Zzack helps 3P Development discover new business opportunities

  • Zzack helped 3P Development discover new business opportunities

Zzack helps 3P Development discover new business opportunities

Our best solution for discovering new business opportunities is definitely Zzack. In other words, by using this solution for web and mobile software development companies/teams – you receive fresh, brand-new software development projects by email, every day. Our bees constantly search the web, manually extract valuable data, relevant to you and your business.

To clarify, there are 5 important stages in our business opportunities research:

  1. Opportunity headline and description;
  2. Company name and info;
  3. Decision makers’ contact info;
  4. Online presence;
  5. Link to the original source.

3P Development was founded in 2012 by a team of freelancers and Internet enthusiasts. Their idea is to provide web & mobile solutions for entrepreneurs, startups, and investors.

The vision of this company is pretty unique. They have decided to give the clients and the other companies what they want by enabling them to hire members of their team when they need them and for how long they need them. Zzack approached 3P Development and the collaboration was more than enjoyable.

In addition, we delivered excellent results in the first 3 days.

If you need a partner that will make your B2B prospecting easy, we are your bees!

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