Research For Songs From TV Series

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Research For Songs From TV Series

The client from Abu Dhabi wanted to find all the songs (soundtracks) that are played in the popular TV Series “Suits” and “Billions”. These are notably successful shows on TV screens with many fans worldwide, but their music often goes unnoticed. That is why our client asked us to do research and find all the songs played in the TV series within each episode.

The examination resulted in a complete list of all the soundtracks played in both of the series.
Lastly, we delivered the research results for songs in the TV series in an Excel document. As well as a 2GB folder including all the songs in mp3 format.

As a reward, our client recommended our work.

Testimonial: “Exceptional work. I needed someone to help me out with my private tasks, and BizzBee proved themselves.”


Client name

Research for Suits and Billions TV Series Songs


United Arab Emirates


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