If you ever felt stuck with data research or are just willing to learn more about where online data is stored, you are in the right place. In this blog post, we reveal the most useful B2B company information databases.

Being the CEO of an SME and simultaneously the father of a 3-year-old requires a lot of problem-solving. And I mean a lot. You find yourself in a lot of awkward situations. Raising a child is hard work. It’s so rewarding but also very demanding. But sometimes, it feels like a breeze compared to managing clients and employees. Especially if there is some kind of misunderstanding between them. Or worse, if a conflict starts to take shape. Being in the middle is draining. But mismanaging this type of situations might mean losing a client, or worst-case scenario, losing an employee.

Listening is often the first step of problem-solving. But there are always at least two sides to the story. And like it or not, we are biased. We can easily side with the ones we care for, and that’s not a bad thing. But it can be misleading. And if the situation allows it, I prefer the logical approach.

If you prefer to rely on facts, you are well familiar with the data gathering process. First, you need to figure out the places where you are going to look for the data. In this case, that would probably be the communication platforms, the contract, the reporting of the particular service we have done, etc. And that is a lot of data, finding and processing, for a seemingly not so data heavy case.

So, what about the situations when we know that there will be a lot of data involved? Like doing market research or building a B2B database? How can you make sure that you have found all the available data and that it’s up to date? If this is something that’s been a bother for you, you are in the right place.

I mean, I’ve been doing research and building databases for ages. And I know how important it is to have all the data in one place. That’s why I took some time to compile a comprehensive list of B2B company information databases. All the relevant databases that will help with your B2B database building in one place. Enjoy!


Prospectworx is a tool that enables users to lookup companies and obtain information on them. The provided information usually entails a brief description of the searched company, sales leads, email lists, and business email addresses. Apart from desktop, the tool is also available as a free-of-charge Chrome extension. There are 4 pricing plans, based on the number of credits (company lookups). The basic plan has 300 credits per month and it costs $75.


Held in high regard by SaaS sales and marketing teams, in particular, this tool provides insights into the types of technology companies are using. In addition, the tool also has prospecting and data enrichment features that help capture the most relevant information. This comes in handy when trying to contact a specific employee in a company.


OpenCorporates is among the largest open-databases for company information in the world, containing data on more than 185 million entities. The database’s structured data is exceptionally useful for journalists and NGOs, as it provides public, legal, and transparent company and officer information. Basic company information remains free. There’s also a test/trial version enabling direct, real-time access to the underlying structured data, with powerful queries and results in JSON or XML. The basic pricing plan starts at £99 per month.


This tool provides users with community-based company data, insights into the company’s latest news, with the option to receive daily updates and notifications about a selected number of companies. Owler has a database of over 13 million companies. As per other company database providers, Owler also offers free basic company data. For more detailed company insights, Owler introduces a multi-tiered pricing plan. The basic plan starts at $99 per year.

D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers is a sales acceleration solution that provides data to help B2B sales professionals engage with potential customers. This company’s database has more than 170 million business records. Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, they can offer data such as the number of employees, revenue, company address, owner, and company phone numbers, to name a few. D&B Hoovers does offer a free trial of their database, where users can build lists, receive analytics, and find new prospects.


Zoominfo is part of the B2B company information databases and can be integrated with numerous other types of software. Their service offering includes company overviews, headcount and contact information, company news, and structural charts. The database has 14 million company profiles and is quite useful for sales, marketing, recruitment, and account management teams. Although there’s a free trial available, the pricing plans are not available to the public.

Endole Suite

Endole provides users with comprehensive data and reports that help them understand companies better. Also it provides a deeper understanding of the industry, the directors, the finances, the software they are using, as well as identification of their ideal prospects. Endole contains business data on over 7 million entities throughout the UK and has its basic pricing plan at £39 per month.

Companies House

Companies House is a UK government source that incorporates and dissolves limited companies. They register company information and make it available to the public. Their database contains profiles of more than 4 million registered companies in the UK.


