When it comes to selling a product, the worse scenario that can happen for a business is a disconnection between b2b marketing and the sales team. Turning your B2B lead generation from zero to hero is not an easy task to do. In most of the cases, marketers are the one that drain themselves in by spending their time and resources to generate leads and passing them on to the sales department. Then the sales department is spending additional time and resources to qualify the leads.

These types of situations can be devastating for businesses because entrepreneurs tend to think that they have the exact product that solves a company’s problem. And with that belief, they’re sure that they can’t be wrong with a lead. Why do businesses have so many pitfalls in finding the right b2b clients?

Just throwing darts and see what you can hit is not a good way to do b2b lead generation. You may have the best salespeople in the world, but that will not save your business if your lead generation process is a mess.

So, how can you possibly decrease the b2b lead generation mistakes that you’re making every day and start turning your B2B lead generation process from zero to hero?

Begin by finding your target clients

If you know that there are companies that want to use your product or service, wouldn’t you want to find them and make them purchase the product? You should do everything you can to make the sale happen! You need to invest time and resources in the exact leads that your business needs.

But, you need to form your ideal customer first. You need to profile your customer persona to the point in which you know that a company will have a benefit from using your product/service.

Start by collecting data for your target market first. Then decide who your most valuable clients are. These are your strongest leads. Collect all the information that you can find for them.

Define who the decision makers in your strongest leads are. Find out their contact credentials and find out more about their business background. Include as much information as you can and start forming your b2b customer persona until you achieve a complete and concise profile.

Get a full grasp of your sales funnel

When you finally comprehend what are your b2b customer personas, you need to start the structure that will show them what, why and how to purchase your product or service. In the b2b sphere, sales funnels are always dubious. There are lots of variables here that are prone to change.

In b2b lead generation, understanding the customer’s journey is crucial. By understanding every step of the sales funnel, you’ll know how to nurture the leads and guide them through the buying process. In essence, your sales funnel is your road map to ensure that your leads are taking action towards buying your product or service.

Create relevant content for your target customers

Content became a must for a successful marketing strategy. But still, businesses sidetrack from their content strategy.

There is one major rule when it comes to creating content for your target audience. It must be relevant to them, and it must be with in-depth quality. If you don’t provide value upfront to your target customers, then they will not give you value either. In other words, they will not enter the sales funnel and there’s no way that you can generate the right b2b leads.

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Measure the right metrics

B2B lead generation is nothing if you don’t have a plan to track and measure your progress. Not having a plan for your b2b lead generation process is one of the biggest time and resource wasters in business.

Your website traffic is of massive importance. In this case, the most important things that you need to keep your eyes on is Lead Generation ROI. Are you getting enough revenue from your sales and marketing campaign? Because at the end of the day, earnings are what counts, not click rates.

Measure your marketing campaigns too, as well as conversion rates and generated pipelines. Measuring these things creates more opportunities for you to nurture your b2b leads and improve your b2b lead generation process overall. And constant improvement is the only way to turn your b2b lead generation from zero to hero.

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As a startup, you need to think long-term and acquire customers that will prove profitable over a lifetime. You need to position your business in the most profitable space on the market and create a huge demand for your product. Alone you’ll spend a huge amount of time on research, lead generation, digital marketing, testing and content creation to reach the right leads.

You got to ask yourself if you’re experienced enough to do it in your startup phase. If your answer is “No” then you should consider BizzBee experts to do it for you. Leave the work to professionals while you focus on your product. We can find you highly targeted company leads with contact information of the decision maker within the company. You only need to tell us who are your ideal clients and we will find them for you. You can then focus on engaging with them.