With the customers’ changing expectations and the maturation of technology in parallel, the B2B market is fast evolving. As we are diving into 2020, the need to meet the variety of your B2B customer requirements will blossom. In other words – it requires your business to be updated with the latest B2B marketing and sales strategies. No worries. We are here to help you. Spend a few minutes of your time on this article, and you will have a deep understanding of how to create an effective growth plan for your enterprise.

So, wondering what is the fastest way to grow your business? B2B consultants will tell you that it depends on many factors. Industry specifications and your market’s nature are the main ones. This will sound abstract to you and may serve you as an excuse to give up. But, don’t.

You have worked so hard to be where you are right now to give up. You probably overcame so many obstacles until now. This makes us assume that you are a person who is comfortable with taking calculated risks (that pay off). 

This is why we created the Outbound Growth Plan that can serve you as a starting point in 2020. It is primarily focused on your outbound efforts.

Before you deny the power of outbound strategies, because you believe they are “too old fashioned” and close this tab, give yourself a moment to answer these questions:

  • Do you feel frustrated when you are waiting for your ideal client to get in touch?
  • Are you wondering where your ideal customers are and why are they not calling even if you have the ultimate solution for them that will solve all of their pain points?
  • My service/product is amazing, but why don’t the desired audience shows any interest in it?

Build Your Database with Carefully Picked Leads

While waiting for your ideal clients to appear out of thin air, you can actually start approaching them. That’s right. All you need is a properly developed outbound lead generation that will generate your targeted audience. 

Everyone who works in this field can agree with you that the research process can really be a time-consuming task since it involves identifying a list of companies that should match the criteria for your ideal clients. 

Let’s look at the bigger picture – building your database with high-quality and targeted leads, boosts the chance of them converting. As a consequence, this will increase your conversion rate. Simple as that.

The Power of Leads Approaching

Let’s say you have already identified and qualified your chosen leads. What is next? Don’t even consider waiting for the leads to approach you. With inbound lead generation, you can only hope that the right lead will land in your sales funnel. While with outbound, you are the one that has the power to choose who you reach. So, we encourage you to make the first move. 

Approach them. This step is an easy one, once you have explored the companies. This means that you already have a solid foundation of their firmographics, pain points and decision-maker details. Armed with this knowledge in hand, will make your approach far more efficient. On the other hand, it will also make the companies more prone to engage with your solution.

How to approach them?

There are several channels you can choose from. Or, you can use a mix of them.

Email outreach

E-mail outreach is the most obvious and acceptable way to do your first outreach. Let’s assume you have already done the company research correctly. This leaves you with plenty of data to resonate with your potential clients. Stop.

Don’t make the most common and obvious mistake in the first email sequence – don’t try to sell your solution on the first email. Your potential clients may immediately back down and send you to the spam folder. 

The reason is very obvious – they don’t know who you are. So, you can’t expect that they are that naive to immediately take out their credit card and buy whatever you have to offer. B2B business owners nowadays can be skeptics. They have their doubts and that’s totally legitimate when it comes to spending their budget.

Be patient. Get to know them. Initiate communication. Inspire confidence. Build rapport. And when you feel that they trust you – then pitch your service.

That is why an e-mail sequence is so crucial. It begins with a set of emails to people that have no clue of your business existence (cold leads). A few emails later, they become aware of your existence (warm leads). Furthermore, you make them additional favor – helping them to understand they have a problem that you can solve.

The moment they start to compare your solution to the one your competitors have, you have your targeted client in your hand. Play carefully. Nurture them with additional emails to confirm that you are the best option they can proceed with.

LinkedIn Outreach

Let’s be honest – you can’t really do all of that in a single e-mail. LinkedIn outreach can be a very beneficial asset for outbound outreach. Just a quick reminder that LinkedIn is still the biggest social media platform where most of the business people are (in other words – almost every client your target).

The best part is that on LinkedIn, people are more open to connecting and initiating communication regarding their business. On top of that, decision-makers expect that potential vendors will approach them.

If you have already gathered LinkedIn URLs as part of your previous research – don’t hesitate to click the “connect” button. 

To Wrap Up

To conclude, you had a sneak-peak of a proven outbound growth plan. All of this may seem like too much trouble for you to go through alone.

At this point in the article, you are probably wondering: Are there some predetermined steps that if you follow, you will significantly improve your chance of success? Absolutely.

We developed those for you with a simple growth formula applicable to the B2B market. On top of that, you can put yourself in a festive and relaxed mode, because our team at BizzBee Solutions will land you a helping hand with your growth strategy execution.

Discover how: https://www.bizzbeesolutions.com/outbound-growth-strategy