“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago,” is an old proverb that I have always lived by. We only get one chance at life. We have to get the most out of it. If we play it smart, we’ll always make more opportunities than we find.

Sometimes, when we may be discouraged, we are tempted to believe that only the “lucky” people receive the best opportunities and that we just weren’t born under a lucky star. However, anyone can encounter numerous opportunities when we put in the work to step into the right place at the right time. How do you strike when the proverbial iron is hot?

Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage.

Being a serial entrepreneur, I am always on the hunt for opportunities. And 2022 started as an eventful year. And I will finish it as such with the greatest event so far – The Prospecting and Outreach Summit.

An online event gathering renowned leaders from around the world that will share their expert opinion on all the tricky and hot prospecting and outreach topics. My hope?

I plan this event to change the course of modern prospecting. The summit will be a FREE, whole-day event, held online on 15th November, 2022.

The Prospecting and Outreach Summit is the brainchild of BizzBee Solutions, welcoming world-famous experts in the field of Sales & Business Development, Prospecting & Outreach, and Growth enthusiasts.

It’s a rare chance to listen to international prospecting and outreach professionals from around the globe.

Here are almost all of them.


Juergen Stichenwirth

Born in Austria and raised in the United States, Juergen has over 30 years of experience in sales across more than 50 countries. He has led customer-focused teams across the world for companies in the banking, payments, hospitality, IT and retail industries. He is a mentor to companies looking to break into new markets as well as a coach and trainer for international corporations and their staff.

Juergen is the Managing Director of VendoSolutions gmbh, a Sales Outsourcing company based in Vienna, Austria.

He says that his career chose him, not the other way around. He has always been great at speaking and wanted to work with people. He has always seen his job as being to ensure the company’s wellbeing, dealing with clients and partners even when he wasn’t in the sales industry.

Juergen says that Covid was a hugely influential factor to the way sales are done over the last few years. The biggest change comes for traditional industries such as insurance, banking, or retail, where face-to-face meetings are no longer a prerequisite for engaging in sales calls. The recent necessity of having online interaction and the freedom that this brings will continue to shape sales in the coming years. Hybrid and purely remote working will continue to be the norm.

When it comes to the lessons he has learned along the way, Juergen emphasizes that communication clarity is always on the throne at any profession.

‘The smartest people I know are the ones that ask questions. Assumptions will lead to the relationship being weighed down and might even preclude success. You need to manage expectations, and this means getting into a serious conversation with your counterpart. Questions are important and lead to mutual understanding, the basis for any successful interaction.’

Mr. Juergen, it’s been a tremendous treasure to have you as our guest speaker. Your wisdom and knowledge have been of enormous value to the DACH sales world.

Becky Davidson

Entrepreneur, Sales Strategist and Trainer.  Becky, a true fan of growth, loves seeing other people win. She believes that by lifting others, we lift ourselves up.

When it comes to choices, she chose sales 40 years ago. Why such a young person would dive into such muddy and deep waters, one may ask.

Simple, she saw it as a way to meet new people, get out of her shell, grow as a person, and make good money.

And she has truly grown into a sales leader. She made a transition into sales management, leadership, strategy and training. She says that the sales industry has changed tremendously. With technology, social media, and branding growth a whole new world has been created. In spite of that, communication skills are always of paramount value.  Technology can create illusions of success or value. It is still very important to meat behind the illusion which is communication, integrity, customer centric programs, and heart!

Unfortunately, technology has made it impersonal or the perception that is how it should be.

But, she say that in order to set yourself apart you still have to create value, a unique selling proposition, and the ability to connect and convert great conversations to customers!  Integrity and value never goes out of style!

Becky has a great advice for young professionals – “Embrace the technology, learn it, but sales is still a people business and if you fail there you won’t be in business long!  Play the long game and always be willing to learn, grow, and develop your skills!”

Vasko Karangeleski

Vasko Karangeleski is a growth enthusiast, Certified Management Consultant, MBA & passionate entrepreneur.

Served hundreds of organizations for business expansion or turn-around for 15+ years as a professional consultant. His extensive experience in the last 20 years includes positions as CEO, Chief Growth Officer, Governing board member, project and program developer, program evaluator, monitoring officer, performance coach, visiting lecturer, editor-in-chief, mentor, facilitator, etc.

