Do you outsource to help your team? How good is your team? Do you even have a team? Most importantly, do you have the right person in your team? Does he/she get the skills to do the tasks that’ll help you prosper?

To answer these questions, first, you need to access your personnel’s capabilities and processes thoroughly . Knowing what your team is good at is pivotal to the success of your business. With that kind of self-awareness, you can always bet on your strengths. And that’s how you should continue to do things, to stick with what you do best.

For example, if you have a great coder on board, stick with him. And if you have an excellent salesman too, keep him and encourage him to do what he does best.

However, in order to succeed in business, it’s also very important to be self-aware. Know what you’re not good at as a team. When you feel like you need a task that’s out of your team’s skill set, maybe you should consider outsourcing that to experts in the appropriate fields to do it for you.

Build a better business with outsourcing

Most entrepreneurs out there think they can do it alone, and that they can ponder everything that comes their way with the help of their teams. Yes, you may be a talented entrepreneur and you may be an excellent project manager, but is it fair to slow down the growth of the company?

That’s why in today’s business world, it’s already common practice for start-ups and established companies to outsource all of the workloads such as virtual assistants, email marketing, development, lead generation, social media, graphic design, market research and business planning to marketing agencies, management consulting firms and other specialized professional service companies. Technology has made outsourcing more accessible to small-sized companies and made a huge impact on their growth. People work from every place in the world. We’re doing business globally today.

The modern entrepreneur perfectly understands that there are certain aspects of his business that are very important. But, he just can’t handle them on his own at that moment. With the help from remote experts, start-ups and small businesses can easily level up and compete with larger businesses.

Why do you need to look for experts in agencies?

Because that’s where the experts are. As a start-up, it’s very hard to reach out to that small group of “experts” and “growth-ninjas”, not to mention expensive too.

On the other hand, when you approach an agency, you instantly get a team of experts. They evaluate your pain points and find the right person to help you while you focus on your core expertise. Imagine owning another team member that is in charge only for the marketing part of your startup. That’s exactly how you might feel when you “borrow” someone from a specialized agency, just with a little twist.

You will not have expenses such as health insurance or bonuses as you have with your team. You’ll only need to worry if you have the budget to pay the service. As an entrepreneur, you have got to be aware of the “what you pay is what you get” policy that works the same in every part of the world.

And the best part about outsourcing tasks is that there is no long-term commitment. You outsource when you need it and when the work is done, it’s done.

When is the right time to outsource and what are the benefits?

Our advice is to start outsourcing from the very beginning. You can start with outsourcing personal assistance to help you with your work-related tasks such as organizing meetings. You can outsource the organization of trips to other continents or the reconciliation of your bank statements. All that while you’re busy developing your business and taking care of the B2B segment.

Doing this kind of outsourcing correctly can bring a ton of benefits for a start-up, including:

  • Reduced costs – You’ll get an expert from a certified company for a price smaller than actually hiring the team member inside your company.
  • Transparency – The right agency will provide you with total access to their scope of work, data, and research that they’ve done for you.
  • Time Management – You’ll save all the time that would have been spent on doing the work-related tasks yourself. And you won’t interrupt other team members to do them for you. Not to mention long hiring processes, and learning a new set of skills.
  • Experience – Your start-up will benefit from the huge experience that an expert will bring to the table, such as finding the right clients for you and creating new market opportunities.


Make sure that you partner with the right agency for outsourcing an expert. You need a reliable agency that you can trust. Finding the right agency means having access to the right person that will help you grow. You’ve got to recognize if there’s a match between what you need and what the agency as a service provider offers to you, and deploy it when you see it.

Do you have some work-related tasks that need outsourcing? If you have more complex projects, or you need a specific skill set to do the job for you, the BizzBee team is here to help you! With our Rent-A-Bee service, we will screen our employees and offer you a dedicated in-house employee who can work on your behalf and has the expertise you need. If we don’t have that skill, and you need it for at least 3 months – we will recruit it for you. In this case, you can even be involved in the selection process.