I love reminiscing about my wedding day. The venue full of people, the excitement in the air, and of course the love. I can remember taking that first step on the dewy green grass, with my wife by my side. Holding hands and hope that they will perfectly fit forever.

It is a real pleasure to have all those people come together to celebrate something so beautiful. We had hundreds of people come to our wedding, and I can tell you that each of them was special, each of them unique. But no matter how much we wanted to honour them, we couldn’t send a different invite to everyone.

We simply had neither the time, the creativity, nor the resources. But I have a friend who is a great designer and told him to design the best, most authentic invitation ever. We just added a bit of personalisation on the envelope afterwards. And it was perfect. Everybody came to the party, and no one was offended that the invite wasn’t personalised, especially for them.

But imagine if we postponed our wedding till we had each invite crafted specifically to each person. We would have missed so many beautiful moments and so many opportunities. So I always advise people to start. Start the next chapter of your life. Even if not all the conditions are perfect. You’ll be surprised by the results you’ll get.

And the same is true when it comes to business relationship and outreach, of course. Even if you don’t have a whole team of SDRs and BDRs to send each message manually and personalise it. It’s better to start reaching out to people. Start engaging people in conversations. Find your ways to utilise the opportunities that LinkedIn offers. Start filling up that sales pipeline. And nothing is more useful here than using a LinkedIn automation tool.

25 LinkedIn Automation tools for better B2B outreach

I can’t count all the LinkedIn outreach campaigns that we’ve set up and executed. And still do. But I do get amazed by all the tech advances in the outreach world. In fact, so much so that I decided to launch my own B2B outbound marketing & sales automation video series. I could talk for that for hours, but let me get back to the subject at hand.

The new advances mean new opportunities, but can often mean many intertwined and confusing tools, hacks and processes.

And with so many LinkedIn automation tools popping up, it can get harder to keep track of what matters, and what each of them has to offer.

man wondering which Linkedin automation tools are best for them

So I compiled a list with all the ones that I believe are worth your attention. I also did my best, to sum up, all the essential features of each of them.


We-Connect is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool. It offers numerous ways for LinkedIn messages interaction, such as archiving them, marking them as unread, or making follow-ups. The app provides its users with a reporting function that monitors and informs on the campaign’s performance. Other features, such as overseeing which contacts have been invited or connected, and their place in the sequence, are neatly presented in the app’s minimalistic interface. Without any obligation, We-Connect provides a free 14-day trial. Upon its expiry, the monthly price for 1 account is $49.

Meet Alfred

This LinkedIn Automation software’s defining characteristics are its seamless integration with other tools, fashioning multiple LinkedIn campaign sequences, and receiving insightful campaign and outreach analytics. Meet Alfred. This software suits individual as well as teams.
The team’s benefits are emphasised through the software’s team-member-pipeline management function. This way it enhances the team’s capability to reach their goals with greater coordination and precision. The software is free to use for two weeks. Afterwards, it costs $49 per month to use the basic version of the tool.

If you wish to learn more about this incredible tool and its benefits straight from the horse’s mouth, I got you covered. A while ago, I made a video interview with a special guest. The CEO of Meet Alfred. We talked about their beginnings in automation, struggles and happy moments. You can check it out here


This tool, priced at only $15 per month per account, helps automate over 20 different LinkedIn tasks. It comes with a smooth, modern and user-friendly interface. It comes with a free demo version, and it’s suitable for personal or team-centric use. The tool is not a Chrome extension, but rather a standalone application with a built-in CRM system that provides seamless LinkedIn automation.


Dux-Soup is a Chrome extension that saves time by automating some of the most repetitive tasks on LinkedIn. Profile visitations, sending connection requests, personalised messages, and endorsements, among others. The tool is available in 9 languages. Its basic version is free and can tag up to 100 profiles a day. $14.99 is the monthly price point for receiving the tool’s professional version, which unlocks more features.


Ideal for sales teams, Zopto is a cloud-based lead generation tool that automates LinkedIn campaigns and messaging (sequential messaging, InMail Messages, etc.) It also offers a wide array of integrations with other types of automation and CRMs. The tools’ automation power is priced at $215 per month for one account.


