FindThatLead in order to have to the other direction?

[00:16:58.790] – Gerard – Yes. How you do it, once you are in, you download the CSV file and then you will upload it on FindThatLead. You need to download CSV and upload it on FindThatLead. It’s a part that you do, you want me to show it to you?

[00:17:13.700] – Dancho – No, no, no, I’m just trying to show to people that it’s not that hard. You scrape the CSV, you put it on FindThatLead and then you reach a different campaign.

[00:17:22.850] – Gerard – Yeah. What you do is once, will give you the data, will not give you the corporate email. But what we are going to do with FindThatLead is, you pick up the file that you generate on, put it on FindThatLead on the specific part and you just upload the file and it will find the corporate emails or verify the ones that already has there. And then you will send an email once this list is already generated. And then they could be like, “Hi Gerard, congratulations, you’re doing on X company. You did an amazing job. Can we talk tomorrow at 10:00?” And then you have an amazing signature saying who you are, that you help that people on that industry, and here’s my special information. And we make it super, I don’t want to say aggressive, but we’re going super direct on call of action. And that’s it. I think it cannot be easier than “Let’s have a quick chat. I know BizzBee can help you generate more customers. I know I have helping companies like yours. Yes, please.”

[00:18:28.220] – Dancho – Yeah. I’m thinking to find a wording in what you’re saying, because when we are saying, you know, you go in a bar, you meet a girl, you don’t go directly “Will you marry me?” You start building the relationship. Well, in this case, is like you’re giving her a business card and “Call me”, and you leave her, she to do the business intelligence, she to look you up, who you are, what you do and everything. And if she’s interested, she needs to come to you actually with a call.

[00:18:54.340] – Gerard – Yes. And I think but, you know, when you go to some bar and you see this person, that look into your eyes and you see their eyes, it’s like, why do you want to waste time flirting with other guests? And you just go to the one that you really have a feeling with, okay? The same, many bars, many guests, welcome to And that’s it, guys. Don’t waste the time with people who don’t deserve you.

[00:19:21.480] – Dancho – Yeah, yeah. There is always people that are not really into, “Why are you writing me? Who are you? What do you want?”

[00:19:28.050] – Gerard – Usually Dancho, that’s our mistake. That’s a person who’s doing the prospecting mistake. You see, we need to be very sure who we are helping and the message. And it’s super difficult just to let you know, I have a lot of messages coming. And this, when I get too many of those in one campaign, it’s not correct the message or the prospection. That’s it, man. But when a message works well and when a message goes like, “Wow, I know this guy, he’s helping thousands of people”, you have like 80% response rate. Is it possible? Yes, it’s possible, man.

[00:20:04.710] – Dancho – Yeah, that’s actually the campaign optimization. You think you know it, you try it on the market. If it works, you don’t touch anything, it works. If it doesn’t work, then you’re going back to research, try tweak the message, tweak the target, try it again. And if it works again, don’t touch anything.

[00:20:20.590] – Gerard – That’s correct, man.

[00:20:21.450] – Dancho – I see, I see. Gerard, partnerships. How is oriented toward partnerships? Can people have some affiliate or white label that you have?

[00:20:34.380] – Gerard – You can buy licenses from 12$, 59$. costs 12$ or 59$, it depends on the plan. And you can do affiliate. While you are going to get 10% and the person that you recommended also gets 10%.

[00:20:51.360] – Dancho – Nice, nice. And I see somewhere at the bottom there is some bulk licensing that people, if they buy 15, if they buy 30 licences

[00:20:59.760] – Gerard – It does happens, it does happens. Not as often as I wish, but it does happen often that companies comes and buy corporative plans.

[00:21:09.870] – Dancho – I see. Yeah, well, if they see the value, is there any free trail that you have from the or you need to directly start?

[00:21:17.730] – Gerard – Yes, you can test and have 100 a day. And my thing is and we’re just going to change it because if you’re not going to be spending 12$ a month on your business

[00:21:29.450] – Dancho – I’m not really the right target for you.

[00:21:32.370] – Gerard – Yeah, exactly. And we’re just about to change it. And yes, we do have a daily, I think it’s 100, per that. You can I mean, if people don’t have the money. Well, the thing is, are changing this, but at the moment is you have 100 visits per day with no messages. And it’s very kind of like, we are going to be changing, that you check the full potential.

[00:21:54.120] – Dancho – I see. No, but I mean, you’re not asking for a kidney here.