His current position is VP of Sales for Nextsales LLC, USA, Sales Development as a Service company.

Vasko loves what he does. He says that working in sales is amazing. He loves the thrill of having conversations and meeting people, learning of business needs, and providing or matching them with solutions. Without sales, we could not serve the needs of the customers.

In simple terms Sales is always merit based. The process and results are quantifiable, visible and measurable.

“Every company in the world needs more sales, but not all companies are ready to take the necessary steps to get to the stage they dream of.” Too many “new shiny” solutions are promoted, that it is hard to decide among the options.

Sometimes what seems as a huge mistake or imperfection in organizational implementation, might be normal for the stage of corporate development the company is in that moment, “ are Vasko’s words of wisdom.

Vasko advises newbies to have courage. Dive in, stay humble, and immerse in sales with the goal of becoming the best in those sales skills that no automation can replace.

Relja Denic

Chief Executive Officer at Skylead. He began volunteering in a global organization called AIESEC where managed to become the national vice president of organizational development. In the meantime, he was working for a done-for-you agency for lead generation where he found his passion for cold outreach. After finishing his AIESEC experience he found out about Skylead and joined the team as an SDR and managed to move to the CEO position of the company in less than 2 years.

Relja has always been fascinated by Marketing and Sales. Since the youngest of age his mind was filled with questions such as: How can you show value to someone? How can you change their thinking, and provide them with the right solution for their problem?

He loves what he does and finds satisfaction in seeing that our solution, blog, video, or just simple message helped somebody in the industry to have a better understanding of what to do and how to do it.

He says that marketing and sales have a lot going on the last couple of years.

Just the sheer number of solutions, tools, and software available to the person now and 5 years ago is a topic in itself. At the same time Sales is evolving, every second, and now you need to give more thought to your outreach. It’s not just about contacting the prospect and using one channel. As he sees it, Sales and Marketing will work even closer to be as relevant as possible.

His career path wasn’t always easy and he has learned that even though branding and marketing can get you a long way, if your product/service doesn’t provide enough value the customer will find the one that does, along the way. That’s why is of the essence to focus on both.

Considering his age and how far he has come, Relja Denic is a true inspiration and a real-life role model to all young professionals and students.

“You can write the most killer copy ever, but without targeting right you can just throw it through the window.  Always test new ways of approaching people. Try to not attach yourself to the outcome of the deal. Build a personal brand on LinkedIn.”

Thank you Relja, it’s such a honor to have you.

Vikram Rajan

Speaker Vikram Rajan

Vikram Rajan is the president of Practice Marketing, Inc. and co-founder of Videosocials, a community of professionals who record video blogs & podcast promo videos “Together, fun & done!” Videosocials VIP runs over two dozen video interview podcasts for its clients.

Vikram Rajan has presented on behalf of every major bar association in the Greater New York City area. His marketing column premiered in the AICPA’s CPA Insider publication in the fall of 2009 and became the most popular column in July 2010. Vikram’s 2008 book, 365 Marketing Thumb-rules: Daily Reminders for Rainmakers, has received praise from over 15 organization leaders within the legal, accounting, financial services, and real estate professions.

In January 2005, Vikram was named a “Top 40 Under 40 Rising Star” by Long Island Business News.

Vikram is the president of Practice Marketing, Inc. and he has been so for amazing 10 years. He has chosen marketing as his career path because as he, himself puts it ‘ Marketing is all he knows.’ He likes to help his clients help other people.

He sees the future through video lenses. Videos have taken over the digital world.  He has been watching closely of VR (metaverse) avatars and thinks that it will become mainstream in these next 5 years or so. According to him, video marketing will become more expected than novelty.

The greatest lesson that Vikram has learned in his long career path is to always ‘Stick with your niche.’ Wise words to live by.

And last but not least, he advises young professionals to follow up! The old rules still apply.

Borce Manev

CEO & Founder at IMA, Managing Partner at IGA, Growth HackerSalesTechsales Technology, FinTech, CXM providers, eCommerce software providers, and Near-Shoring/Outsourcing IT services.

He helps businesses integrate the right sales and marketing stack of tools, integrate different systems, and create sales processes and automation.

