First and foremost, communication is the key to every relationship as well as business success. This statement applies when it comes to the client-agency relationship too. Therefore, one of the most efficient ways to interact regularly with customers in business terms is via client reports. You might not always have to pick up the phone to talk to your client. Instead, by sending lead generation reports on a regular basis, you have a great reason to communicate with them on a highly professional level. Thus, what matters here is that you give them reports on a weekly or monthly basis consistently.

Sending a report to your client is a great way to open up a discussion with them. Moreover, is the perfect way to share your thoughts and opinions on the data you have gathered. Communication on a regular basis will ensure that small issues never turn into potential crises before you actually get around mentioning them.

However, some marketers still believe that creating and sharing in-depth client reporting is just a waste of their time and energy. Those are the same people that fail to complete projects or end them yielding insufficient results. The truth is that when it comes to implementing a lead generation campaign, creating lead generation reports is amongst the most important and worthwhile things a marketing agency can do, not only for themselves but also for their clients. You may think of client reporting as a long and painful process, but it doesn’t have to be.

Why lead generation reports are important for every business?

It should be noted that creating those reports is the key to your business success. And these are only a few reasons why:

  • Client reports are the best way to build and improve your client-agency relationship.
  • It is an efficient way to communicate your marketing results to your client (so they are aware of your hard work.)
  • They keep both parties accountable.
  • You position yourself and your agency as an expert in the industry.
  • You can be proactive when showing your performance.
  • Transparency is easier with client reporting.
  • By providing value it is becoming easier to turn one-time clients into long term partners.

These are some of the reasons why our team at BizzBee Solutions is taking great care when creating client reports. On that way, we give our customers a real-time view of how their lead generation campaign is progressing. Hence, this is our way of tying our actions to their numbers, showing the correlation between our lead generation efforts and their revenues as well.

Here at BizzBee Solutions, simplicity is our motto. As a result, we know that our clients are always in a hurry. Thus, we create reports that are simple and practical at the same time.

Throughout our lead generation service, we provide several types of reports:

Report 1: Real-time prospects list delivery

During the lead generation campaign for clients, we gather and keep all the leads in a Google sheet. In addition to this, you will have access to how progress is made in real-time including all the available info about:

  • Company name.
  • Company website URL.
  • Company address.
  • Industry.
  • Number of employees.
  • Financial info.
  • Name and surname of the decision maker.
  • Position within a company.
  • Professional email address.
  • LinkedIn URL of the decision maker.

Report 2: Real-time board overview

In addition to the sheet above, in this next report, we set up a board to make a real-time summary of the lead generation campaign progress. This will provide the clients with several tailored statistics at each stage of the campaign development.

Report 3: Email campaign report

Subsequently, after every email campaign, we track the results and generate a report with the following information:

  • Sent emails.
  • Delivered emails.
  • Bounce rate.
  • Open rate.
  • Click rate.
  • Unsubscribe rate.
  • Interested email recipients.
  • Not interested email recipients.
  • In-bound questions received.

We talk in depth about Email outreach in our e-book here:

Furthermore, to get the complete picture about how we do it, check the table below.

How do clients use our lead generation reports?

There are so many reasons why creating client reports are an integral part of the relationship. As a result, we help them utilize all the gathered info to their full business potential. Thus, here are several reasons why our team in BizzBee Solutions focuses on creating and delivering reports:

  • They enable us to regularly interact with our clients (discuss our gathered data.)
  • Help us educate our clients on what we do during the campaign.
  • Regular reporting keeps both us and our clients accountable.
  • Transparency is a lot easier through our client reports.
  • Client reporting gives credit where credit is required.
  • Our work is all about results, and reports are the best way of evidencing them.
  • Helps both parties come prepared and saves time in meetings.

Furthermore, sharing our lead generation knowledge and educating our clients on what they should do or shouldn’t do to improve the campaign final results is also included in the entire process.

Last, but not least, when the lead generation campaign is over, our clients can use all of these reports as well as all of the gathered data to their advantage in order to:

  • Change their sales/marketing approach.
  • Redefine marketing messages.
  • Learn which products/services sell best.
  • Find out how people react to their solution(s).
  • Setting new goals and KPIs.
  • Make different strategic decisions.
  • Hire new salespeople/new product developers accordingly.


To sum up, clients want to feel involved in the process of implementing their lead generation campaign. However, sometimes, they don’t know how to go about it. Client reports help them understand the whole process better and show what it is that you as a marketing research agency are doing for them. Furthermore, it helps marketers to better understand and manage their client needs and expectations. As a result, they minimize wastage and maximize results. Therefore, it is a win-win situation.