Crunchbase is a tool that apart from the typical company information (number of employees, address, revenue, location, etc.), also contains investor information, funding rounds, and acquisition information. The information that this tool contains has been gathered by the industry’s professionals such as entrepreneurs and investors and by doing extensive market research. The tool is free to use, but it also has a paid structure. Starting at $29 per month, paying users can research more companies and obtain more data.


Angel.co is known as the largest start-up community around the world. It’s a place where business angels, investors, companies, and start-ups can network or seek employment. To attract investors, the start-ups present on this platform are described in detail. The available information includes key company people, a brief company overview, and funding. Angel.co’s start-up information is free, but it also has a monthly paying service for employee recruitment. After a 7-day free trial, the service starts at $250 per month, where users get access to candidates, can view their profiles, and perform advanced searches.


DueDil’s solution maps the complex UK relationships between companies, directors, and shareholders. Powered by AI data, the information is said to be in real-time and vastly accurate. Furthermore, the company’s API can be seamlessly integrated with other software, making the solution even more flexible. The insights DueDil can provide include: company financials, ownership, and extensive filtering and search capabilities, to name a few.

Company Check

Another sizeable database of UK companies. Company Check offers data such as registration details, key financials, and director records. The database is populated with profiles of over 45 million companies. The database is free to use but to a limited extent. Its basic pricing plan starts at £50, where users can research and export data of up to a total of 100 companies.

Startups List

Startups List is an aggregator of some of the best start-ups in different countries and cities around the globe. Assisted by information from AngelList, Felix Menard, and community curation, Startups List in a couple of words describes the start-ups’ purpose, presents their logo, and offers a link to their website.


Free resources such as eBooks, case studies, and a Chrome extension are provided by Slintel – a technographic company profiler. The solution evaluates over 100 billion data points, and analyses factors such as buyer journeys, as well as technology adoption patterns of more than 17 million companies worldwide. The SaaS sales and marketing teams are considered as one of the teams that would benefit the most from using this solution. A glimpse into Slintel’s capabilities includes providing company and technology insights, prospect and job posting insights, and integration with other renowned software, such as Salesforce and HubSpot.


BoldData is a place where visitors can procure data from companies across numerous countries and industries. The general categorisation of the available data is by countries, industries, or decision-makers. Depending on the dataset’s quantity and type, BoldData’s mailing lists range from €425 up to €50,000.

Reporting Accounts

The sort of information users can find on Reporting Accounts includes company financials, their directors and secretaries, plus shareholder and group structures.  There is no fee for using the available data on this website. However, to receive a couple of additional layers of data, such as a company’s credit rating and limit or contracting limit, users must pay. The cost of one company report is £24.99.


Matermark’s solution provides company profiling, key personnel information, and growth signals, among other data points. The company’s data is the result of machine learning, web crawlers, and primary source research activities. The size of this database is over 4 million companies, and it comes with a free 2-week trial. Apart from accessing company information, users can use the solution on their mobile devices, integrate it with CRMs, and other plugins. The standard pricing plan for this solution begins at $49 per user per month.


Pitchbook is a provider of insights on global venture capital, private equity, and public markets. Some of the available data include company information, transactions, funds, investors, and service providers, to name a few. Access to the data is made possible via a mobile app, a Chrome extension, Excel plugin, or a Desktop version.


This is a source that lists the new start-ups in almost every industry there is and in every sub-sector. It provides a brief description of the start-up and a link to its homepage. Also, BetaList showcases a job board, where a plethora of jobs in start-ups can be found.

YC List

YC List is a list of nearly 1,300 start-ups and companies categorised in three ways: Active, Excited, or Dead. The companies are extracted from multiple sources, such as see-db.com, Crunchbase, and Techcrunch.

