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What we offer:

There are plenty of agencies that offer audio and video transcription. What makes BizzBee Audio Transcription special? Well, although everyone claim quality, we do double verification system on each transcription – one person is doing the transcription, another one is reviewing. From here on we will transparently reveal our process, and you decide if it is the right move to work with us as a result.

Our transcription process is as follows:

Step 1: Receive the information (audio or video file)

We are flexible with this. The file can be audio, video, web link, YouTube link and maybe a shared folder from DropBox or Google Drive, or even sent to us as by e-mail – whatever works best for you.
Once we get the file, we do some internal digital processing. Furthermore, if the audio is too low in volume, we increase the volume. If the tempo is too fast/slow, we adjust it accordingly. As a result, this enables better quality transcription with minimum mistakes.

Step 2: Choose the format, output, timeline

Once the file is processed, we are waiting on your decision.

1) Do you need it verbatim? We type what we hear, including “uh”, “um”, etc.
2) Need it non-verbatim? Then we exclude false starts, apply filters and clear some of the content.
3) Do you need a time-stamp too? We can add a time-stamp every 2 or 5 minutes.
4) In what format do you need the output? We can deliver in any word processing format, .pdf, etc.
5) How fast do you need it? Our packages include turnaround within 24 hours, 5 and 10 days.

Step 3: Transcribe the audio

The big step. Let us be a part of your team, not freelancers. As a matter of fact, we do not work with freelancers. We tried but learned that if you want a commitment to quality, you must do it in-house. Consequently, this means that transcribers are actually sitting in our offices and transcribing your audio. Such setup gives better control over the quality, the equipment they use as well as time spent on it.

During the transcription we use the following notation tags:

  • [Inaudible 00:00:00] If something cannot be heard correctly
  • [Crosstalk 00:00:00] When multiple people talk at the same time
  • [Timestamp 00:00:00] If you want us to timestamp the work
  • [Word Phonetic 00:00:00] If we heard a word, but not sure how it is written (usually names)

This enables you to quickly screen and edit the document.

Step 4: Transcript verification by internal QA

Once the transcription is finished, it is verified by another person. We believe that 4 ears are better than 2, and this can only lead to a better quality. This review is usually peer review, done by another transcriber.

The QA has a completely different role. The transcriber has a very narrowed focus on per word typing, and his focus is on hearing it right and typing it efficiently. On the other hand, the QA person is listening to the conversation, and his focus is broadened on the entire conversation rather than a word per word. This gives us a unique perspective, enabling us to deliver more accurate transcription.

Step 5: Deliver the transcription back to you in the right format

Once the QA approves your transcript, we have a finished service ready for delivery as a result. Similarly, as input, we offer any possible way of delivering the file.
If you have a transcription needed on a continuous base, of course, we are here to help. Arguably, we can set up a whole environment just for you and in addition, we can automate the entire process, ensuring minimum involvement from you. Finally, as we get new audio documents, we automatically can start transcribing and delivering. Of course, we have volume discounts.

We hope you find this useful, and we are always happy to do a small test project to assure you. Drop us an e-mail at:

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