LinkedIn is becoming the number 1 highly efficient tool for getting leads and finding new business. According to a recent statistic, there are 40 million users on LinkedIn that can make buying or even business decisions every day. However, there are some of the mistakes B2B companies make on LinkedIn. Most people think of LinkedIn as the “résumé” site. Furthermore, those who use LinkedIn for sales, often do that in the wrong way. In spite of attracting their prospects, they are pushing them away from the solution they have to offer.

The top 3 mistakes B2B companies make

Take a look at these top 3 mistakes b2b companies make that leave them without leads, but can also ruin their reputation too.

Mistake 1: Going straight to the sale

Let’s start with the biggest mistake. Imagine you have received a message that contains an aggressive sales pitch. The senders of these messages are trying to introduce their business to potential clients and open the door for collaboration. Unfortunately, these messages usually have the opposite effect. Although they are written in a respectful tone, these are inappropriate messages to send when you first connect with someone. And they often get ignored.

However, before you press the “send” button just stop for a moment and put yourself in the shoes of the person that will receive that message. What are the chances he/she will respond to such a generic message from a person they don’t know?

BizzBee Solutions LinkedIn strategies are focused on building trust first. The point is that people should seek you, not the opposite. Prospects are the ones that should be asking you for more content and looking forward to contacting you. Using our LinkedIn lead generation solution will help you build an exceptional network, generate high-quality organic leads that will lead to high-quality clients.

Check out how we at BizzBee do a LinkedIn outreach here:

Mistake 2: Reaching out to the wrong people

Another common mistake people make when it comes to LinkedIn lead generation is reaching out to the wrong people. They press the send button without giving much thought who their best prospects are. In order to stand out from the competition and gain authority and their trust, we suggest you create a specific prospect profile to target your ideal prospects and speak directly about their needs, pains, and desires.

When you are sending connection requests to potential leads, try not to look and sound like everyone else. Before you click send, add a customized note that your prospect will see in their inbox. The reason why this tactic works is that you stand out because you have shown a personal interest in them.

BizzBee Solutions can build your LinkedIn network instead of you by sending up to 2,000 highly-targeted connections per month. We will make sure to follow their pain points, their comments, their reviews and everything else that is currently happening in their profile. At the end of the day – we understand that this is how trust and loyalty are built. 

Mistake 3: Filling your profile like a standard résumé

Your LinkedIn résumé is probably one of the most important things you should focus on in your profile. A professionally written LinkedIn profile will allow you to create an online professional brand. As a result, it can help you and your company open doors to new opportunities and networks that you may not have been aware existed without the help of social media. Unfortunately, many businesses completely neglect the content they write on their LinkedIn page. They fill it once at the beginning, and as time goes by, they forget to update it. And that’s exactly what you should not do.

For example, if you share that you worked as a Digital Marketing Manager, you should explain how that experience gives you insight into your current work and how your prospect will benefit from that. Furthermore, don’t forget to include testimonials, documents, or other supporting materials.

Companies often forget that their LinkedIn profile is not about them! People want to know what is there for them. As a result, your profile should answer that. In other words, when people see your profile on LinkedIn, the only thing they want to know is whether or not you can help them and how. Last, but not least, when you want to attract new prospects, you need to explain how your solutions help them.

Boosting up your LinkedIn profile is one of the main services of BizzBee Solutions. Our experience with clients has shown that a properly set up LinkedIn profile, can boost your SEO, therefore, attracting your ideal prospects. Our team has spent significant time testing and figuring out the best way to set up a LinkedIn profile that actually brings customers in. 


To sum up, with more than 500 million business professionals on LinkedIn and 100 million of them active daily, LinkedIn seems like the perfect platform to reach a large audience. As a result, it has the opportunity to generate new leads and close more deals.

Finally, we see people improving their business thanks to LinkedIn. But without a systematic approach to bring all the benefits this platform can offer you, you are basically shooting in the dark, wasting valuable time and money. Don’t dare build or grow a business based on unpredictability.

If you would like to learn more about the services we have developed to help people in almost every industry get high quality leads using LinkedIn, we encourage you to contact us. Not only we can explore what will work for your unique business, but also we can help you develop a customized strategy that will get you new leads every single day.