Person analysing data from B2B company information databases


PrivCo is another interesting company information and insights provider. The solution has a web-based UI, or it can be accessed as a Chrome extension. The data this solution provides include financials, funding, growth metrics, and contacts, to name a few. Using the database is free of charge. However, it has limited company information. The basic pricing plan starts at $299 per month.

Data Axle

With over 17 million company profiles in their database, Data Axle is a company information provider specialising in the North American company landscape. Their rich company information includes street address, phone number, hours of operation, number of employees, online presence, and so on. The company’s 1-month free trial includes looking at up to 3,000 records. Upon its expiry, you can use the paid plan. The basic paid plan starts at $25 per month.


InsideView’s extensive database of companies includes more than 70 million company records in over 180 countries. They provide valuable B2B data such as information on decision-makers, influencers, industries and markets, contract coverages, purchasing power, and other deep analytics. A trial and a Chrome extension are available for this tool. InsideView’s Insight pricing starts at $99 per month.

Infotanks Media

This company specialises in providing data about 3 sectors, namely B2B, Healthcare, and Technographics. With its extensive database on over 40 million B2B c-level contacts, and weekly addition of 5,000 new businesses to their database, they are quite the noteworthy data provider. Some of the company’s other services include email marketing, ABM, and data management.


Coscout is an excellent tool that provides valuable data on more than 15 million companies worldwide. Once the filtering for the desired company is performed, users can find a few types of company information – basic, financial, founder, social, and other. Using the basic features this tool has to offer is free of charge. If a user wants access to more in-depth services and research capabilities, there is a paying upgrade. The basic pricing plan starts at $29 per month.

Startups Galaxy

Startups Galaxy is a platform promoting the discovery of start-ups mainly in Egypt across different categories. But also in other countries around the world. The platform also acts as a great way for new founders to expand their networks and share ideas with people with similar interests.


Growjo is a company data provider that provides firmographics, competitors, financials, funding, and other useful company data points. Its focus is on providing information on growing companies that have less than 1,000 employees.

Startup Ranking

With the mission to discover, rank, and promote start-ups, Startup Ranking has a database of start-ups from around the world. The company provides a ranking of the start-ups based on a couple of metrics, while also providing information on the start-ups’ competitors, funding, acquisitions, team, and news. The database is free to use. However, there is also a paid version with more features and search capabilities. Once the platform’s free demo has expired, the basic pricing plan starts at $39.

Get Company Details

Focusing on Indian companies, GCD is a company data provider with a database of over 8 million companies. The company also has data on companies in Singapore, China, New Zealand, and the UK. Some of the available data points include a brief company description, addresses and contact information, employees, and other similar companies. The database also can conduct searches on company directors.


Craft is a platform that provides comprehensive, validated, and always up-to-date commercial data, analytics, and actionable insights. It can be used as a Chrome extension or on a PC’s web browser. It provides information on a company’s funding and revenue, number of employees and executives, brief description, number of offices and locations, and a list of competitors.


Zirra is a tech-based, business intelligence company that uses artificial intelligence to produce cutting-edge alternative data products. For any company, Zirra can utilise thousands of data sources to collect data across hundreds of metrics. Zirra’s universe consists of 16,000 publicly listed companies across all major markets in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, and Australia.

Bureau van Dijk

With information on more than 375 million companies in all countries worldwide, Bureau van Dijk is one of the most valuable resources for private company data. Some of the data the company provides include what other companies do, how they’re performing and the people that run them, financial data, legal entity details, M&A activity and news, ownership, and so on. There is a free trial available once you sign up.

Better Business Bureau

Operating as a non-profit organization, Better Business Bureau is a useful resource for uncovering companies’ data in the North and Central American regions. The data they provide involves company descriptions and contact information, customer reviews, and complaints.


Manta provides company information, research, and directory services. The company offers online profiles, market research reports, business news, and other resources. The data that is usually available on Manta includes company description, contact information, number of employees, ownership details, and similar companies, among other things. Using this database is free.