Charging a fraction of a typical LinkedIn automation tool’s pricing plan, Octopus CRM starts at $6.99 per month per user. It has 3 additional upgradeable plans, each offering more features. The tools’ fundamentals include a personalized CRM, automated invites and connections. It can send up to 100 invitations and 200 messages per day.
Octopus also supports integrations with other software and CRMs. Potential users have a 7-day trial period to experience the demo and make a purchasing decision.


CoPilot is a LinkedIn automation platform that automates your personalised messages to your custom target. It also categorises the responses by the prospects that are most likely to be interested in talking to you. The tool also has A/B testing and lead tagging & tracking capabilities. The tool’s pricing is $389 per month, and it does not offer a free trial or a demo version.


Kennected is a LinkedIn automation platform that automates sending requests for connections, launches message sequences, and provides campaign management. These features, alongside a couple of others, are neatly organised in the tool’s clean and contemporary interface. The tool comes with a free demo, and transitions to the monthly (professional) plan, which costs $59.95 per user. Kennected can integrate with other software and CRMs.

InTouch Tool

InTouch Tool is a Chrome extension that automates LinkedIn connections and messaging. It is plain and simple to use, and one can set it to send follow-up messages to prospects. The basic plan offers up to 25 connections and 75 messages per day, and it costs $19 per month. This tool also has a free version, but it’s limited to a very small amount of daily connections and messages.


The tool is cloud-based, offers a clean interface, and a seamless user experience. Among the tools’ functionalities are automated InMail campaigns – messages and follow-ups, connections, and profile views, to name a few. Skylead does offer a demo, and afterwards transitions to its flat-pricing, full package of $100 per month, per account.

Lead Connect

This tool is a Chrome extension that allows users to send automated connection requests, schedule follow-up messages while providing integration with Hubspot’s CRM. The tool does offer a demo version, and if the user is satisfied, it transitions to a $25.95 monthly pricing plan. This way it offers up to 30 invitation and 90 messages per day.


The tool is available on Chrome’s web store. It automates LinkedIn connection requests and bulk-messaging while staying under LinkedIn’s daily limits (between 80 and 100 for connection requests and follows, between 120 and 150 for messages and between 160 and 200 for profile visits). The tool has a free version with limited actions per day, and its fundamental monthly pricing plan begins at €20.99.


Dooozen is a Chrome-based LinkedIn automation tool, which is still in Beta. Upon its release, the tool promises to provide multi-step campaigns, automate messaging and follow-ups among other functionalities.


LinkedCamp is a cloud-based automation tool which comes with a free trial. Similar to most of the other LinkedIn automation tools out on the market, this one also provides automated sequencing and messaging, while presenting key metrics and data to reflect upon. The basic monthly plan amasses to $44.99.


The tool provides automatisation of connection requests in the 2nd and 3rd-degree network, messaging to 1st-degree connections, and integration with a couple of APIs. There are no demos or free trials, and the basic monthly pricing plan begins at $22 per account.

Very Fast

While still in Beta, this Chrome-based tool offers the standard LinkedIn automation features such as messaging and sending connection requests. The tool does have a free trial, and also offers a limited-functionality free version. A 3-month license for the tool equates to $20, whereas a 12 month one is $60.

Prospect Maximizer

Automated messaging sequences, connection requests, profile views, follow-ups, and skills endorsements are the capabilities of the web app – Prospect Maximizer. Cleanly designed, there aren’t any unnecessary elements cluttering the UI, which offers a seamless UX. Before purchasing, there’s a free 7-day trial available. For one LinkedIn profile, the monthly pricing amasses to $199. Two additional plans are offering more features at a higher price point.

B2B Prospecting Tool

The tool promises 3 to 5 hot leads per week. It does this by automating connection invitations, messaging, and follow-ups. B2B Prospecting Tool has a 7-day money guarantee, it offers a free demo, and if purchased, its monthly plan starts at $147 per user.


This tool offers its potential users a free trial upfront. After its expiry, the basic monthly pricing plan begins at $39 for one account. This plan includes standard LinkedIn automation features, such as automated messaging and sequencing, follow-ups, and sending connection requests.


