Training Delivery for Financial Planning

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Training Delivery for Financial Planning

When MATA (the Macedonian Artisans Trade Association) requested help from our bees, we were pleased to help. They needed an assistant for training delivery for financial planning and content development for entrepreneurs in the creative industry.

The process

Our bees developed a module for smoother training delivery for financial planning, including accounting components of the business plan. Once they completed the module, the bees delivered four sections of training for groups of entrepreneurs in the creative industry. The training followed with mentoring support to participant’s business plans, providing guidance and directions.

Successful publication

As a result, the financial module, together with other modules became publications as a manual for business development, “Manual for Startup Businesses” (co-author) CIP National and University Library Sent “Kliment Ohridski” Skopje, April 2012 – ISBN 978-608-65417-0-5 COBISS. MK-ID 91636490.

Client name

Macedonian Artisans Trade Association (MATA)




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