[00:22:02.850] – Gerard – And the business of is such a different from FindThatLead and there’s no turn, there is very little customers, people is using crazily. And we believe in the next, I don’t know, one or two years, it’s going to be over growing FindThatLead, which is it’s something that we’ve never thought about when we decided on the tool.

[00:22:27.470] – Dancho – Well, you were listening to the market, you’ve heard the demand and you’ve created a good product. It’s nothing surprising here. Yeah, but also Gerard I also wanted to ask you, where is the headed, in terms of roadmap? Because now you have some functionality, you have, you’re implementing with FindThatLead, you have the LinkedIn automation.

[00:22:48.720] – Gerard – We are working on automation fully like from not just visiting the profile, but also sending the message directly. It’s a full connection with FindThatLead. This is what we’re working on now. Hopefully in the next three months that’s going to be shot. But you don’t have to download the CSV, but what you are going to do is, yeah, visit these profiles, goodbye and send them an email. And what you’re going to be getting is message, press, email, and then a full automation LinkedIn on an email.

[00:23:20.460] – Dancho – Yeah, that is actually a good omnichannel approach, because with our growth strategies, we’re also seeing multiple channels applied to the same lead. It increases the chance, some of them are used to chit-chatting on LinkedIn. Other are not really frequent on LinkedIn, they are more checking their email. So if you try to chit-chat on LinkedIn, then you send an email and you see which channel works

[00:23:41.910] – Gerard – But you have to do it super well because then you say, “Hi, can I speak to you on on LinkedIn?” And he says, “Yes”. But then at the same time, you send an email, say “H, can I speak to you” – “Yes”. And then at the same time you send him a message on Twitter, “Hi, can I speak to you?” Alright man, no. You lost the lead. And that’s why super careful how you build a properly all channels. And it’s kind of like how we do it, man.

[00:24:08.460] – Dancho – How we’ve sorted that, Gerard was that, we’re sending a LinkedIn invitation. And if they don’t accept us within a week, then we’re sending an email. So if they accept us on LinkedIn, the communication continues on LinkedIn because obviously they’re using LinkedIn as a channel there is no point sending email. However, if they’re not responding, it’s like 50% do not respond to LinkedIn. And we’re saying, well, let’s send an email only to those 50% in order to get another 50 from the 50% engaged on a different channel. So we don’t do it, email, LinkedIn, email, LinkedIn and then you don’t know which sequence to stop. But we start with the first channel and the one that did not engage, then we’re moving to a more suitable channel.

[00:24:48.760] – Gerard – That’s it, man. I like this recommendation. I will talk to my CTO to do it.

[00:24:55.390] – Dancho – Yeah, well, sure. That the exchange of information. Gerard, I will put the link of below this video.

[00:25:03.020] – Gerard – Sure. Use your affiliate link, and everyone will get 10% if they come from your name. You get also that.

[00:25:09.070] – Dancho – Yeah, thanks. I appreciate it. The whole point here is that yeah, with this video series, we’re trying to explore all the automation, that are available. And, you know, it is a big ecosystem, like you can use, then you put it in to FindThatLead, and there is probably a different tool that you can do after that. So it is a big B2B world, especially for individual consultants or small teams. They cannot have a team of 50 SDR people. It’s more like, okay, I’m on my own, I have two employees, administration mostly.

[00:25:43.690] – Gerard – That’s it.

[00:25:44.320] – Dancho – It’s really hard to have a 10 people sales team, because first, you cannot really afford it. And second, it’s not really needed at the high level, if you’re doing the automation, when they say “Call me at 10 or at 11”, you don’t need a SDR. You actually need to be the expert person on the call that can understand the client and offer an appropriate solution.

[00:26:05.560] – Gerard – We don’t have sales guys, Dancho. I don’t have any sales people in my company.

[00:26:09.270] – Dancho – How do you handle then, the capacity? Because I know you’re currently travelling around

[00:26:15.280] – Gerard – I am, actually, that’s why you see my background, it’s not very glamorous, but yes, we are traveling and I have no sales people. And we are not amazing customer support. We have decided to and this is important that it’s not how natural we try, we’re not amazing yet. We are amazing on our product, that’s for sure. We are very good. We’re super good. And that could be a problem that we focus so much on the end result, which will be email verification, how the email is made, how is the flow, because we check the product so much as a user, myself and my CTO, because we use the tool that sometimes we forgot no sales, we don’t do sales. We do get a lot of acquisition for battling for new customers. We don’t do sales. I don’t do sales calls, I don’t even know who’s buying FindThatLead or and I will never speak to them. I share as much as possible. And that’s why the price is so cheap. We decided, okay, for 9$ or 12$, that’s what you get, man. That’s like if you go to Lidl, you’re not going to get someone bringing you the food, but you’ll have an amazing product.