Biglinker is an automation tool that automates prospecting via targeting and messaging. It sends customised invitations and follow-ups. Biglinker also captures all relevant prospect data. It comes initially with a free demo and afterwards moves to the monthly $57 price plan.

Phantom Buster

Phantom Buster acts as a store containing a variety of automation tools for numerous uses. In the LinkedIn automation department, the best (sub/mini) tools involve automated invitation sending, profile data gathering, invitation accepting, auto commenter, and message sending, to name a few. Before purchasing, the tool is available free of charge in a 14-day trial. After the trial’s expiry, the tool continues to be available with limited functionality. Its basic monthly pricing plan starts at $30.


One2Lead is an extension available on Chrome’s web store. It automates personalised LinkedIn invitation requests, offers bulk messaging, and data export/analysis. The tool comes alongside a free 10-day premium trial. After the trial, the tool can be used for free with limited functionalities, or at its full feature-version, which comes at the $15 per month.

Linked Automate

This tool offers its users bulk connecting, welcome messages, bulk messaging, and performance metrics and analytics. Linked Automate is also able to integrate with Zapier or any other web apps that support webhooks. The tool does offer a demo, and its basic monthly pricing plan starts at $15 for a single user.

Semper Paratus Group

This cloud-based automation platform generates appointments straight into the user’s diary, with minimal user input. The tool automates lead generation and nurtures messaging. Its dashboard is minimalistic and showcases only the relevant information needed for decision-making. The tool is available initially as a free demo, and afterwards, it follows a monthly-based subscription model.


Setting up a LinkedIn lead generation campaign has never been easier. Scrab.in automates all the action on your LinkedIn profile, with just one click. It’s 100% safe and easy to use. This tool segments your leads according to your target profile, and you can also download the leads for further use. When it comes to the amazing features it offers, it’s better for you to see for yourself. Check the link above. You can download this extension for free and give it a try, If your needs are met, feel free to buy yourself one of the pricing plans.


The Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Automation

If you are on the lookout for new clients, or simply want to raise brand awareness and are part of a B2B company, LinkedIn outreach is the best way to go. But should you involve automation in the process? There are lots of pros and cons of using LinkedIn automation tools. Writing them down could take a whole other blog post. But here is a short overview of the main ones. I hope they help in making your decision.

LinkedIn Automation tools pros:

Most of these tools are cloud-based, which means that they can run in the background and perform their work while the users’ PC is turned off. They are very consumer-friendly with the availability of free demos and trial versions of the tools. Another positive is the tools’ pricing which remains quite affordable, even if the user decides to stop using the tool after a while, they won’t record major financial losses. Lastly, most of these tools offer integration with other software and CRMs, so the outreach process can be entirely hand-crafted to the users’ liking.

The time savings and reaching out numerous targeted people at the same time comes as the most obvious one, right?

LinkedIn Automation tools cons:

The automation tools are generally lacking diversity. They bring similar functionalities to the table and apart from their personal branding, their capabilities are hard to distinguish. Moreover, most LinkedIn automation tools state that LinkedIn will never detect them, but there is no proof or way to confirm that.

This is quite important since as the user’s sales pipeline hangs in the balance of whether their account will be restricted by LinkedIn or not. Lastly, users shouldn’t depend entirely on one automation tool, as no one knows for sure when and if their LinkedIn automation tool will be discontinued, restricted or banned by LinkedIn.


Reengineering LinkedIn Lead Generation
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Should you choose a LinkedIn automation tool?

Using a LinkedIn automation tool is definitely a no brainer for me. As the CEO of an SME, I found that LinkedIn outreach is one of the best and most sustainable ways for reaching out to potential clients. I can’t count the meetings that I’ve managed to schedule by LinkedIn outreach. Not to brag, but I’ve converted a huge chunk of them. Some of them are one of our most esteemed and satisfied clients.

Since I have no SDR or BDR teams on my exposal, using automation tools is the only way to go. There are risks, mistakes can happen, and it’s not always perfect. But it’s always better to reach out to people and invite them along than to crave to make the process perfect and never send that invite.

And you don’t have to overanalyse every nook and cranny to find the perfect outreach tool. After all, you are not marrying it.😉 Maybe try a couple and see which one works best for you and your business.