Lead Generation for Printing Company

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Lead Generation for Printing Company

Gelato is a Norwegian SaaS company that wanted to map all trade shows worldwide (based on several criteria). Additionally, they wanted to map and look at exhibiting companies. With other words, they required lead generation for their printing company. Also, they needed someone for the management of this Lead Generation project.

The process

The process of lead generation for this printing company consisted of four steps:

  1. Map trade shows globally which follow specific criteria.
  2. Once identified, we pre-screened the companies that will exhibit there, grading them based on several criteria
  3. Next, we hired freelancers on the ad-hoc basis to visit the trade shows and collect print materials, ask several questions and collect contact information from marketing decision-maker
  4. Finally, once we gathered all the information and properly documented it, we additionally found decision-makers and contact information and filled out contact templates with information gathered to be used in the clients CRM system.

So far, we have covered 11 events in Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, and Denmark.

Testimonial: “We have been working with BizzBee Solutions for over two years, and they have consistently delivered excellent work. We value BizzBee for genuinely committing to understanding our requirements, adapting when necessary, and sticking to deadlines. As a fast-growing SaaS company, we appreciate that they can scale up quickly for fast turnarounds on research requests and highly recommend them!”

Client name

Gelato Globe




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