As a startup owner, we assume that you treasure your business and you want to be efficient at every growth stage. Business owners tend to form a habit of trying to do way too many things and micromanage every task. That is the exact modus operandi that makes sure that you’re exhausted and over-worked. This also wards off your business from the growth path and keeps your employees from creativity and new skill development.

As a business owner, you have to pay attention to every penny that you earn and how you earn it too. So the question is, how can you grow your company without losing assets in the process? You’ll start to realize that you’re actually losing money by not outsourcing to experts. One of the options is to have a good look at yourself and your team and outsource your weak points.

  • What are your strengths? Do you enjoy these tasks as a CEO?
  • What tasks are not that enjoyable for you? Do you procrastinate or underperform in these tasks?
  • Is there something that you like to be done, but you or your team spend too much time on it?
  • Are there skills that you want to develop? Does your team need growth in particular areas?
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By asking yourself these questions, you can finally figure out what are the strengths of every employee. You’ll find out what they can do and where do they need help. And finally, you’ll figure out what job tasks to outsource and help your team in the process.

Stop losing money by outsourcing

So how can stop losing money by outsourcing to experts? First thing first, by outsourcing some of your tasks, your team can focus on what they do best. That will make your team more efficient.

When outsourcing your work to an expert virtual assistant that is not near your office, you can choose a per-hour program or fixed price project. By doing this, everyone will be responsible for their time and work progress and will do a good job faster.

How can an expert virtual assistant help you?

Here are just some of the tasks that you might consider outsourcing to an expert virtual assistant to save your company time and money:

1. Business traveling and bookings – Today, we do business on a globally. Entrepreneurs travel for meetings. And entrepreneurs are in a real rush when searching for flights and the best accommodation. Do you think that you need to focus on where you’ll be staying more than on the important meeting?

Why would you interrupt your core work to search online for airplane tickets? You may spend a whole week of valuable time on that task. A virtual assistant can do the airplane tickets research and hotel reservation for you. He or she will find you some good and affordable hotels that you can stay in.

2. Audio transcription – Businesses are saving a ton of money when they outsource audio transcription. Hiring an employee to do the job means expenses on a paycheck, workspace, furniture, computers and electricity, equipment, as also healthcare and insurance. Also, keep in mind that this employee will take some time off during the annual leave and he can get sick sometimes, so you’ll definitely save up to 40% of these expenses by outsourcing alone.

3. Market research – You have to know what the competitors are doing and how they handle the market. And do you have the time to do it when you already focused your entire team on selling your product or service?

Doing market research in a period where your startup business needs to sell is exhausting. Not to mention the stress and time that you need to put in this work. A virtual assistant can track your competition and do market research on a weekly level for you. Your personal virtual assistant will research and review your competitors and will research your market to tell you what your target market thinks of your product.


The most important thing that you have to understand as an entrepreneur is yourself and your team. We all think that we are Superman and that we have the time and energy to do everything ourselves. But the truth is, we all have our core strengths and our weaknesses. And our team has them too. We begin to realize that we’re losing money by not outsourcing to experts. We have to know ourselves enough to stop wasting time on tasks that weaken our decision making and start focusing on our core work. Because we want to be efficient in our day-to-day business tasks. And we want to grow our businesses.

Do you need some business expert to help you with your work-related tasks? Here is our 4 step approach to getting the right bee for you.

Do you have some work-related tasks that need some outsourcing? If you have more complex projects, or you need some specific skills set to do the job for you, the BizzBee team is here to help you! With our Rent-A-Bee service, we can screen our employees and offer you a dedicated in-house employee who can work on your behalf and has the expertise you need. If we don’t have that skill, and you need it for at least 3 months – we will recruit it for you. In this case, you can even be involved in the selection process.