It is considered that Lead Generation is the greatest challenge for 85% of B2B SMEs. Being able to generate high-quality leads that will convert into clients is quite a dare, especially for small and medium companies trying to get noticed in a high-competitive market.

The most important criteria when it comes to generating warm leads? Their quality!

Imagine what will happen if you simply increase the volume of leads in your pipeline? What are the consequences if you ignore to qualify those leads? Well, you will only end up spinning your wheels without making any income at the end of the day.

As a consequence of poorly choosing their leads, many business owners give up on their prospects way too early in the sales cycle. A study by HubSpot indicates that 44% of salespeople admit defeat after one follow up. They forget that according to the statistics, 80% of sales are made after at least 5 follow-ups.

Probably, you are already familiar that it takes a lot of work, time and patience to generate leads and then, turn them into qualified prospects. The hardest part remains to convert those qualified prospects into clients or customers.

8 SME Lead Generation Problems

So many challenges, so little time. But, no worries, here are the 8 main obstacles that you might face as a decision-maker when it comes to generating leads. At the end of the article, we present you with a simple solution for all of them.

1. Assuming that the traffic will eventually arrive

Many SMEs are assured that once they set up a website, optimize a few pages, create a marketing campaign, schedule a couple of social media posts, the traffic will automatically come into their website, attract visitors and magically turn them into leads. However, this almost never happens.

You can’t just set a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign or do a little bit of SEO content ranking and expect your company to be ranked at the top of Google results.

2. Neglecting the power of social media

Namely, social media is a very powerful engine when it comes to promoting your brand and attracting customers. Still, many B2B companies have just a basic, old-fashioned company fan page overloaded with boring, useless organic content. Bitterly, very few of them are aware of social media benefits and use the various advantages social platform offer.

Although many high-quality leads may come from social media, many SMEs don’t bother to invest time and money into effective social media strategy and advertising using a variety of social networks.

3. One-size-fits-all approach

No, it doesn’t. One of the most crucial mistakes SMEs make when attempting to attract an audience for their product/service is trying to appeal to every customer. Obviously, they tend to reach out to a wider spectrum of potential consumers as possible, hoping they will attract more traffic and close more sales.

Nowadays, this traditional marketing concept is not valid anymore. With going too generic with your advertising, you risk ruining your campaign. In other words, your content won’t speak to specific users. In fact, you are trying to cover a wide range of people, but as a consequence, you are not addressing their specific pain points.

As a result, the consumers aren’t interested and not even convinced that they need what you have to offer.

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4. Visitors don’t know what to do next

Visitors may come to your website. However, if they get disappointed or even confused by the UX design your site offers, they will immediately click the close button. A worst-case scenario is if you fail to catch their attention with your Calls-to-action (CTAs). They are a vital part of an online company presence.

After all, no matter how great your website is designed, if you don’t have clear CTAs, the potential lead won’t be able to register their interest. Even if they want to purchase your solution, they won’t know where to go next.

5. Leads engage, but you don’t nurture them

Imagine, a new visitor has landed on your website and they show an interest in what you have to offer. They even click on the CTA button and leave their contact details. Many SMEs believe that this step is the end of the SME lead generation process. Hardly. Hence, it is just the beginning.

Only a few of them will be immediately convinced and will buy. Additionally, most leads need more information and even more persuasion.

6. Continuing with the ineffective nurturing process

A vital mistake many SMEs repeat is not ensuring that the content they share to nurture their warm leads is useful and effective.

You might regularly check the on-site content and monitor the landing page metrics but, what about the quality of the content you provide to leads after they have already shown interest? Is it focused enough?

7. Wrong timing

Neglecting the qualified leads, ignoring the potential buying signals or even missing out on the time when your lead is ready to buy. These are the major problems SMEs face while implementing the lead generation process.

Reaching out to potential clients and connecting with them can take several attempts, especially in the B2B market.

Some businesses give up too soon, forgetting that reaching out and connecting with potential customers can take several attempts – especially in B2B where buyers can easily be distracted before returning at a later date.

8. Forgetting about the bigger picture

In the end, many SMEs will fail to generate high-targeted B2B leads. This happens because they don’t look at the big picture here.

Do you regularly take a step back and view the process as a whole? Do you take time to look at the entire Traffic-Lead-Customer journey? Do you use data and insights to discover what part of the campaign is working great and what area is not performing as well as it should?


As a matter of fact, you can skip the lead warming up and nurturing process and start immediately with warm leads. This is one of the smartest sales approaches for SME lead generation nowadays.

In fact, generating a targeted list of B2B leads can help you instantly get in front of an already engaged audience. One of the most popular ways to overcome some of the most common problems mentioned above and generate warm B2B leads is to use an SME lead generation service like BizzBee Solutions.

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