His experience includes working with many technologies and IT niche industries, and he’s also a value selling advocate. Borce always tries to obtain additional knowledge and add real value. He focuses on building relationships, partnering with clients, and delivering. He walks the talk!

His motto?

Always Be Prospecting!

But, back to the very roots of this genius mind. Borce has started his company driven by the fact that most of small and mid-size IT businesses didn’t have a sales process or marketing strategy in place, because he was there once, himself.  Since then, he and his team have been constantly growing and enriching their services at International Marketing Agency, beginning from LinkedIn outreach to complex large-scale email outreach campaigns.

The industry is developing fast, the sales and marketing tech stack has improved drastically over the past few years which makes it a bit confusing for some businesses to choose the right tech stack. Usually, they get excited about the tools and revert the whole process – they choose the tools and try to create a process around them. They are getting confused by poor ‘AI’ solutions which are basically web-scraping tools. Everybody is rushing towards automation while they forget about the human part which without nothing can move towards the right direction. If businesses want to thrive, they need to invest in people first and next in tools.

His two cents to all sales professionals and aspiring ones?

Invest in yourself first. Then continue to steer towards design processes and then add tools in the processes. Do not rush it with Ai, good Ai tools are expensive, and only large enterprises can really afford them. If you want to scale and grow, ask for a help from someone who has the experience and the knowledge.

And don’t forget to always be prospecting ‘ABM’, it’s always a good time to grow and nurture your sales pipeline.

Martin J Williams

Martin is a 25-year management consultant veteran who accidentally became a marketer! He works as a Marketing Consultant and CMO of The B2B Marketer. He helps B2B consulting businesses to implement effective marketing. This means they can stop being the world’s best-kept secret, break their reliance on repeat business and referrals, and get off of the revenue roller coaster.

It would be an understatement to say that Martin is a virtuoso in turning strangers into clients for consulting firms.

The Prospecting and Outreach Summit is a real veritable treasure trove of brilliant minds like Martin.

When it comes to marketing, Martin says that he didn’t choose it – it chose him! His transition into marketing arose out of necessity. The necessity to market his own management consulting business, which he started nearly a decade ago. Having learned – the hard way – that very few people know how to effectively market a consulting business, Martin had to learn how to do it himself. Once he had, other consulting business owners he knew started asking him for help.

When it comes to prospecting, Martin has learned that:

  • The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago – prospecting takes time and a lot of effort. The sooner you start, the better!
  • Don’t put all your focus on the ‘now’ buyers – Your prospecting efforts need to have a legacy. Cold calling, for example, is a high-cost activity, high-risk activity with zero legacy. Undertake prospecting that rewards you in the future too. That requires you to think beyond today’s buyer.
  • Don’t be a busy fool. As Sun Tzu said, Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

A word of wisdom from Martin to other sales professionals trying to build a steady career in prospecting:

“When it comes to sales opportunities, get inside the buyer’s head. What are the challenges they are faced with? What are the outcomes they are seeking – for their clients and customers; for their business; their business function, their team; and for their own career? What is the value of those outcomes to them?

What you are selling is access to those outcomes!”

Dancho Dimkov

Dancho Dimkov, MSc Executive MBA CMgr CMC is a B2B outreach consultant and serial entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial spirit shone in early childhood, and at just 22 years old he was recognized as a ‘Global Innovator for 2009’.

He started his career owning a marketing agency, then grew to manage a software company, and he is now the proud owner of the management consultancy BizzBee Solutions. As the founder of BizzBee Solutions, he has helped over 500+ companies, leading to the ‘40 under 40 awards’. Dancho is the author of Amazon Best Seller “Sweet Leads” speaker and a host of several business podcasts.

With 14+ years of experience in the consulting, sales and marketing world he has focused his efforts on helping numerous marketing agencies, software companies and management consultants.

Dancho says that in the last 5 years the sales & consulting world has changed significantly. A couple of years ago there were no automation tools to help facilitate the outreach process. These tools have made every outreach specialist’s life easier. But, that proved to be a double-edged sword. Having these tools at their disposals, SDRs and BDRs started spamming people instead of focusing on building a genuine relationship with them.

They forgot the ‘human factor.’

