As a new business owner, you might’ve asked yourself “How can email marketing help my business?”

Well, guess what? You’re not the only one. That question has been on the minds of entrepreneurs since the concept of email arose back in the 90s.

As more and more companies are deploying email into their marketing plans, more and more benefits arise from it.

When used correctly, email is a cost-effective marketing and sales tool for nurturing existing customers, acquiring new customers and also formulating an effective marketing campaign.

With a whole list of email marketing benefits that we’re going to cover below, the most astonishing one is the increase of Return on Investment (ROI). According to statistics, you can gain $40 for every $1 spent on email marketing. That is a higher ROI than most of the marketing methods out there.

Let’s see the other major benefits of using email marketing for your startup:

The Art of B2B Email Outreach
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It is a targeted communication

Imagine you want to offer a 25% discount off your product to 18-30 year males in Upper East Side, Manhattan. You can do all that with email marketing (if you already did your research right and have the data).

There is no better way to reach out to those people than having their email credentials and send the discount offer directly to them. Everyone checks their email every day, whether they’re on the move or at home in front of a PC.

Email marketing gives you the possibility to sell your product/service to different target groups every time and create different marketing campaigns. This will further increase the quality of understanding and communication with your target market.

It is a sales boost

Guess what? Email marketing is the best way to reach directly to your interested customer. By sharing information about your product via email, you tell directly to the right person how valuable your product or service really is.

Sending a regular newsletter to interested customers means that you’re bringing them one step closer to purchase your product. Hitting the right target through email will definitely increase the response and purchase rate of your product.

Email marketing is a gentle reminder

With the help of this service, you’ll stay in the mind of your target customers every time they open your newsletter.

The email newsletter serves as an excellent update tool for your business. Not only for target customers, but also for existing customers as well. You can spread the word, not just about your products or services, but talk about upcoming events, tell about a discount, share your latest blog post or offer other industry-related news.

You can even offer downloadable content for free as a lead magnet.

With email marketing, customers come back for more

Email marketing will help you build a long-lasting relationship with your customers. You want customers that are loyal, that will come back for more, that are interested in your company even if you still don’t have something new to offer. You want them to come back again and again.

In fact, email marketing can create loyalty. Regular newsletters encourage the customer to make a new acquisition. Just like when you bump into one of your friends in the street and sit down for a cup of coffee later, email newsletters work the same way. The email itself is the meeting (bumping up), and the purchase (coffee) is the result.

It helps in establishing authority

You want to show your customers that you know your industry inside and out. Through original email marketing campaigns, you can easily showcase expertise without too much bragging.

But you can’t showcase your expertise without offering some value to your customers. And value often gets shared in today’s marketing world.

Email marketing is a virtual word of mouth. If a customer loves the product, the content or the value that you provided through email, and knows some other friends that will benefit from it, he/she will tell them. And they may share it with their friends too. That’s what people do.

In that way, you’re establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry and will gain more and more customers.

You create and nurture relationships

As human beings, we want to rely on people that we trust. It is exactly the same in the business world too. In fact, email marketing is the best way to reach directly to interested customers. It’s exactly the same as a handshake in the real world. You’re creating that connection.

And the connection is all that matters. Email newsletters make your customers feel connected with your company. Email makes them feel that they matter. And they do.

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