Insider Pages

This resource helps users find local businesses in the US where the main accent is placed on user reviews of the place. Once a query is placed in the search bar, the database provides businesses that are operating within that sector or location. The business’ data consists of address, contact number, and reviews.


Bizwiki is a free directory of businesses published online, and it aims to increase its directory size as much as possible. There are two Bizzwikis, one for the US and one for the UK. You can access all available company data such as location, names and contact info once you enter the type of business in the query.

Global Data

Global Data has developed its platform where detailed analytics and information about companies and various industries are available to consume. Their acquired data originates from the combined efforts of a unique data-driven, human-led, and technology-powered approach. A free demo of the platform is available for the users to familiarise themselves with this tool.


Created for executives, sales members, investors, researchers, and analysts, Datapo is a company information provider with records on nearly 70 million companies, gathered from 120 sources across 72 countries. Powered by machine learning, this company’s database undergoes daily check-ups and company additions. It provides information on whether a company is going through liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings. Or if the company is under any sanctions, is blacklisted, or commits any violations. There is a free demo available, and afterwards, the company’s standard pricing plan is set at $79 per month.


Powrbot is another insightful company data provider. It has multiple integration capabilities with the likes of Zapier, Salesforce, or Hubspot, it allows file upload, and it has a Google Sheets Plugin. Users can download lists of businesses around the world by type and location, find company websites, revenue their key faculty, as well as contact information. Users have a total of 200 monthly searches. The free version’s basic upgrade contains 5,000 enabled searches, and it costs $39 per month.


The company database provided by Crownpeak enables users to input search parameters and then browse through the results. The information on the researched companies includes company description, industry affiliations, company purpose, and so on.


The good thing about these B2B company information databases is that most of them either provide free company information or have a limited period free demo/trial. During this time, users can gather their data and make a decision on whether to continue using the provider or not. Also, in some cases, the company information providers have industry or sector-specific information, which can be extremely informative for users searching for company data in that specific sector.

In general, the company information providers are extremely useful when trying to extract information about a particular company or when users are looking to uncover other similar companies based on their company-research metrics. Simply put, they can be quite useful both for market research and B2B prospecting and lead generation.


The biggest issue with the B2B company information databases is the fact that their company data can be inconsistent and inaccurate. Quite often, company data does not match when it is compared to different company information providers, making it extremely difficult to uncover which company data is accurate. Another issue with the company data providers is that they allow their (community) users to input company information. If they are employees from a specific company, that is completely okay.

But more often than not, these are random users that don’t possess the correct company data. Some of the B2B company information databases are aggregators presenting data taken from other sources, which might not be accurate or updated. Another issue is that they might only have general company information such as location, address and industry, which can often be easily found on the company’s own websites.

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B2B data is invaluable

We are working with data all our lives. Even as babies and children, we were constantly taking in information about the world around us. That’s how we learn, and that’s how we grow.

Gathering data is easy. Especially when we have in hand a plethora of sources. Just look at this extensive list. All the information you could wish for. So it can’t be that simple, right? Unfortunately, it gets a bit complicated. Not all the data we consume is accurate. Whether we are talking about some company B2B data gathered from the list above, or some everyday info, we need to fact check it.

We will also sometimes need to double-check ourselves, as well. We can be easily biased. And not just for conflict resolution. How often do you take the first result on Google for granted just because it’s convenient? We are prone to mistakes, but as long as we are aware of our weaknesses, we can work on growing.

Let me get back to the main point of this article. The importance of data gathering in each step of the development and growth of any B2B company. You need accurate data just to start the company. And just as much, if not more, to keep it up and running. Ready for some examples and tips?

If you are building a B2B prospect list, make sure you double or even triple check the data. After all, a healthy database is the first step of any outreach process.

If you are doing market research or even business planning, you need to take one step further. Ensure that the gathered and revised data is accurately interpreted. But that’s a whole different problem, maybe even a blog article. 😉