Rent-a-Bee for Collection and Enrichment of Targeted Job Advertisements

  • Rent-a-Bee for Collection and enrichment

Rent-a-Bee for Collection and Enrichment of Targeted Job Advertisements

The client needed to Rent-a-Bee for collection and enrichment of targeted job advertisements. The client, a digital agency lead prospector, had a continuous supply of targeted job ads that match specific criteria. The ads had to be part-time, remote or freelance. And they have to be in the design, software development, and mobile development area.

The process

The first task for our bee as a part of the Rent-a-bee for the enrichment of job advertisements was a Market Research report. They have managed to identify an extensive list of 50+ websites that facilitate job ads. For each of them, we shortlisted keywords, RSS links, and other semi-automatic tools that helped us extract relevant leads. Second, we did a Lead Generation and enriched the job ad by adding company contact information, company social media profiles, HR position name/surname as well as their direct e-mail, so a prospect can directly approach them.


Since October, our bees managed to deliver more than 1600 targeted job posts, enriched by contact information for company/position.

Testimonial: “BizzBee Solutions are bright, creative and very easy to work with. They are always looking to improve upon what’s delivered, which is much appreciated. I will definitely work with them again!”

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