Zzack helps MediaK2 acquire new software development projects

  • Zzack helped MediaK2 acquire software development projects

Zzack helps MediaK2 acquire new software development projects

Our best solution for discovering new project opportunities is definitely Zzack. In other words, using this solution for web and mobile software development companies/teams – you receive fresh, brand-new software development projects by email, every day. Our bees constantly search the web, manually extract valuable data, relevant to you and your business.

To clarify, there are 5 important stages in our software development projects research.

  1. Opportunity headline and description;
  2. Company name and info;
  3. Decision makers’ contact info;
  4. Online presence;
  5. Link to the original source.

For our client MediaK2, Zzack made an honourable contribution to their growth. They are a globally distributed marketing agency with a variety of services.  Services such as Web Design & Development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Branding & Logo Design.

Their vision is to be the number one go-to resource in Digital Marketing for both local and global brands. Furthermore, their solutions are a combination of passion, creativity, and hard work.

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