BizzBee Solutions is a consulting company that helps SMEs and start-ups to grow. Our services vary from business plan development, product sourcing (finding specific manufacturers), lead generation (finding specific clients), business mentoring services and many other related fields.






Do you need some business expertise to help you with your work-related tasks? Perhaps you need someone to organize your trip to Europe? Maybe someone to reconcile your bank statements? You can choose a per hour program or a fixed price project.

If you have more complex projects or need a specific skill (graphic designer, web developer, SEO expert, etc.) we can help. We can screen our employees and offer you a dedicated in-house member of staff (we don’t work with freelancers) who can work on your behalf and has the expertise you need. If we don’t have that skill, and you need it for at least 3 months we will recruit it for you. In this case, you can even be involved in the selection process.

Here is our 4-step approach to getting the right Bee for you:


Professional expert


STEP 1: What do you need help with?

We need to know what your needs are. Do you need a general personal assistant, or do you have a specific project you require help with? This will give us an idea of the size and scope of the job, whether it is per hour program or a fixed price project and whether one or more people will need to be involved.

If you are not sure regarding the scope, we are here to help. We can have a meeting where we can brainstorm and define the scope together.


STEP 2: What profile are you looking for?

Knowing the task, the next step is to identify the set of skills that are needed for the successful completion of the task. If several skills are required, whether one person has all those skills, or alternatively, you need several people that complement each other’s skills? In addition, are you looking for junior or senior staff? We can also help you define the profile(s) you need.

We currently have expertise in the services we already offer; business planning, market research, lead generation, email marketing, product sourcing, audio transcription, manual testing and personal assistance.


STEP 3: Match with our in-house employees or recruit specifically for you

Based on the tasks, and the skills needed, we will get back to you with our best matches in-house. As we are continuously growing, our variety of skills is expanding. However, if we don’t have the desired expertise, we can do the recruitment on your behalf, and involve you in the process of choosing the right person for the role.


STEP 4: Manage your Employee or team

You can chose to manage your team directly, give them tasks, review their performance etc. Alternatively, you can be supported by a manager that will oversee this for you, and give you regular reports and status updates.

We are always happy to do a small test project to assure you of our capabilities. Drop us an email at:


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