[00:27:29.320] – Dancho – Gerard, you’re not selling a high-ticket service that okay, I need to decide whether it’s 5000 or 1000, it’s like for 12$. You can give it a try, if you don’t like it, just stop using it and that’s it. I mean, the more time they will spend to the time, they will hear you out on a sales call, and that is even an oversell if you’re trying to sell at 12$.

[00:27:50.020] – Gerard – We used to have bigger packages, like 300, 600, whatever. Now is like, okay, no brainer, if they want corporate packages, they come by themself, please don’t bother me. And that’s it. And it’s been working Dancho, with like grown 100% in the last three months and, yeah, it’s working, man.

[00:28:10.290] – Dancho – Whatever you’re doing don’t change anything, just keep the same thing.

[00:28:15.700] – Gerard – You know, you listen people like try to charge more, try to charge more. And yes, obviously you charge 20% more to all my users and over the months it’s just like crazy the amount of money that you make extra of it. Is that 20%, will you need to add a little bit more support, do you need to add more sales guys, do you need to add someone asking you what’s up. Just understand, I’m not saying that we’re doing it correctly 100%. We’re doing it well – yes. Could we do it better – 100%. But at the moment it’s working very well. And sometimes it’s like, okay, so we increase process, it’s working, okay. Shall we what? And it’s funny, actually this morning we were talking, we always go for improving the funnel, with conversion between one step to another, of the tool. This is our main goal. We know it’s cheap. We have an amazing product. We have amazing team behind. Ohh, man, there is nothing better than FindThatLead. And this is not because of and this is not because I am the creator of FindThatLead with my team. But it’s because, man, we put so much love on the tool to have an amazing results. I check, I mean I check every competitor’s tools all the time. I am the detalist. I check in there like crazy and sometimes like, how these guys are making money, seriously. I love it. I love it. And this makes me sure that I have an amazing tool going.

[00:29:43.900] – Dancho – Perfect. You couldn’t said it better. I mean, it is a software, your focus is on building the software and it is cheap enough so people won’t actually need okay, I want to see a demo, then I want a sales call. It’s more like tride. It’s not a science fiction here. Perfect. Gerard, thank you very much for being a guest on this episode. I really enjoyed this call, as usual. Hopefully 2021, you have another one and you’re saying, “Look Dancho, I’m here, I have another one that I wanted to share with your audience.”

[00:30:14.870] – Gerard – We have another three softwares, coming up sooner.

[00:30:18.190] – Dancho – Oh, wow. Okay, so you are juggling with quite a lot of tools. And is it a big software development team or?

[00:30:28.600] – Gerard – Oh, no, we are four guys.

[00:30:31.720] – Dancho – That is quite an interesting story, it’s in the entrepreneurial journey. How would four developers are actually

[00:30:40.300] – Gerard – It takes us two years to develop fully to where it is now. FindThatLead took us seven years. And I know now we have three or four NBPs on the pipeline and we have more some staff didn’t even go, FindThatFake, Meercut, Signature Maker. They are the ones that have survive and we will see if our users want it and then it will be a second step. There is no strategy or process, we just call error, error, error, doesn’t work.

[00:31:17.110] – Dancho – That’s the agile approach of project management.

[00:31:18.790] – Gerard – I don’t know. I have never finished the book, man. I can tell you I just do what my customers asked me to do. And then if they buy, we spend more money investing in the product. And this is what we do.

[00:31:31.540] – Dancho – That’s the entrepreneurial spirit, getting the feedback from the market. And based on that, you are moving in the direction of the business.

[00:31:37.810] – Gerard – I love it. I love it. Thank you, Dancho.

[00:31:40.750] – Dancho – Gerard, thank you again for being a guest on this episode. And hopefully, we’ll hear only great news from you in 2021.

[00:31:49.000] – Gerard – Thank you very much. Thank you. Best wishes and thank you very much to everyone. Bye, see you later.

[00:31:53.680] – Dancho – Bye bye.