Dancho is a real tech fan, but he says that we have to use the technology benefits to boost our credibility, to build meaningful links with people and not for spamming.

His hard learned lesson and motto is ‘Quality over Quantity.’ Period.

His advice to young professionals?

“Start building your network as soon as possible. Your network is your networth.

Martin Martinez

Martin Martinez is an Australian entrepreneur and businessman with a wide experience in sales and marketing. When Martin ended high school he wanted to pursue a career in corporate Australia. After having a corporate job he quickly realized that working for someone else didn’t fit his personality. Since then Martin has pursued many projects that brought him to where he is now. He is the founder and CEO of MeetAlfred a Linkedin automation tool that has over 89,000 users in 87 different countries.

With more than 15 years of experience in sales and marketing Martin has been able to coach and mentor many clients to execute B2B strategies that helped them grow their brands and businesses.

Martin has always been interested in helping people maximize their business potential just like he did with my previous ventures. What motivated him to stick along was seeing the positive results his clients were getting after his mentorship.

Along the way, Martin has learned many lessons. Some of them being:

  • Trusting your gut can definitely lead to success. You need to believe in yourself and your capabilities.
  • Take seriously the AHA moments and write them down because this could be the solution to a problem.
  • You need to take measured risks, understand the market you are targeting, identify problems and find solutions to these problems.
  • Focus on your customers and put yourself in their shoes.

Martin’s advice to young professionals in his industry is: “Associate yourself with great mentors and advisors. Read constantly. It’s important to keep yourself up to date with what’s happening in the industry and, most importantly DON’T GIVE UP! No one was born knowing and succeeding in everything. There will be many failures but if you focus on improving yourself you will succeed.

Nikola Velkovski

Nikola Velkovski is the co-founder and CEO of Howitzer – the world’s first Reddit marketing tool. His background is in software engineering, but his main interests are growth hacking and launching & scaling startups. Loves to share his expertise in the startup domain, his unique approach to building and growing businesses and his experience in raising investments. Howitzer, the company he founded, is the company that raised the biggest pre-seed investment in Macedonia, so far – $500,000.

Nikola has always been interested into sales, creating businesses, implementing alternative ways of marketing and so on.

His passion for creating amazing products that help people solve their problems and make money is what made him stick to this journey. Once you get in, once you see that you can create something that brings value to someone – it’s really hard to move away from the road, and not follow that calling.

Nikola says that back in the day, people were scaling businesses with ads, everything was smooth and everything was cheaper.

Right now, it’s totally different. Facebook Ads have become ineffective (even for the B2C brands) and based on a shotgun approach, Google Ads’ CPC is in the stratosphere. Also, people’s attention to ads is significantly reduced. Smaller businesses don’t have effective, affordable ways to grow and do marketing and don`t have time for wasting.

Though young, Nikola has learned thousands of lessons in the past few years, but he says that the one called “Idea validation“, or as we at Howitzer want to say – “Never write a line of code before you validate the idea“.

He has been working for years and months on solutions that nobody needed because he didn’t validate those ideas. Right now, this lesson is a rule that he ALWAYS follow.

His team and him implement it on daily basis, even with new features, implementing marketing tactics, automating processes, etc.

Young sales professionals, read this twice: “You cannot automate sales. You cannot scale the sales process beyond humanity.

The sales process is done between two human beings. You can scale the prospecting, you can scale the outreach, you can scale the process of kickstarting conversations, but you cannot scale the sales process beyond the existence of two people willing to exchange VALUE.

That’s why I love sales.”


Phew, just catching my breath. It’s a lot to take in.

Breaking the ice is never easy. Especially when you have to gather so many busy-working marketing and sales leaders at one place. I’ve been putting out fires non-stop. But, hey, I’m not complaining. As I said – I am a man who loves a challenge and I see an opportunity for growth in everything around me. This Summit is the first FREE, whole-day event, gathering Prospecting and Outreach Summit experts from around the globe at one place. Their insights are of immeasurable value to all sales & marketing & outreach professionals. Hope to see this event grow into an annual thing.

For now, me and my team tried to give you the best of the best. Don’t forget to register here: https://bizzbeesummit.com/ and join us for a insightful discussion on the 15th November, 2022.

See you there!