Soft Landing Services – Research and Setup Office in Macedonia

  • research and setup office in Macedonia

Soft Landing Services – Research and Setup Office in Macedonia

The client researched the Balkan for opportunities to move its software development team. Consequently, the client looked for local that can provide them with the information needed. In essence, they needed research and setup an office in Macedonia.

Initial work

Our first service was to perform a screening on the IT industry in Macedonia, determine average salaries, tax rates, and needed steps to establish a company. Along with the favourable results, the client decided to proceed with the establishment of the office in Macedonia.

Second phase

As soft-landing services, we were supporting the communication with vital stakeholders, coordination with HR and real estate agencies, logistical services for the arrival of representatives in Macedonia and scheduling meetings. This enabled the client with a smooth establishment of their presence in Macedonia.

Successful collaboration and results

The client was amazed by the quality output and hired us to be fully involved in the establishment of the legal entity. They also asked us to lead the recruitment process, as well as spending the first few years in operational management. This lasted until the branch office was mature and independent. Within this period, we’ve changed the software development methodology from Waterfall to Agile methodology Scrum. We also set up procedures, systems, and everything else needed for the efficient operation of the company.

In addition to the operational management, we helped in strategic level as well, defining KPI’s, product scope, software development roadmap and acted as Product Owner throughout the software development cycles.

The company is still successfully operating in Macedonia.

“BizzBee Solutions are a blessing to anyone who works with them. They are smart, initiative, enthusiastic, hardworking, honest and fair. It is enough to vaguely explain a task and they would understand it to the dot, perform it quickly, accurately and beyond expectations. They have an excellent interpersonal communication skills. BizzBee Solutions serves our company as a local liaison and administrative manager and does invaluable work for us. They are one of the best companies we’ve work with, and we will continue to work with them in future.”

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